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Instant strategic social feedback


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a mini case study presented by which describes how social media research could be applied on marketing and sales tactics.

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Instant strategic social feedback

  1. 1. instant strategic social feedback well, almost instant mini case study presented by Buzz Hunter The source for social marketing intelligence
  2. 2. Novartis expected its new MS drug to earn more than a billion dollars annually • Novartis’ new oral medication for Multiple-Sclerosis was eagerly anticipated by many MS patients due to its delivery system. • Novartis felt it could obtain premium pricing for Gilenya because of its perceived advantaged over the injected competitors. • CEO projected revenues of more than $10B in 10 years.
  3. 3. Gilenya was priced at 50% premium and that dominated the social conversations Within hours it was clear that a new pricing strategy was needed, and management was quick to make the change
  4. 4. Pricing addressed, the social web reminded Novartis to educate the physicians