Reaching The Engaged Sports Fan On Tennis Channel


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Reaching The Engaged Sports Fan On Tennis Channel

  1. 1. Reaching the engaged sports viewer on Tennis Channel By delivering Tennis fans unprecedented access to their favorite sport, Tennis Channel not only engages its audience more than any other sports network, but also offers sponsors a level of ad receptivity unmatched on any other sports network. These are among the key findings of a recent survey of Tennis Channel viewers by OTX Research. The survey, undertaken in early November 2008, measured levels of engagement among Adult 18-54 viewers when they watched Tennis Channel compared to when they viewed other sports networks. (i) Background: Sports fans have traditionally been a desirable and lucrative viewing group for a number of reasons, the most important of which are: 1) Demographically: they represent an opportunity to reach High Income Men, generally considered a light viewing group. 2) Behaviorally: televised sports attract a steady, reliable source of highly rated programming. The loyalty of sports fans to their preferred team or sport generally means a high degree of return or repeat viewing. 3) Attitudinally: with the rise in the notion of engagement, sports has stood out as a source of “lean-forward” television where the viewer is judged to be more involved with the programming. As a result they are also considered to be more “ad-receptive” to sponsor messaging around the event. It was against this background that Tennis Channel commissioned its first comprehensive viewer survey. The survey was intended to determine the following: 1) Are tennis fans more connected to Tennis Channel than to other sports networks? Are they more connected to Tennis Channel than non tennis fans are to their favorite sports networks? 2) Do tennis fans react differently to advertising when they are watching Tennis Channel than other sports on other networks? 3) Finally, within the consumer electronics field, are Tennis Channel viewers good prospects for driving future sales based on current ownership rates or upcoming purchase intent?
  2. 2. The results, detailed below, suggest that Tennis Channel viewers are more receptive to sponsor messaging efforts when they tune to Tennis Channel than to other sports networks. Ad receptivity or engagement is a key determinant of ROI, playing an increasingly important role in a cluttered media environment. non Tennis % agreeing:Tennis Channel viewers to TC or Other Sports Nets vs Tennis Fans Fans non TC viewers Tennis Other Other Channel Sports Nets Sports Nets Brands should advertise on this network if they really want to connect with people like me 35% 24% 28% Brands and products on this network are more unique than those that advertise on other networks 35% 16% 14% I pay more attention to advertising on this network than other networks 29% 17% 17% I trust the advertising that I see on this network 28% 23% 30% I rely on the advertising I see on this network to find out about new products or brands 28% 19% 19% I am more likely to buy products or brands advertised on this network 28% 19% 18% I would recommend brands or products that I see advertised on this network more than on other networks 27% 17% 18% When I see advertising on this network, I consider it a recommendation and am more likely to purchase 27% 17% 16% 27% 17% 15% My purchase decisions are influenced by the advertising I see on this network Average Receptivity % 29% 19% 19% 155 151 Tennis Channel Receptivity Index Other nets: sports programming on ESPN, ABC, Fox, CBS, Golf, Versus On each single definition of Ad Engagement, ranging from trust in the advertising, to purchase persuasion or intent: 1) Tennis Channel viewers are more connected to sponsor messaging when they are watching Tennis Channel than when they tune to other sports nets. 2) Tennis Channel viewers are also more ad receptive than other sports fans, easily outscoring this group on eight of the nine different attributes. With past surveys confirming the Upscale appeal of our viewers (#1 Median HHI in Television), Tennis Channel provides the demographic quality expected from a premium sports network. (ii) In addition we also know our viewers are also among the most loyal of sports fans with an average viewing frequency more than two times the level of a typical network. (iii) The final piece, provided by this survey, suggests that Tennis Channel also excels in offering the engaged, ad-receptive viewer. Tennis Channel is the home of lean-forward television to its pool of loyal, engaged, ad receptive tennis fans. Based on the three key indicators of Demographics, Behavior and Attitude, Tennis Channel excels as one of sport’s premiere outlets.
