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Sap crm vs salesforce crm costs payback npv irr analysis from


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Cost analysis between two CRM Leaders SAP and Salesforces. Financial investment metrics are calculated like NPV, IRR, Payback.

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Sap crm vs salesforce crm costs payback npv irr analysis from

  1. 1. Copyright SAP CRM vs Microsoft CRM vs Salesforce CRM ROI Analysis
  2. 2. Copyright Hypothesis 1st objective, compare costs on the same basis: • Based on the catalog price (website) • Price on the same range (Enterprise) • Price consultancies to 900 € per day for all products • Number of days of consultancy on the basis of actual experiences • SAP CRM installation into an existing SAP infrastructure (Not counting costs for backup and disaster recovery)
  3. 3. Copyright Hypothèses de l’étude 2ème evaluate gains: • 1st criteria : Are sales improved ? – YEs +25% revenue – No +10% revenue (we count organic improvement) • 2nd criteria : Is the CRM used ? – Last modification – Informations quality
  4. 4. Copyright SAP CRM
  5. 5. Copyright MS Dynamics CRM
  6. 6. Copyright Salesforce CRM
  7. 7. Copyright Conclusions • The number of CRM projects fail is about 50% to 80% depending on the source (Forrester, Gartner ...) • In Microsoft ecosystem, many providers do CRM like they do database development. There is a real lack of CRM consulting expertise. • SAP CRM is plumbed by its complexity, after 6 months, we have never seen a system used. • Salesforce is our prefered tool. It is easy to setup and flexible to adapt. CRM Consultancy level is done by experts.