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The best Air purifier for Hotels


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Airfree - The best purifier for Hotels, Yachts and Homes.

Requires No maintenance
Totally Silent
Low energy consumption
Small and Portable
Anti-stress Light
Award winning design
2-year guarantee
No ozone or Ion Emissions

All This Means:
Safer Healthier Hotel with an 80%+ lower airborne bacteria count
Increased room revenue when offering ‘low allergen’ rooms
Product differentiation - potential new guests attracted by ‘low allergen’ rooms, namely guests with allergies that are concerned with indoor air quality in hotel rooms
Reduction in electricity consumption – Airfree® destroys organic odours and thus there is no need for air conditioning when rooms are unoccupied
Savings from reduced air freshener usage & prolonged soft furnishings, etc
Eliminates odour from fresh smoking in non-smoking rooms
Eliminates smoke and residual odour in Smoking Areas
Improved guest comfort as a result of improved air quality and higher humidity levels in rooms – no need for expensive and noisy dehumidifiers

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The best Air purifier for Hotels

  1. 1. Airfree® : the World’s Safest and Most Tested Air Purifier System The air we breathe is more important than the water we drink General Presentation July 2010 Hotels Presentation, 2013
  2. 2. Guest Profile 30% of all guests suffer from allergies 83% of guests would prefer to stay in rooms offering treated air, free of airborne allergens 59% of guests would choose a hotel offering ‘low allergen’ rooms as opposed to a hotel that doesn’t 58% of guests would be happy to pay a small premium to stay in ‘low allergen’ rooms Source: Survey Research Institute – Cornell University, New York – January 2005
  3. 3. Indoor Air Quality Indoor air quality can be up to 100 times worse than outdoor air because of the lack of airflow (Source: US EPA) We spend more than 90% of our time indoors Coughs, colds, sneezing, watery eyes and nasal congestion are commonly caused by airborne allergens – sufferers are usually entirely unaware that these are allergies The majority of breathing-related problems are preventable by destroying non- visible contaminants and micro-organisms in indoor air
  4. 4. Indoor Air Quality – U.A.E. Common pollutants in the U.A.E.: Dust Mite Allergens Mould & Fungal Spores Other Allergens such as Cockroaches and pet dander Dust – Particulate Matter Smoke Other factors:  HVAC system  High rise buildings  Age of building  Socio-economic group  Urbanisation and ‘greenification’
  5. 5. HAAD 2009 policy on standards for Occupational & IAQ EAD Strategy for Abu Dhabi, 2008 – 2012 National Strategy & Action Plan for Environmental Health, 2010 - for implementation by 2015 DM Public Health & Safety – Green Building regulations: “between 1/4 to 1/3 of the 79 points relate to Indoor Air Quality” DM new Building Inspection system launched Jan. 2011 DM HACCP and Food Safety standards UAE Standards
  6. 6. Current Health Facts Indoor and outdoor air pollution accounts for 1 in 10 deaths (WHO) Asthma & breathing allergies affect more than 30% of the global population, and is increasing (according to the World Health Organisation) Residents of the Gulf suffer a disproportionately higher rate of breathing allergies and asthma with a financial cost of $4.5Bn Allergies to affect 1 in 4 people in the MENA region by 2050 70% increase in allergy sufferers forecast (MEAAIC Dubai, 2009) According to research by the UAE University (1994), School Children between 6 and 14 years old have a high prevalence of diagnosed asthma (13.9%), allergic rhinitis (22.9%), breathlessness or tightness in the chest (9.7%) and nocturnal coughing (8.9%), which increases with age Latest UAE research (2009) says 40% of children and one third of adults in the UAE suffer from Allergic Rhinitis – the cause is increase in greenery
