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This presentation is given to staff at Canterbury Christ Church University who are considering using an e-portfolio (or personal learning space) tool to support a range learning, teaching, assessment and professional development activities. The presentation starts off with a metaphor of a wardrobe (to represent the personal learning space), clothes (to represents the various artefacts and assets collected) and suitcases (to represent the different portfolios that can be constructed for different purposes and audiences) and concludes with a series of showcase ideas.

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Focusing on PebblePad

  1. 1. Focusing on… PebblePad Wayne Barry LTEU Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit
  2. 2. Let’s begin with a metaphor... Image: “'Oasi' walk in wardrobe” by Mazzali. Creative Commons licence CC BY-SA -
  3. 3. ...and another metaphor...
  4. 4. Pebble+ is the Personal Learning Space. It is a private and confidential space where learners record their myriad experiences, make sense of their learning, and aggregate their assets into powerful presentations which reflect their growth, knowledge and capability. Learning in Pebble+ is supported by structured and reflective templates and enriched by commentary and feedback from others.
  5. 5. Personalisation... …it becomes YOUR e-portfolio tool, it belongs to YOU!
  6. 6. Assets… …are those files, documents and objects that are important to you! Types of assets: templates (i.e. activity, reflective posts, action plans), presentations (i.e. activity log, blog, webfolio, CV, workbook) Types of files supported: text, MS Office documents, PDF, audio, video and images (max: 10Mb/file)
  7. 7. Templates... …can be used to provide structure and prompt reflection.
  8. 8. Feedback... …can be used to engage in a conversation with students & colleagues.
  9. 9. • Add New (Single Assets) – – – – – – – – • Posts Files CV items Plan Experience Reflection Talent Templates, etc. • – – – – – – – • Design New (Collect Assets Together) – – – – – – Activity Log Blog Collection CV Folio Webfolio View Tools & Resources – – – – – – • Assets Contacts Messages My Details Tags Feedback Published Assets ATLAS Resource Centre Template Builder Workbook Builder Customise Banners Customise Appearance Settings – – Notifications External Services Asset Centre contains the “things that I need to fill in”. Resource Centre contains the “things that I can work with”.
  10. 10. Source: Sutherland, S., Brotchie, J. & Chesney, S. (2011:21). Pebblegogy: Ideas and activities to inspire and engage learners. Telford, England: Pebble Learning Ltd.
  11. 11. Th e cabinet of DANGEROUS IDEAS Image: “Card Catalogue Drawers” by Jason Pearce. Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA -
  12. 12. #1: Webfolio: Interactive CV Source: David Gordon (BA Digital Animation), The University of West London -
  13. 13. #2: Webfolio: Showcase Skills Source: Gary Elliott (New Media Developer), UCLan -
  14. 14. #3: CV: Careers Source: Alex Franzen (Geographical and Life Sciences), Canterbury Christ Church University
  15. 15. #4: Blog: Personal Source: Rodney Zivkovi (Graduate Teacher), Flinders University -
  16. 16. #5: Blog: Collaborative Source: Lynne Burroughs (LTEU) and Claire Thurgate (Health, Wellbeing & Family), Canterbury Christ Church University
  17. 17. #6: Workbook: HEA Fellowship Application (RAP) Source: Wayne Barry (LTEU), Canterbury Christ Church University
  18. 18. #7: Template: Appraisal Source: Wayne Barry (LTEU), Canterbury Christ Church University
  19. 19. #8: Workbook: CCCU Extra Award (Action Plan) Source: Third Year Student (BSc Psychology with Education Studies), Canterbury Christ Church University
  20. 20. #9: Workbook: CCCU Extra Award (Reflection) Source: Third Year Student (BSc Psychology with Education Studies), Canterbury Christ Church University
  21. 21. #10: Webfolio: Resources (Help & Guidance) Source: Rob Shaw (Learning Technologist), Leeds Met Uni -
  22. 22. #11: Webfolio: Resources (Tutorials) Source: ASTI, University of Plymouth -
  23. 23. #12: Webfolio: Resources (Study Tips) Source: Talking 'Eds (Undergraduate), University of Edinburgh -
  24. 24. #13: Webfolio: Resources (CPD) Source: CPD, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy -
  25. 25. #14: Folio: Marketing (Courses) Source: F. of Health & Wellbeing (Dept. of Allied Health Professional), Sheffield Hallam University -
  26. 26. #15: Folio: Marketing (CPD) Source: ASA Level 2 Award in Coaching Open Water Swimming, Institute of Swimming -
  27. 27. #16: Webfolio: Learning & Teaching (Masters) Source: Masters of Teaching Course, La Trobe University -
  28. 28. #17: Webfolio: Learning & Teaching (Placements) Source: Field Education, Dept. of Social Work, James Cook University -
  29. 29. #18: Webfolio: Learning & Teaching (Activity) Source: The Long Walk, La Trobe Univerity -
  30. 30. #19: Webfolio: Learning & Teaching (Conference) Source: Mini Conference 2103, ECU -
  31. 31. Where Are You Now Eh? Image: “The Signpost” by Tom@Where. Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC -
  32. 32. Some Questions… Image: “Question Mark” by djking. Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA -