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Year 12 to do for the first lesson after half term


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Published in: Education
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Year 12 to do for the first lesson after half term

  1. 1. Year 12 to do for the first lesson back after half term
  2. 2. • Do some kind of presentation on three publishers. One should be Bauer; the other two are up to you so you need to look at some music magazines and find out who the publishers are, There will be a question in the evaluation that asks you what would be the ideal company to publish and distribute your magazine, so you need to know about more than one. Publishing and Distribution
  3. 3. Questionnaire/surveys • You need a closed questionnaire, an open one (which you pretend you’ve given to focus groups of your readers). There are plenty of examples of these on existing blogs – colour schemes, types of stories, how much would readers be prepared to pay, gender, age, what types of magazine they read, artists they’d like to see featured, title etc etc. You can even choose fonts and ask which one readers prefer. • You also need to present your findings in the form of pie charts or graphs and a brief discussion about your findings – you also need to point out WHY this kind of audience research is important – and post your findings
  4. 4. Reader Profile • Magazine use reader profiles to secure advertising by explaining who the typical reader is, what their spending power is and what they spend their money on. • You need to post a reader profile from an existing music magazine – you can google them, but make sure you don’t use a really old one; you might be able to find them on the magazine’s website. • Write a brief piece about it, explaining what it’s for and what it shows e.g. this shows the typical NME reader is…
  5. 5. Your own reader profile • Produce a reader profile in a similar way for your magazine. Make sure it’s well illustrated – and post it. • As before, vary your presentation methods AND DO AT LEAST ONE PODCAST over this period.