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Five Minute Break


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Five Minute Break Relax your Mind and Soul (demo slide show with music)

Published in: Business, Technology
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Five Minute Break

  1. 1. YOUR 5min BRAKE!! Listen! Why don’t YOU take a five minute brake! Close your eyes and turn on your speakers…
  2. 2. 4min40 • Well, if you decide to read instead of closing your eyes… • Your listening to PapiMoreno •
  3. 3. 4min20
  4. 4. 4min00
  5. 5. 3min40 Powered by TRIBE OF NOISE
  6. 6. 3min20 Close your eyes and relax…
  7. 7. 3min00 Powered by TRIBE OF NOISE
  8. 8. 2min40 Close your eyes and relax…
  9. 9. 2min20 Powered by TRIBE OF NOISE
  10. 10. 2min00 Close your eyes and relax…
  11. 11. 1min40 • Your listening to PapiMoreno •
  12. 12. 1min20
  13. 13. 1min00
  14. 14. 0min40 • Start opening your eyes again…
  15. 15. 0min20 • Did you enjoy the music? • There is more and it’s great for presentations, videos, advertisements, games, documentaries, branding or just you and your iPod :-) • Have a great day !! Team Tribe of Noise –