  7. 7. Dr. Bassam Mahboub Consultant in Pulmonary Medicine Asst. Professor, Sharjah University Head of Respiratory Medicine – Dubai Health Authority Director, Dubai Respiratory Centre for Excellence Head of Allergy and Respiratory Dept., Dubai Hospital Head of Respiratory Dept., Rashid Hospital Vice Chair, Emirates Allergy & Respiratory Society Director, Asthma Management Partnership Initiative Consultant at Dr Sulaiman Al Habib – Dubai Medical Centre the only Allergy and Asthma specialist at DHCC Co-Chair, Organising Committee Gulf Thoracic, MEAAAIC, etc. M.B.B.S., FRCP (C) American Board of Internal Medicine, Pulmonology & Immunology Fellow of the Royal College of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Canada Member of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons, Canada “Numbers are definitely going up...studies show it [Allergic rhinitis] can be as damaging to a person’s quality of life as diabetes or high cholesterol” – Dr Bassam on allergies in the UAE
  8. 8. HVAC Ducts In our climate, HVAC ducts need regular cleaning and maintenance; it is awkward and difficult to clean them effectively The contents of HVAC ducts have a huge effect on the quality of indoor air – “Contaminated ventilation systems are a key cause of poor IAQ”
  9. 9. Legionella Legionella bacteria grows in water and is transmitted to humans via airborne droplets. Legionella grows in water at 20-50ºC It is particularly common in buildings with vast central air conditioning systems and in cooling towers Buildings such as hotels and hospitals are particularly vulnerable given their scope In warm climates with moderate to high humidity, where there is dependence on central air conditioning, as well as the lack of stringent maintenance standards, the conditions are ripe for legionella to thrive. One tiny flaw in ductwork or cooling towers can expose water to the outdoor temperatures. Legionella is destroyed at 70-80ºC, Airfree sterilises airborne bacteria at 200ºC, and is a key measure at the stage of infection to humans. Legionella scare, Dubai, Feb. 2009
  10. 10. The Solution: Airfree®
  11. 11. Heat sterilisation: ‘Boiling the air’ Non toxic, non-invasive, and non-controversial technology No Chemicals, Ions, nor Ozone Natural Just like your grandmother used to do with water, Airfree ® ‘boils’ the air, destroying all micro- organisms
  12. 12. Our Patented Technology Airfree® uses a unique, patented heat sterilisation technology to destroy micro- organisms rather than collecting them as with conventional air purifiers The ceramic core incinerates at 400F and protects against deadly airborne viruses like Avian Flu and SARS As a result of incineration there are no harmful emissions nor maintence issues Airfree ® is non-toxic, non-invasive, and non- controversial technology
  13. 13. Where to install? All Guest bedrooms and Suites Meeting rooms: Smoking areas: Designated Smoking areas, F&B outlets, Banqueting Public Areas: Lobby, Reception, Executive offices “Hotspots” for micro organism proliferation i.e. areas with high relative humidity & “trouble spots” such as Spa, Gym and Salon Back-of-House Areas: chillers, produce & flower stores for prolonged shelf life (Airfree commercial units)
  14. 14. Airfree® : The Results
  15. 15. Effect of untreated air The visible effects of common allergens such as mould & fungus are more obvious on other organic matter... Increases shelf life of food Airfree® destroys 99.9% of airborne micro-organisms to improve health and well being
  16. 16. Airfree® ’s Results SGS test in Germany Airfree® works to destroy microbes throughout their lifecycle which is typically upto 14 days and thus prevents recurrence of the problem
  17. 17. Proven Efficacy in Hotel Rooms Rooms with Airfree® Room without Airfree®
  18. 18. Facility/Lab Test Area Reduction of Micro organisms Mould & Fungus Bacteria SGS Natec Institute Office 99% 99% Technical Micronics Office upto98% upto100% Campana Labs Room 100% 83% RTP AV Archive 98% 96.4% University of Madrid Room 71% 99% D. Estefania Hospital Hospital – Obs 88% 98% INETI* Office 98% 87% Airfree® ’s Results
  19. 19. Real Results...
