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Tony perez 5 steps to sell more beats


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Tony perez 5 steps to sell more beats

  1. 1. Tony Perez – 5 Steps To Sell Your BeatsStraight from Scratch Magazine. Tony Perez manages over 15 music producers. Here is his top5 steps to sell your beats.1. Have Quality BeatsIt doesn’t matter if you’re a known producer, or you’re a new guy. The music has to be good. Itjust can’t be good for the cats that you play it for in your neighborhood. It has to be good foreverything. It has to be structured like a real song.2. Know Your AudienceOnce you have the record, the next step is to understand where you could go with this record.You cant play a rock record for Tyrese. You can’t play a ballad for 50 Cent. You have tounderstand what you’re dealing with, and know where to play it.3. NetworkThe third is relationships. You need to know who you gotta give your beats to, ’cause that’sgonna be the starting point for a meeting. You get so many demos from producers, and artiststhat if they don’t come from someone credible, its not gonna get listened to.4. Get RepresentationI also think you need a manager or a lawyer. Whoever that is going to run with your beats has tobe someone credible. At the end of the day, it boils down to who’s representing you. Doresearch, when you read an album, see who’s the manager behind these artists, and reach out.5. Work HardBe relentless, on call 24 hours, and go with different ways of selling records. You could give it toan artist, a manager, a lawyer, and A&R. If you’re shopping beats without a manager, what isgonna make an A&R, manager or a lawyer pick up your CD? Be Creative. Download Hot Sound Kits | Loops and Samples