Paul The Octopus


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Paul The Octopus

  1. 1. Having correctly predicted all the main World Cup results, Paul the Octopus is put to the test here at Purbeck.
  2. 2. We asked Paul who would be the most likely to offer a lame excuse as to why they couldn’t attend the end-of-season curry night
  3. 3. Paul the Octopus says…… HOBBSY
  4. 4. We asked Paul whether Jerome would get a round in at the more expensive Tom Brown’s or wait until the much cheaper Weatherspoons
  5. 5. Paul the Octopus says…… Weatherspoons
  6. 6. We asked Paul who would be most likely to give a late night display of embarrassing Dad dancing
  7. 7. Paul the Octopus says…… Lindsay Two Heads
  8. 8. We asked Paul who would get pissed, forget the time, miss his lift home, and have to fork out £50 on a taxi home
  9. 9. Paul the Octopus says…… Simon Wilde
  10. 10. Paul the Octopus is never wrong!