Rubrik<br />
You call. They come.<br /><ul><li>2-4 player
Tactical board game:
Boss fight in the end
Indo-AsianTheme</li></li></ul><li>Wizard<br /><ul><li> Magic power: kobra pet!
Hugecloth & jewelry.</li></ul>Warrior<br /><ul><li> Heavy armor(except torso).
Fancylooking”barbarian”.</li></ul>Assassin<br /><ul><li> Always wearcrafted masks.
 Dressed like a noble.</li></li></ul><li>Characterization<br /><ul><li> Power equalslimbs!</li></ul>The mightier monster, ...
 Eyes</li></li></ul><li>THE GAME<br />
Hero Cards<br /><ul><li>3 classes: All heroes are unique.
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Hero's Call - the board game


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Hero's Call is a hybrid board and card game made by Cecilia Bexander, Henry Helin and Jonas Trapp. This is the powerpoint presented to the Gotland Game Conference jury.
Art in the powerpoint is made by Cecilia Bexander
Trailer & card design made by Henry Helin.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • Welcome to the Hero’sCall presentation. Put your turban on and stepinto the world of indian monsters and magic.
  • Hero’sCall isa 2-player hybrid board and card game. Our game is a full fledged fantasy game with an exotic twist: we have chosen an Indian theme! We wish to stray away from the standardized medieval fantasy that is far too common in all fantasy fiction and offers little new. Indian mythology may have it’s similarities but it will always be mystical for us westerners.
  • Wehave 3 famillar hero classes: The magicwieldingwizard, the secretiveassassin and the powerfulwarrior.Somefunfacts with indian folk lore:Kobras indicatemagical power. While in the westwehave the pointywizard/witch hat, carrying a cobrameans the same; I knowmagic!Our wizardswill be dressed as holy men and women in saris with toomuchbling and fabric. Wizards are vain and constantlylevitating.Assassinsneverrevealtheiridentities, alwayscarrying masks. Each mask is individual. Their dress codeindicateswherethey lurk; among the backstabbingaristocracy.The warriorfear no pain, and mockstheirfoes with the lack of armour on theirupper torso. And they live in a tropicalenviroment, heavy armour is hot!
  • A commonthemeduringour research of hindu lorewas the thing with multiple limbs. And the more terrible and mightier a creaturewere, the morebody parts it had.Gods couldhave up to hundred heads and arms. And spiritual peoplealwaysdeveloped a thirdeye. So the art direction chose to illustrate the fauna the same way. The morelimbs, the moredanger it poses. If you see a oneleggedmouse, it’sprettysafe. If it has four legs and 2 tails, RUN! And snakesappearseverywhere in the research material! Snake people, snakebeasts, snake dragons, snakes, snakes, snakes, snakes, snakes. Yes, wedohave dragons. Butour dragons are different!
  • Theplayer start with 10 gold, locations, quest card but with no heroes. A random hero cost 8 gold to hire. Theycanhave as manyheroes as they like.Specificbuildingcardsreduce the cost for eachclass. Units, buildings and locations are in the form of cards.The game’scurrency are small flatstones that canact like severalresources. The mainresources are gold, wood, and stone. Wood can be found in forests and stone in caves.Battles are fought with dice rolls. If the roll plus additional bonus equal the monster’s hit point, it dies. Quests are a way to interact with otherplayers. Theycan be placed on any monster and canonly be solved by opponent heroes.
  • A hero have different stats; damage, good or evilalingment and charisma. The first is obviousbut the lattertwo is required to solvequests with the best result.A hero cannever die, it just fleesfrom the monster and the player and needs to be rehired.A hero canlevel up and be stronger, and willkeepit’sstrength it runsaway.It can be a costlyexperience to level up during the main gameplay, butwillpayoff at the end game.
  • Eachplayer get a set of locationshanded to them. They get to choosewhichone to play with first. Only afewcanappear at the table, but all playerscan visit it.Resources are collected by visitinglocations.The first ride is ”free”. After the third visit the location is expired and replaced.High levellocationsmaydropitems and weapons.
  • Monsters are the mainobstacles in this game. Theyappear at randomwhen a player visit a usedlocation.Theywillscareawayanyintrudernearingtheirterritory.Only a hero candefeat a monster. Different monsters appears on different locations and willdrop different resources. For example, a plant monster willdropwood and willneverappear in a dark cave.All monsters havevariousstrenghts and weaknesses. Somemighttake extra damage from magic attacks whileotherswill be moreresistant to other.
