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Heych Seo Presentation


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Heych Seo Presentation

  2. 2. Internet Marketing 2 Are you deriving optimal benefits from your website to generate:   DESIRED SALES   A GOOD NUMBER OF LEADS   SIZEABLE TRAFFIC If not, you need to adopt an Internet Marketing Plan & Strategy for effective results Read on for further details………..
  3. 3. Internet Marketing 3   Every day, the search engines and directories average 300-500 million searches (multiple sources)   In a recent Forrester Research report, 81% of consumers on the Internet find products by using search engines   Unfortunately, only 7% of all web sites are visible by the search engines according to a recent study as most web sites are not properly optimized.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method by which web pages receive a high page position in search engines (SE’s)   SEO is the act of modifying a website to increase its ranking in the listings of SE’s
  4. 4. Internet Marketing 4 After SEO, your company gets the ability to:   Drive high quality customers to your website   Increase sales leads from customers looking for your products and services   Build your brand online by communicating marketing messages to your target audience   Increase your profile against your competitors   Target a global audience via international search engines   Be accountable with ROI tracking
  5. 5. Internet Marketing 5 WITH PROPER INTERNET MARKETING :   Appear on 2nd or 3rd page of Google (positions 11-30)   After one month – increase to 5.2 times x original traffic   After two months – increase to 9.4 times x original traffic   Appear on 1st page of Google (Top 10)   After one month – conversion rate up by 42%   After two months – conversion rate up by 94%
  6. 6. Internet Marketing - Case Study 6 SERP in SEARCH ENGINES January 2008 April 2008 Google Yahoo MSN Google Yahoo MSN Baseball Uniforms ***** ***** ***** 4 5 3 Baseball Team Uniforms ***** ***** ***** 10 7 17 Custom basketball jerseys ***** ***** ***** 4 Medical Tourism ***** ***** ***** 14 6 10 Health Tourism ***** ***** ***** 10 20 13 Rio Apartments ***** ***** ***** 5 1 44 Rio Rentals ***** ***** ***** 7 11 55
  7. 7. Internet Marketing 7 Pay-Per-Click – Known as Google Adwords / Paid Listings Natural Listings
  8. 8. Internet Marketing 8 Our Software offers the following TWO internet marketing campaigns to help you achieve best results. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION PAY PER CLICK CAMPAIGN (PPC) •  On-Page Optimization (Creating Search •  Find and use the most searched key phrase Engine friendly pages & optimization) related with the website. •  PPC account maintenance and bid •  Off-Page Optimization (building link optimization on a daily basis popularity) •  Visitor log analysis with Google Analytics
  9. 9. Internet Marketing 9 The before & after results clearly illustrate the apparent benefits: BEFORE AFTER •  Become only a SHOW piece •  Become a REVENUE generation model •  Only an invited visitor can enjoy the services •  An unknown visitor can also benefit with the of the website website. •  NO RE-SALE value •  HIGH RESALE Value •  Services and product CANNOT be sold to an •  Services and product can also be sold to an unknown visitor unknown visitor to maximize PROFITS. •  NEGLIGIBLE visitor participation & •  UNLIMITED visitors participation & presence presence
  11. 11. SEO 11 ON-PAGE OPTIMISATION OFF-PAGE OPTIMISATION •  Initial feasibility and analysis report on •  Directory submission (Manual current SEO status submission) •  List the most competitive and non- •  Reciprocal Link Exchange competitive key phrases •  One-way link (in bound link) •  SEO for home and internal pages •  Competitors’ analysis report •  Optimization of titles and meta tags •  Visitor log analysis through Google analytics
  12. 12. SEO 12
  13. 13. SEO 13 BRONZE SILVER GOLD Good for corporate websites Good for service-oriented Good for Ecommerce websites websites Website visibility in 1st Page of Website visibility in 1st Page of Website visibility in 1st Page of search engine on non-competitive search engine on most search engine on most key-phrase competitive key-phrase competitive and product based key-phrase SEO only for home page SEO for home page as well as SEO for home page as well as internal pages internal pages Low visitor & low conversion High visitor & high conversion High visitor, high conversion ratio ratio ratio & greater profit through increased product sales No visitor analysis Visitor analysis on daily basis Visitor analysis on daily basis
