Toddler Check list--Yang He


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Toddler Check list--Yang He

  1. 1. Motor DevelopmentKeyEvidenceCrawls skillfully and quicklySDFeb 16, 2010 Jenna Crawled under the table to pick up the cotton green turtle toy and got out from the opposite side.Stands alone with feet spread wide apartSDFeb 16, 2010 Jenna stood on the carpet, spread her feet, shook her body; wiggle her waist with the music. Pulls to stand independentlySDFeb 16, 2010 Jenna was sitting on the carpet, she picked up a toy, turned to her right side, touched the carpet with her both hands and pulled herself to stand up. Walks independentlySDFeb 16, 2010 Jenna was walking on the carpet from right side to left side and shaking her hands. Releases object voluntarilySDFeb 16, 2010 Jenna was sitting on the carpet and playing blocks. At the same time, a person entered the room; she released the blocked and walked toward to that person.Throws without directionSDFeb 16, 2010 Jenna stood in my opposite side and held a cotton fish, lifted her right hand and throws it on the carpet. Throws with directionSDFeb 16, 2010 Jenna held a green cotton turtle. I said " Jenna, please throw the turtle to me?" she looked at it one second. Lifted her right hand and throw it to me. Crawls upstairs on all fours3D2010-2-16 when asked, Jenna's Mom said “She often crawled upstairs with her hands and feet at home" Sits in a small chairSDFeb 16, 2010 During lunch time, Jenna was sitting in the small chair and eating her lunch.Carries toys from place to placeSDFeb 16, 2010 Jenna was carrying a box of blocks with her both hands from the shelf to the carpet. Stacks two to four objectsSDFeb 16, 2010 Jenna was sitting and stacking four magnetic tiles with her right hand.Walks with heel-to-toe pattern, maneuvers around obstaclesSDFeb 17, 2010 I was hiding behind shelf and said " Jenna, Can you find me?" she walked with heel-to-toe, right hand index finger on her mouth, walked around painting board and shelf and then she found me. Climbs stairs unassisted, placing two feet on each stepN/ONo opportunity to observe. Balances one one foot for 30 secondsNDThe child did not yet demonstrated this item.Throws large ball underhanded without losing balanceSDFeb 17, 2010 In the gym, Jenna stood on the floor, spread her feet, used both of her hands threw the basketball without losing balance.Holds cup or glass with one handSDFeb 17, 2010 During lunch time, Jenna used her right hand held a cup of milk and drank it. Unbuttons large buttons, unzips large zippersSDFeb 17, 2010 Jenna used both hands to unbutton the baby toy's shirt. Opens doors by turning doorknobsSDFeb 17, 2010 In the morning, Jenna went toddler room from other room, she used both hands to turn the door knobs and open the door.Grasps large crayon with fist, scribbles on large piece of paperSDFeb 17, 2010 Jenna sat on the chair by the table; she used her right hand to grasp the crayon with fist, scribbled on a piece of paper. Climbs up on chair, turns around and sits downSDFeb 17, 2010 Jenna climbed up the teacher's chair, dropped to her knees and turned around then she sat down. Stacks four to six objects on top of one anotherSDFeb 17, 2010 Jenna sat on the carpet, used her right hand stacked the ninth blocks on top of the eighth. Uses feet to propel wheeled riding toysN/ONo opportunity to observe. Perceptual/Cognitive Development  Looks at picture booksSDFeb 16, 2010 Jenna got a book from the shelf, walked to me. I asked her " where is the baby?" she pointed out the baby from the picture book. Demonstrates understanding of functional relationships (objects that belong together…puts spoon in bowl and then uses spoon as if eating)SDFeb 16, 2010 I asked Jenna to pick up and put some books in a basket one by one. She carried a book and put it back in the shelf.Shows or offers toy to another person to look atSDFeb 16, 2010 Jenna put a small cup into a bigger one. I looked at her and she did it again. I said, " Good job, Jenna!" She clapped her hands and laughed out. Places several small items in a container and then dumps them outSDFeb 16, 2010Jenna was sitting on the chair and making collage. She placed several pieces paper in a container, and then dumped them out. Puts objects together, takes them apart , fits large pegs into pegboardSDFeb 18, 2010 Jenna sat on the floor, played with the puzzle. She used her right hand put puzzle peg into the pegboard. And then took them apart after a little whileUses objects for purposes other than intended (ie. May push block around as a car)SDFeb 18, 2010 Jenna used her right hand took a block from the basket, put it on the plate and gave it to me. She said " Cookie" Sorts objects based on one criteria (ie. All the blue blocks)SDFeb 18, 2010 Jenna used her right hand put rectangle blocks on the red plate, and put square blocks on the green plate.Shows understanding of cause and effect (ie. Squeezes the cat to make it yowl)SDFeb 18, 2010Jenna took a rubber fish from the basket, and looked at me then squeezed the fish to make " zhi zhi" sound, and laughed.Names objects in picture booksSDFeb 18, 2010Jenna took an animal book from the book shelf and passed to me. She pointed the picture on the book and said " Duck" .Show independence, wants to do things themselves.SDFeb 18, 2010 When Jenna finished washing her hands; I asked her " Do you need help?” She said " No" and walked towards the garbage bin to throw the wet paper in it. Speech and Language  Uses one word to convey an entire thoughtSDFeb 16, 2010 When Carolyn fell down on the carpet, Jenna looked her and said " OH -OH!" Produces two-word phrases ie. More cookieSDFeb 16, 2010Jenna pointed the picture on the wall and said " a baby" Follow simple directions such as " Give daddy the cup" SDFeb 16, 2010 Teacher said " Jenna, put the book back, please" . She heard it and put the book back to the shelf. Points to familiar people, animals or toys when askedSDFeb 17, 2010when I asked " Who is Angela?” Jenna laughed and used both her hand hugged me. Identifies three body parts if someone names them, ie. Show me your noseSDFeb 17, 2010 I asked " Jenna, where is your eyes?” Jenna pointed at her eyes with her right index finger. And I asked " Show me your mouth." Jenna opened her mouth. Then I asked her " Touch your toes." Jenna touched both of her toes with both of her hands. Uses five wordsSDFeb 17, 2010 when Jenna finished unbuttoning the shirt of the doll, she brought the doll over to the teacher and said " Tiffany, look, I did it" as she smiled and held up the doll.Uses gestures such as pointing or pulling to direct adult attentionSDFeb 17, 2010 Jenna walked to the shelf. She lifted her right hand and try to reach a water bottle on the top of the shelf. But she didn't get it. Then she walked to me and pulled my left hand to the shelf. Participates in reading by pointing, making sounds and turning pagesSDFeb 17, 2010 Jenna sat down on the carpet read book with me. She pointed the picture and said " duck, quack, quack" . Then used her right hand to turn the page. Uses 50 to 300 wordsNDThe child did not yet demonstrate this item. Utters three and four word sentencesSDFeb 17, 2010 Jenna sat on the chair by the table and made " shopping list collage for Dora" . She pointed to the Dora on the picture and said " Happy birthday Dora" Asks repeatedly " what's that' or 'why'SDFeb 17, 2010 Jenna was standing on the carpet, pointed the picture on the wall and asked " what's that?" . And then pointed to another picture asked againUses some pluralsSDFeb 17, 2010 Jenna sat on the carpet, played with baby and said “Babies" . Answers with the name of object when asked " what's that?" SDFeb 17, 2010 I pointed the door and asked " Jenna, what is that?" she answered " Door" <br />