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Hi def auto detail nano wax, juices, clean


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Hi Def Auto Detail Products, Car Washing Products
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Hi def auto detail nano wax, juices, clean

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  2. 2. HiDef Auto Detail Waterless Car Wash Products & Detailing Supplies by Hi Def Detail - Designed For Detailers by Detailers (214) 265-7135
  3. 3. Designed For Performance. Driven By Passion. At Hi Def Auto Detail we’re professional detailers and we’re auto enthusiasts too. So after years of experiencing disappointing results with mainstream detailing products that relied on hype, outdated technology and harmful chemicals; we set out to create a line of world-class car care products that are safe for the environment, produce unmatched results and meet the stringent demands of todays auto enthusiasts and professional detailers alike. Our entire line of Water-Smart car washes, waxes, polishes, interior and exterior protectants, tire & wheel cleaners are made using the finest raw organic materials with powerful polymer technology. Each are rigorously tested in real-world scenarios to achieve our signature “Hi-Definition Shine”, outstanding durability with easy application and zero impact to the environment.
  4. 4. HiDef Auto Detail Products
  5. 5. EVO-WAX • Hi Def 4-Wax EVO-WAX features a perfect blend of Hi-Tech Nano Wax, Montan Wax and Brazilian Carnauba waxes, mixed with the Polymer Waxes and cleaners to wash and wax your car at the same time. Now in a brilliant PURPLE color. This is the latest in car cleaning & Hi Tech Wax technology.
  6. 6. EVO-WASH • Hi Def EVO-WASH, featuring a perfect blend of Hi-Tech Polymer Waxes and cleaners to wash and wax your car at the same time. Now in a brilliant GREEN color. This is the latest in Car Cleaning & Waterless Wax technology.
  7. 7. Total Clean • Hi Def Total Clean is an organic and hypo-allergenic all- purpose cleaner designed for exterior and interior surfaces. Clean, bugs from the paint, brake dust from rims or stains off the carpet. Super versatile and very powerful!
  8. 8. Whip Juice • Hi Def Whip Juice is an unique all-in-one car care product designed to clean shine and protect your cars’s rubber, vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces. Whip Juice gives your car’s interior surfaces a deep satin look and feel; and gives tires a deep, rich “like new” appearance.
  9. 9. LC1 • LC-1 Nano Interior Cleaner is a special blend of detergents and nano protectants uniquely formulated to tenderly care for and gently clean all leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces. LC-1 will leave leather supple and vinyl and plastic resistant to surface cracking. This high quality interior care product contains essential protective oils to feed and improve stain resistance to keep your interior looking showroom new!
  10. 10. G6 Nano Wax • More Shine In Less Time G6 Nano Wax contains a blend of Polymer Synthetic Waxes that have been specifically formulated to protect your car’s finish by resisting dirt, dust, bird poop and other environmental contaminants while maintaining an outstanding hi-gloss shine for months! G6 Nano Wax is buttery smooth so you can apply it easily by hand or with an orbital polisher in minutes.
  11. 11. Contact Us 11430 N. Central Expressway Dallas, TX 75243 (214) 265-7135 Tuesday - Friday: 9:00AM - 5:00PM CST Saturday: 9:00AM - 4:00PM CST Sunday & Monday: CLOSED
  12. 12. Visit us @ H i D e f D e t a i l . c o m