  3. 3. Tennis Channel Engagement vs Competitive Networks Levels of ad receptivity among Tennis Channel viewers vary across the competitive networks. (See below). ESPN only other network within range of Tennis Channel for Ad Receptivity ESPN Ad receptivity of Tennis 118 Channel viewers Indexed to All Net ABC Average 104 Fox 102 Tennis Channel 155 Golf 97 CBS 95 Tennis Channel: 29% (Index 155) vs All Net Average: 19% (Index 100) Versus 69 Source: OTX Research Survey of 750 Tennis Channel viewers After Tennis Channel, ESPN is the next best choice to engage the tennis fan. While ESPN shows a wide variety of sports, it ranks #2 in terms of overall tennis content. CBS is, of course, home to the broadcast portion of the US Open. While important for tennis fans this is a small share of CBS sports output and is easily dwarfed by its NFL coverage. Tennis fans showed no real passion for the NFL (iv) accounting for the lower scores on both Fox and CBS. However they are fans of College Football (iv) which may explain ABC’s better showing. Finally, it’s also clear that tennis fans, while traditionally sharing similar income profile to golfers, are not overly-engaged with sponsor messaging on Golf Channel. Again this reinforces Tennis Channel as a unique and effective way of reaching these high income viewers.
  4. 4. Tennis Channel Viewers and consumer electronics In addition to determining attitudes on engagement, OTX also surveyed Tennis Channel viewers on ownership and purchase intent on a wide spectrum of consumer electronics. An additional sample of sports fans who do not watch Tennis Channel viewers was included for comparison. To reinforce further the findings on ad receptivity, the survey found that both ownership and purchase intent among Tennis Channel viewers were significantly higher versus non viewers. This was especially true among five (5) categories of home electronics: 3G Phones, Hi Def Televisions, Lap Top Computers, MP3 Players and Video Game Consoles. (See below) Current Ownership Tennis Channel Tennis Channel All Adults Viewer Non viewer Index 27% 11% 245 3 G Phones 66% 49% 135 Hi Def TV's 78% 65% 120 Lap Top Computers 73% 64% 114 MP3 Players 48% 43% 112 Video Game Consoles It’s clear that Tennis Channel viewers are more likely to already own, and be familiar with, these products than non-viewers. This is especially true of the next generation (3G) cell phones. However, when asked to determine purchase intent within the next 12 months, it’s equally clear that Tennis Channel viewers are also active in replacing, upgrading, or becoming first-time users of these same products. Purchase Intent next 12 Months Tennis Channel Tennis Channel All Adults Viewer Non viewer Index 40% 25% 160 3 G Phones 49% 37% 132 Lap Top Computers 39% 31% 126 MP3 Players 49% 41% 120 Hi Def TV's 38% 33% 115 Video Game Consoles
  5. 5. Conclusion: Tennis fans are also fans of other sports. Naturally, they watch other cable and broadcast networks sports’ offerings. However, their special connection to tennis lends a deeper degree of involvement with Tennis Channel than with these other networks. This involvement is marked by a higher level of engagement on Tennis Channel. By connecting to these viewers through Tennis Channel, sponsor ad messaging will reach a more receptive audience with a higher degree of ROI. In addition, our viewers are more active in the electronics category than similar sports fans who do not watch Tennis Channel. The combination of our enhanced engagement levels, our affluent and loyal audience and a greater degree of ownership and purchase intent make Tennis Chanel the perfect showcase for some of electronics hottest brands. Source: (i) OTX online survey of 1,210 Adult 18-54 sports viewers. Sample split into 708 Tennis Channel viewers and 502 non Tennis Channel viewers. (ii) Simmons NCS 12 Months ending Fall 2007. Median Household Income of Tennis Channel prototype viewers vs past 7 day viewers on Cable and Broadcast prime. (iii) Simmons online survey of 1,200 Tennis Channel viewers. 74% of monthly viewers tune in within 7 days vs c 38% average for Cable. (iv) OTX Survey: % agreeing Top 2 box (I am a huge fan or I am a big fan) of respective sport among Tennis Channel viewers vs non Tennis Channel viewers. NFL 72% TC vs 74% non-TC. College Football 62% TC vs 52% non TC.