Promoting your Facebook Page: 5 Steps to Building Your Ideal Fanbase


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You may already know from experience that just having a Facebook Page is really just the beginning of having a successful social media strategy. It takes a lot of time and energy to write good content, engage with your audience, and build your fan base.

On this webinar, Nathan is going to teach you how to:
Develop a simple content strategy that will attract your ideal fans and get them sharing
Accelerate the growth of your fan base using resources you already have
Promote your content to generate more engagement and virality

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Promoting your Facebook Page: 5 Steps to Building Your Ideal Fanbase

  1. 1. Promoting your Facebook Page: 5 Steps to Building Your Ideal Fanbase Oct. 31st at 1pm ET/10am PT Presented By: Nathan Latka CEO, Co-founder
  2. 2. Todays Agenda Define Your Strategy 1. Identify your ideal fans 2. Tune your social media “voice” 3. Build your content pillars Promote Your Content 4. Accelerate fan growth 5. Invest in promotion We’ll provide some expert tips and tools throughout!
  3. 3. I. Define Your Strategy 1. Identify Your Ideal Fans Things to consider… • Geography • Demographics - Age, gender, etc. • Interests/Likes
  4. 4. I. Define Your Strategy 2. Tune Your Social Media Voice What voice or personality will best speak to your ideal fans? • Is it a young, fresh voice? • Exclusive offers • Social/fun • Is it older and more experienced? • Professional Advice • Industry Commentary • News and Information Develop a social media persona for your brand.
  5. 5. I. Define Your Strategy 3. Build Your Content Pillars A “content pillar” is a form of content that is relevant to your fans and on-strategy for your business. • Pick 2-3 and only post content within these pillars • Example: A local clothing boutique might have 3 pillars: • 1) Insider info about new products and clothing lines • 2) Industry and fashion trends • 3) Sales and special offers • Rule: More content means more chance for engagement, but beware of over-posting!
  6. 6. I. Define Your Strategy 3. Build Your Content Pillars Tips for posting great content • Relevant content for your fans, will get read, clicked, liked, and commented on more. • More engagement means more news feed exposure Be Balanced • Most fans will interact with your content in the news feed vs. on your Page. • Infrequent posts won’t hurt you, but too many posts can. Post Idea: Don’t be afraid to tell fans how to show your posts in their news feed
  7. 7. INTERMISSION - RECAP Recap • Have a social media strategy that guides how you create and deliver content on Facebook. • Focus on your intended audience (ideal fans) and write content that is relevant to them (content pillars) • “So I got this, but I still want more fans. I want to grow faster. How do I do it?” ON TO PART II...
  8. 8. II. Promote Your Content 4. Accelerate Fan Growth Email • Add social links to your email newsletter • Send a newsletter with CTA like your Facebook page. In Person • In-store sign: “Like us on Facebook” (Freebie: ) • Events/tradeshows: Make Facebook business cards with the URL for your Page(i.e. Friends & Family • Don’t be shy about asking your friends to help • Email friends asking for likes, Post content and ask them to share/recommend
  9. 9. II. Promote Your Content 5. Invest in Promotion Facebook Ads • Promoted Posts allow you to “boost” a post • to the kind of people you would like to see it. • Cost-effective • Expand reach of your content to a targeted audience. • Example: If I have 1,000 fans, any content I post to Facebook may get 100-200 views, but even putting $10 behind that content could get it in front of thousands of potential fans on Facebook.
  10. 10. II. Promote Your Content 5. Invest in Promotion Run a Contest • Use a platform like Heyo to create a simple entry page • Give away something that is relevant to your ideal fans • Combine your promotion with a Like gate to drive more Fan Page likes Bonus: We’ll show you how to set this up in just a few minutes!
  11. 11. Recap Define Your Strategy • Identify your ideal fans - Who do you most want to reach? • Tune your social media “voice” - Decide on a persona that will appeal to your ideal fans. • Build your content pillars - Be principled and post content that your fans will care about. Promote Your Content • Accelerate fan growth - Use the channels available to you to build your Facebook audience. • Invest in promotion - Run a contest and boost posts through Facebook Ads to build your fan base. Be patient. Do a little every day to build your business presence on Facebook.
  12. 12. Q+A
  13. 13. Happy Halloween!