  14. 14. SEO 14 TARGET   Good SERP listing with competitive key-phrases on following search engines - / TIME PERIOD   Approx. 6 to 12 months required to achieve the target REPORTS   List of SEO Deliverables submitted on Project Initiation   Fortnightly SEO Progress Reports
  15. 15. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Pay-Per-Click (PPC) in a Nutshell
  16. 16. PPC 16 INITIALIZING THE PROJECT •  Account Setup DIFFERENT METHOD OF AD •  Conversion Code Setup •  Key-phrase Search AD •  Content Network AD CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION •  Placement Target AD – Banner/ Text/Image Banner •  Negative Keywords •  Video and Mobile AD •  Keyword Research & Bid Management •  Local Business AD with Google MAP •  Ad Copy & Landing Page Testing •  Other AD, if Applicable •  GEO-Targeting •  Conversion Tracking
  17. 17. PPC 17 PPC Deliverables Gold Platinum Account Setup Yes Yes Conversion Code Setup Yes Yes Keyword Research 20 50 Bid Management Yes Yes Ad Copy Creation Yes Yes Google Analytics Yes Yes Defining Goals No Yes Weekly Report No Yes Monthly Report Yes Yes Conversion Tracking Yes Yes Chat Support Yes Yes PPC Rate Chart AED 1,699 per month AED 2,599 per month
  18. 18. PPC 18 FLEXIBILITY & CONTROL COST-EFFECIVE We can edit an existing ad at any AdWords is cost-effective for time and see the updates within businesses of all sizes. hours. You can start with any budget and AdWords is available 24 hours a increase at your convenience day, 7 days a week. Choose to pay as there is no Ads start running for the first time minimum spending limit. In addition almost immediately after we you can set and edit a maximum activate our account. daily spend (daily budget) that the system won't exceed. TARGET DIRECT CUSTOMERS LARGE REACH Target ads specifically to people who Each month, approximately 80% of are looking for products or services Internet users in the United States and avoid showing your ads to users (and hundreds of millions more who aren't likely to purchase from worldwide) view PPC ads. you. Thus giving you instant access to this By this you can obtain the maximum vast audience of potential customers. return on your advertising investment.
  19. 19. PPC 19 SEO CAMPAIGN PPC CAMPAIGN •  Daily increase in unique visitors •  Daily increase in unique visitors depending on daily budget •  2 to 12 months required to get in 1st Page with NO guarantee •  Within hours website would be visible on first page •  5 to 10 most competitive key words could be targeted •  More than 1000 key phrases could be targeted. •  Less visitors & lesser conversion ratio •  High visitors & higher conversion ratio •  Organic or natural listing •  Pay per click listing •  Listed in only top SE - Google / Yahoo / MSN •  Listed in SE & banner ads of other websites etc. •  SE’s get paid on click of link by every visitor. •  SE’s don’t get any amount for listing of Also SEO professionals get paid for campaign website. Only SEO professionals get paid for management. campaign management.
  21. 21. To Summarize… 21 RELIABILITY We employ a team of dedicated professionals who work towards achieving the best results for you. Our company has a scalable & CLEAR COMMUNICATION state of the art infrastructure along with a large multi-skilled Allocation of multiple resources per talent pool of resources project along with supervision by a Project Manager. Seamless communication and CUSTOMIZATION support channels via phone, fax & email along with prompt feedback to Provide customizable pricing client queries. models & flexible option of choosing between projects on a ‘fixed cost basis’ or ‘dedicated hiring of developers’ on a man hour basis.
  22. 22. To Summarize… 22 GOOD DEAL Projects, Solutions and Resources offered at extremely competitive prices – Literally the best “PRICE TO QUALITY QUOTIENT”. INNOVATION We provide a cost advantage of nearly 30 – 40% Deep understanding & knowledge of the international markets and our expertise is backed by a large online portfolio & testimonial list. LEADING EDGE HEYCH provides a client with an edge over the market using our comprehensive media solutions. We focus on quality, developing creative content, Web & Digital media and new / emerging technologies.