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Longitude Standard Edition


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Published in: Technology
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Longitude Standard Edition

  1. 1. Longitude Standard Edition L it d St d d Editi Longitude Standard Edition offers OS and infrastructure monitoring for small to medium sized businesses g Availability and performance monitoring for Windows Server™ ● Windows® XP ● Windows® Vista ● Red Hat® Linux ● SUSE® Linux ● IBM AIX® ● HP-UX® ● Sun Solaris™ ● VMware® ESX ● Cisco® Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  2. 2. Event Monitor E t M it The Event Monitor is the central monitoring station for Longitude. The Event Monitor allows you to: – View events – Troubleshoot issues – Respond to problems from a single interface – Modify performance t es o ds thresholds – Enable notification and corrective actions – Suspend or disable events Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  3. 3. Longitude Event Monitor Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  4. 4. Alerts Actions Al t & A ti Longitude gives you alerts as well as the ability to specify corrective actions based on your own event handling policies. Longitude’s alerts & actions let you: – Automatically receive email y and pager alerts – Get alerts that are meaningful to you y – Initiate and execute corrective action – Use the GUI without scripting Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  5. 5. Longitude’s Alerts & Actions Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  6. 6. Statistics D hb St ti ti Dashboard d The real-time Statistics Dashboard gives a cohesive view of multi-tiered applications by showing any combination of metrics across different server platforms. diff t l tf You can build a custom dashboard that: – Shows different server metrics – Measures a variety of y components – Shows data in dial, thermometer, or line graph gp form – Shows thresholds Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  7. 7. Longitude Statistics Dashboard Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  8. 8. Reporting Built in reports let y assess p you historical performance and drill down through graphically rich tables, charts, tables charts and graphs for more details. Longitude’s reports let you: ’ – Address performance and capacity issues – Drill down for more detail – View reports interactively p y – Print or email information Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  9. 9. Longitude Reporting Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  10. 10. Longitude Reporting Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  11. 11. Next Steps Tour - View full Product Flash Tour Trial - Download a Free Trial Pricing - See Pricing Information Contact Heroix N C t tH i Now 1 800 229 6500 1-800-229-6500 1-781-848-1701 Copyright ©2009 Heroix