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Major record label


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Major record label

  1. 1. Sony
  2. 2.  The major record labels are so called because they dominate the music production and distribution scene and own or have shares in masses of smaller labels.
  3. 3. • They have a huge amounts of power over the music we all listen to and buy. • The majors have money to invest in slick videos, promotion, tours and public appearances. • Without a major label backing a music artist or band, becoming successful is so much harder.
  4. 4. - Song BMG - Universal Music Group - Warner Music Group - EMI Group
  5. 5.  An indie record label is one that is not owned by any of the majors.  There are 2 kinds of indie labels:
  6. 6.  The MAJOR DISTRIBUTED INDIE This is a label that finds its own talent, signs it own acts, records its own music, but then has a contract with a major label to do all the other stuff, such as promotion, manufacturing CDs, and distributing  The TRUE INDIE No links to a major and does everything in house. Often these labels specialise in certain genres of music, and have a niche market.
  7. 7.  Founded in 1929, when several record labels merged.  In 1991 it merged again with BMG to make a bigger, better corporation, but in 1998 Sony bought out BMG’s 50% share and went solo once more.  It has over 200 artists signed to it.
  8. 8.  On 8th December, 2009 Sony, along with Universal Music Group and Abu Dhabi Media Company, launched Vevo. It is an online music video channel.  This is hosted on Youtube.
  9. 9.  Sony market their artists through many ways:  Their website has news/regular updates.  They encourage their bands to have myspace/facebook/twitter etc pages.  Web 2.0 has made it possible for Sony to market their artists on a global scale, not just putting up posters and handing out fliers.