  20. 20. Airfree® : The Benefits
  21. 21. Benefits When Installing Airfree Safer, Healthier Hotel with an 80%+ lower airborne bacteria count Increased room revenue when offering ‘low allergen’ rooms Product differentiation - potential new guests attracted by ‘low allergen’ rooms, namely guests with allergies that are concerned with indoor air quality in hotel rooms Reduction in electricity consumption – Airfree® destroys organic odors and thus there is no need for air conditioning when rooms are unoccupied Savings from reduced air freshener usage & prolonged soft furnishings, etc Eliminates odor from fresh smoking in non-smoking rooms Eliminates residual tobacco odor in Smoking Areas Improved guest comfort as a result of improved air quality and higher humidity levels in rooms – no need for expensive and noisy dehumidifiers
  22. 22. Improved IAQ Airfree® improves Indoor Air Quality for a better quality of life: Better Health Better Sleep – even helps stop snoring! Improved Productivity Improved Comfort Reduce unnecessary illness Reduction in asthma attacks & allergy outbreaks
  23. 23. IAQ and Productivity Research shows that improved IAQ results in improved productivity in a working environment , with a 4 month payback period in hot climates. The same productivity benefits from IAQ measures also apply to schools and universities – resulting in up to 35% improvement in reading, comprehension and mental arithmetic Research from: International Centre for Indoor Environment & Energy, Technical University of Denmark
  24. 24. Additional benefits Airfree ® is used around the world in museums, libraries, temples and galleries as a vital preservation tool for valuable collections of artwork, artifacts and pieces on display as it removes micro-biological agents which damage important works over time In the same way, Airfree® also prolongs soft furnishings & carpet life Airfree ® is also effective at removing organic odours without the need for artificial air fresheners which merely mask the smell e.g. tobacco smoke, body odour, mustiness, etc.
  25. 25. Additional benefits Airfree ® technology safely improves Indoor Air Quality at the stage of final consumption of the air: in-room, and destroys micro-biological contaminants which are worsened by an enclosed, air conditioned environment, with little or no ventilation The New England Journal of Medicine, Jan 2009, reports that a reduction in fine particulate air pollution has led to “significant and measurable” improvements in life expectancy in the US – as much as 15% increase in life expectancy! This size of particles is removed by Airfree®
  26. 26. Under Estidama specifications, Indoor Environment Quality comprises 15% of the overall score Under LEED specifications, Indoor Environment Quality comprises 23% of the overall score. It has been confirmed by USGBC member Waterman International (Dubai), that Airfree® would qualify under multiple areas of the Indoor Environment Quality specs, in addition to Innovation criteria. Under the new Dubai Municipality Green Building Regulations, up to 1/3rd of the 79 points are related to IAQ. Dubai’s Green Building Regulations are also unique in their focus on the health of occupants.
  27. 27. Airfree® Product Range
  28. 28. Free standing – S range
  29. 29. Crystallized – S range
  30. 30. Airfree - Lotus A night light, air steriliser and objet d’art.
  31. 31. Airfree® Wall- Mounted WM50+, 100+, 200+ Applications: Installed at build stage or post-build stage to residential, commercial and public buildings of any type or for any use Capacity: 50m³-200m³ Dimensions: H265mm, W215mm Positioning: Flexible - Airfree can recommend a number of options to fit in with interior design specs
  32. 32. Airfree® In-Wall B80, B120 Applications: Installed at build stage to residential, commercial and public buildings of any type and for any use Capacity: 80m³-120m³ (typically one unit per 35-55m² of space) Dimensions: H610mm, W150mm, D83mm Power consumption: B80 = 48W B120 = 52W Voltage Range: 220 – 240V Current: up to 0.5 Amps at 230V Heat Generation: B80 – 41,3KCal B120 – 44,7KCal Positioning: Flexible – Airfree can recommend a number of options to fit in with interior design specs
  33. 33. Airfree® CW 120 Applications: Similar to the On- Wall WM unit, the CW range offers an alternative positioning option in the corner of rooms and public areas. Popular in public buildings such as hotels, malls, spas, bars and night clubs Capacity: 120m³ Positioning: In the corner of rooms
  34. 34. Airfree® HS Airfree® HS is used in stables to reduce respiratory diseases and maintain the good health of race horses and working horses, who are vulnerable to respiratory diseases as humans are. Any minor health issues can drastically affect performance in sport. Airfree® has been proven effective in trials at reducing the number of minor health complaints of horses.
  35. 35. Airfree® Marine The Airfree® Marine unit is used on boats and yachts worldwide to prevent common mould problems which occur given the ocean air and that boats are often moored in port unused for large portions of the year.