  • Buildings are part of the player’s city.The market canconvertotherresources to gold. It canalsosell different types of boosts to heroes, both of temporary and permanent kind.Eachclass has a specific house. It gives a discountwhenhiring new heroes and allow the player to be chooseonespecificinstead of drawing a hero at random.A dojo is required to unlock the level feature. Boss defencebuildings are spikedwalls that will grant extra damage at the final battle with the Dragon.
  • InHero’sCall, you are the quest giver! Instead of mindless monster slaughtering you can offer a different way to solve a problem, especiallywhen the monster is toohard.Persuasionrequire high charisma from the hero and different heroeshavevariedskills. The monster leaves the area without a fight.Trade means that the playersimplypays the monster a fee to use the location it currentlyinhabits. But an opponent hero is still required to act as intermediarybetween the monster and the player. If the hero’s aligment matches with the monster, he’llnegotiate an discount on saidfee.Work for is similar to trade, butalsorequire same charisma: the hero convince the monster to work for the giver, and all feepayed to the monster spilts with the hero and quest giver.
  • Items are eitherfound or bought. Potionscan provide temporaryboost for a hero duringquesting. For example; persuasionwill be easierwhen it involvesalchohol.Whilesomeheroeshavevarioustype attacks, the weaponworks as an ”extra” type attack and can be used by anyclass.
  • The dragon always appear at the end of the game. The players can’t go to locations anymore and must attack with their heroes.After a turn ends, the dragon continues it’s mass destruction by burninating one building from each player.Buildings works as hit points. When the dragon strikes and you have none left, you die.If you have resources, you can build more houses to get more hit points, but if everyone dies or everyone survives, a tie breaker is the one who has most resources.
  • Hero's Call - the board game

    1. 1. Rubrik<br />
    2. 2. You call. They come.<br /><ul><li>2-4 player
    3. 3. Tactical board game:
    4. 4. Resourcegathering
    5. 5. Boss fight in the end
    6. 6. Indo-AsianTheme</li></li></ul><li>Wizard<br /><ul><li> Magic power: kobra pet!
    7. 7. Hugecloth & jewelry.</li></ul>Warrior<br /><ul><li> Heavy armor(except torso).
    8. 8. Fancylooking”barbarian”.</li></ul>Assassin<br /><ul><li> Always wearcrafted masks.
    9. 9. Dressed like a noble.</li></li></ul><li>Characterization<br /><ul><li> Power equalslimbs!</li></ul>The mightier monster, the more:<br /><ul><li> Arms
    10. 10. Heads
    11. 11. Eyes</li></li></ul><li>THE GAME<br />
    12. 12. Hero Cards<br /><ul><li>3 classes: All heroes are unique.
    13. 13. Stats:
    14. 14. Damage
    15. 15. Alignment
    16. 16. Charisma
    17. 17. Questing
    18. 18. Level up feature</li></li></ul><li>LocationCards<br /><ul><li>1st visit: Lootresource; stone or wood.
    19. 19. 2nd visit: Roll dice for randomencounter.
    20. 20. 3rd visit: Same as 2nd, butgreater risk.</li></li></ul><li>Monster Cards<br /><ul><li>Randomlyappears on locations on 2nd & 3rd visits.
    21. 21. Different Monster:
    22. 22. LocationType
    23. 23. LootType
    24. 24. Heroeskill monsters with dice rolls.</li></li></ul><li>Building Cards<br /><ul><li> Market : Buy or sellitems.
    25. 25. Class house: Hiringdiscount.
    26. 26. Dojo: Level up heroes.
    27. 27. Boss defence: Extra damage.</li></li></ul><li>QuestCards<br /><ul><li>Persuade : Based on charisma.
    28. 28. Trade: Based on alignment.
    29. 29. Work for: Based on alignment & charisma.</li></ul>Playersassignquests on existing monsters for otherplayers to complete. <br />
    30. 30. ItemCards<br /><ul><li>Potions: Temporaryboost.
    31. 31. Weapons: Permanent damageboost. Any hero canwield it.
    32. 32. Bought in markets.
    33. 33. Randomdrops at locations.</li></li></ul><li>The Boss<br /><ul><li>Defeat the dragon: Heroescannot die.
    34. 34. Survive the dragon: Eachbuilding is the player’sown hit point.
    35. 35. Winner is the last onestanding (or the mostresources)</li></li></ul><li>Thank you for watching<br />