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Setting up your twitter account


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A twitter setup how-to for Hewett Ripley Clients

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Design
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Setting up your twitter account

  1. 1. Setting up your Twitter Account
  2. 2. Go to and enter your name, e-mail, and password to sign up
  3. 3. Make sure to fill out all of the information. The “username” will be the @ name for your business.
  4. 4. Follow the steps to get started. Click “Next”
  5. 5. Search for people or businesses and click “Follow” on 5 to make the “Next” button appear.
  6. 6. Click “Next”
  7. 7. Select a category and then add more!
  8. 8. Now Twitter wants you to search for people you know, or go through your email contacts. I recommend just “Find People by name”
  9. 9. Follow the people you know!
  10. 10. Now add your image and bio!
  11. 11. Now you are done with setup! You can search for more people to follow, and you can always go back and change your settings. The “Options Cog” will allow you to select “Settings” to change your information.
  12. 12. You can change your username, email, password, etc here. You can also change the background, banners, etc in the “Design” Section
  13. 13. The “Home” page shows all of the tweets from the people you are following.
  14. 14. The “Me” page shows all of your tweets and information that the public sees. Now, to compose a tweet or a DM click on the symbols in the top right. DM ^ Tweet^
  15. 15. You have 140 characters to compose a tweet. Consider using the @ symbol to mention someone (it will be posted to their page) or the # symbol to join in conversations!
  16. 16. A Direct Message is not seen by anyone but the recipient. Think of it like Twitter emails!