  36. 36. • Exclusive, patented TSS® Technology • Up to 99% reduction in airborne allergens and micro-organisms • Internationally tested & approved, 2 year warranty • Low electricity consumption e.g. AED6/month • Entirely maintenance-free • Completely silent operation • Awarded-winning design • Discreet and low-cost • Does not generate harmful Ozone or emissions Airfree® provides the solution
  37. 37. •100% recycled steel option •Meets RoHS (EU Directive) on Materials & Paint •No replaceable filters or parts = no excess waste •48/52W Power consumption only •Entirely manufactured to stringent EU Environmental standards •Recyclable packaging •Open to ‘green’ delivery methods “Green” Credentials
  38. 38. Airfree® as a source of ‘Sensible Heat’ in rooms thus having a de-humidifying effect → control mould and airborne spores through TSS™ heat sterilisation “Green” Credentials "the problem stems from poor HVAC design, over sizing of cooling loads, the over estimation of the sensible heat in the rooms and the lack of treated fresh air supply to the room. This is further compounded by setting the thermostat too cold in the rooms” – Mario Seneviratne, MD, Green Technologies FZCO
  39. 39. Airfree® : Applications
  40. 40. Hotels & Offices Airfree® has been successfully trialled in the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is awaiting installation Airfree® is installed throughout The Sheraton Barra Hotel & Suites, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a 5 star premium beach front property
  41. 41. Hotels using Airfree
  42. 42. Villas & Apartments Dubai Golf City - the largest private development in Dubailand and Nurai - an ultra high-end private island development in Abu Dhabi have both approved Airfree® for installation emphasising better IAQ and thus an improved quality of life for residents
  43. 43. Religious Buildings Airfree® is installed in the 16th Century Yutenji Buddhist Temple in Tokyo, Japan to preserve their collections and prevent deterioration of the architecture
  44. 44. Hospitals & Schools Hospitals: Airfree® is installed in the National Kidney Transplant Institute in the Philippines Schools: Airfree® is installed in Portree Primary School on the island of Skye, the UK’s no.1 asthma and respiratory disease hotspot
  45. 45. USA: Eastern State Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky SPAIN: •Hospital of the Vall Chebron - University Research Institute •University of Pais Vasco, Medical Faculty •University of Extremadura, Science Faculty •University Autónoma of Barcelona, Medical Faculty •University of Santiago de Compostela, Pharmacy Faculty •University of Barcelona, Departments: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Institute of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Chemistry •University Of Vigo – Science & Biology Faculty •University of Vigo, Science Faculty of Orense •University of Pais Vasco, Medical Faculty •Phytopathology Station of Areeiro •University of Seville, Pharmacy Faculty •University of Santiago de Compostela, Biology Faculty PHILIPPINES: •National Kidney & Transplant Institute •National Lung Centre of the Philippines •St Luke’s Medical Centre •Medical City, Pasig City •Makati Medical Centre •San Juan De Dios Hospital •Olivarez General Hospital •Medical Centre, Paranaque City •Our Lady of Fatima University & Medical Centre •University of Perpetual Help, Rizal Medical Centre •Mother Seton Hospital List of Healthcare Clients 2007-8
  46. 46. Museums, Galleries, Libraries Airfree® is installed at the Chiba Sonan Museum in Japan Airfree® is installed in the library of the Portugese National Archives We are currently in discussions with the UAE National Archives (ADACH) and Dubai Libraries for the installation of Airfree
  47. 47. Livestock Farms, Stables Airfree® is installed in poultry and livestock farms in Portugal, Brazil, Korea and India Airfree® is installed in stables in Portugal & Brazil
  48. 48. Food Industry Airfree® is installed in commercial produce chillers, cold stores, juicing and food processing facilities in the U.A.E. with upto 98% lab-proven reduction in mould & fungus levels
  49. 49. Yachts, Spas, Health Clubs Airfree® is installed in many yachts all over the world to prevent mould developing inside
  50. 50. “A paradigm shift from rather mediocre to excellent indoor environments is foreseen in the 21st century. Based on existing information and new research results, five principals are suggested as elements behind a new philosophy of excellence: (1)Better IAQ increases productivity and decreases Sick Building Syndrome symptoms; (2)Unnecessary indoor pollution sources should be avoided; (3)Air should be served cooled & dry to occupants; (4)“personalized air” i.e. A small amount of clean air should be served gently and close to the breathing zone of each individual; (5)Individual control of the thermal environment should be provided. These principals of excellence are compatible with energy efficiency and sustainability” – Prof. P. Ole Fanger, Director of ICIEE and member of the ASHRAE Hall of Fame IAQ in the future
  51. 51. Thank you for considering Airfree® Exclusive Regional Distributor: P.O. Box 117512, Dubai, U.A.E Tel.: +9714-342 4440 Fax: +9714-342 4442 E-mail: