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Gcse media production tasks2


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Gcse media production tasks2

  1. 1. GCSE Media Game Shows
  2. 2. The production task… • I know how you hate the idea of this because it involves drawing, but you can’t escape it because there is a production task each year. • Remember, if you were to divide up the overall time allocated into four, to match the number of questions, then you’re talking 22.5 minutes per question, but realistically, you’ll need time to read the paper and think about your responses, so that’s 20 minutes per question – and each minute has to count.
  3. 3. At a guess… • A) A Website • B) Storyboard the opening and credits – in TEN pictures • C) Design a set. This has never come up before, but it is possible and, if nothing else, will force you to focus your ideas on the pitch for your own game show.
  4. 4. Representation: Production work Production: Website You want to launch your show on and • Design the webpage that will hook in the right contestants and/ or the right studio audience • Look at websites from other shows and STEAL ideas • You will be asked to consider how the website appeals to audiences/reaches out to them • What will your website offer? • Think of social network links and how they can be used • Think how you can use the website or the social network links to allow the audience to interact – so they can join in – remember, this allows the audience to develop a sense of ownership – or at least build a close relationship between consumer and producer - so they will be more likely to watch the show • It MUST be annotated to show your knowledge – label the features, say what they do. If you don’t have time in the actual exam to use colour, then talk about your colour scheme (and why you’ve chosen it) in your annotation • Refer to existing websites to show you’ve done some research into conventions • Indicate the show’s Unique Selling Point • Indicate the host – he/she may be the USP!
  5. 5. • Storyboard (in TEN frames) the title sequence of your gameshow. • You must try to get across the idea that it can be fun but tense. • Refer to title sequences from other shows to indicate you’ve researched the topic • Annotate it – you must remember edits, timings and shot distances and (where necessary) angles. • Think of the use of colour and lighting and the connotations they can have and how they can create tension • Think about who you want to show – the host, for example • Can your storyboards reflect the Unique Selling Point of the show? • Can they reflect the excitement for the audience? • Don’t forget a title and maybe a tag Representation: Production work
  6. 6. Openings to TV Game Shows, including the opening titles. What are the common conventions used in all all of these opening sequences? What conventions are generally used in the opening titles? In each case: • What are you shown / introduced to? • What has not been introduced so far? • From this part of the show alone, what do you understand the show to contain? • What media language have the producers used to try to hook the audience? Representation: Production work
  7. 7. • Design a set for your game show. Indicate the shape and use of space/positioning of audience/host/contestants/lighting/use of colour • How the requirements of the set may change as contestants progress Representation: Production work