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Revisiting the Efficiency of ELT through Embedding Historical Source Analysis in the Teaching of Civilization..pptx

  1. University Of El-oued2023 1
  2. • Aims: Increasing the efficiency of English civilization teaching among El-oued university’s EFL undergraduates. • R. Problem : Instructional based teaching tradition with short-term objectives whereas formative assessment measures higher levels of knowledge + Master major
  3. A problem solving strategic technique reflecting learner’s both 1.Encyclopedic Knowledge & 2.Procedural Knowledge via stimulating their:
  4. 1. Application,=> Apply Lessons’ inputs in given situation; 2. Comprehension,=> Identify and define the connection, respectively; 3. Knowledge,=> Recall relevant inputs. 4. Analysis,=> Interpret, accordingly; 5. Synthesis, => Conclude, respectively; 6. & Evaluation. => Summarize, prospectively.
  5. Experimenting Phase Exposing respondents to 1. Treatment inputs (TI). 2. Controlled inputs (CI) Reinforcement and consolidation HSA six skills Related primary sources Assessement & evaluation Testing: Knowledge Questions Evaluative Questions Respondents’ feedback Observation FIELD EXPERIMENT
  6. Mixed Method Research approach Testing Observation Interview Questionnaire Undergraduates 3rd year English Students El-oued University Respondents : 147 Quantify & qualify Learning behaviours. FIELD EXPERIMENT
  7. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 TI1 TI2 CI1 CI2 CI3 CI4 TI1 TI2 CI1 CI2 CI3 CI4
  8. (HSA ) Respondents' Feedback Helpful Unhelp ful Engagement level Treatment Tutorial Session Controlled Tutorial Session
  9. Consolidating civilization instructional inputs with HSA Developing linguistic competence and performance through stimulating STM & LTM Increases teaching effeciency  Higher grades.  Higher thinking levels.  Actively engaged learners . Maximizing students learning experience via minimizing their passiveness in TS.
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