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Longitude Enterprise Edition


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Published in: Technology
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Longitude Enterprise Edition

  1. 1. Longitude Enterprise Edition Longitude Enterprise Edition offers robust OS, infrastructure, and application monitoring plus advanced features that facilitate the monitoring and management needs of l it i d t d f large enterprises t i Availability and performance monitoring for Windows Server™ ● Windows® XP ● Windows® Vista ● Red Hat® Linux ● Server SUSE ® Linux ● IBM AIX® ● HP-UX® ● Sun Solaris™ ● VMware® ESX ● Cisco® ● IIS ● Apache™ Web Server ● Oracle® ● SQL Server ● MySQL ● Exchange ● Citrix ● DHCP ● Active Directory ● Dell OpenManage™ ● HP Systems Insight Manager ● IBM® Director ● J2EE ● BEA WebLogic® ● IBM WebSphere® ● JBoss® ● SNMP-enabled devices Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  2. 2. Event E ent Monitor The Event Monitor is the central monitoring station for Longitude. The Event Monitor allows you to: y – View events – Troubleshoot issues – Respond to problems from a single interface – Modify performance thresholds – Enable notification and corrective actions ti ti – Suspend or disable events Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  3. 3. Longitude Event Monitor Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  4. 4. Alerts Actions Al t & A ti Longitude gives you alerts as well as the ability to specify corrective actions based on your own event handling policies. Longitude’s alerts & actions let you: – Automatically receive email y and pager alerts – Get alerts that are meaningful to you y – Initiate and execute corrective action – Use the GUI without scripting Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  5. 5. Longitude’s Alerts & Action Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  6. 6. Statistics D hb St ti ti Dashboard d The real-time Statistics Dashboard gives a cohesive view of multi-tiered applications by showing any combination of metrics across different server platforms, SNMP-based devices, platforms SNMP based devices and end user experience transactions. You can build a custom dashboard that: – Shows different server and application metrics – Measures a variety of components – Shows data in dial, thermometer, or line graph form –SShows thresholds Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  7. 7. Longitude Statistics Dashboard Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  8. 8. Reporting R ti Built in reports let you assess historical performance and drill down through graphically rich tables, charts, and graphs for more details. Longitude’s reports let you: – Address performance and capacity issues p y – Drill down for more detail – Look through historical data – Annotate raw data with findings g from related events – Add user comments – Publish or email performance reports generated on a schedule Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  9. 9. Longitude Reporting Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  10. 10. Service Level Agreements S iL lA t Service Level Agreements (SLAs) combine data across multi-tiered applications, giving a seamless view of availability and performance, while showing d t f hil h i data from a b i business perspective. The Longitude SLA Dashboard provides: – Up to the minute displays of SLA performance – Pinpoint drill down on compliance levels –SStatus updates on underlying d d li components Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  11. 11. Longitude Service Level Agreements Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  12. 12. SLA Reporting Longitude lets you designate performance and SLA reports to be generated and published on its Management Reporting Portal or distributed by email on a schedule schedule. Enterprise SLA reporting allows you to: – Automatically annotate raw data with findings from related events – Use related events information for root cause analysis – Add user comments – Schedule documented findings to be distributed on a daily, weekly, or monthly b i thl basis Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  13. 13. Longitude SLA Reporting Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  14. 14. Event Correlation E tC l ti Longitude monitors underlying components so it can warn you when certain combinations of conditions are about to affect a business process or service level level. Easy-to-define Event Correlation helps: – Find related events across multi- multi tiered applications – Trigger intelligent alerts and actions – Determine the root-cause of a problem – Give actionable information about the th problem bl Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  15. 15. Longitude’s Event Correlation Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  16. 16. Topology Views The Event Monitor with Topology Views gives you the ability to simplify distributed and complex environments by graphically representing your physical or logical hierarchy hierarchy. The Event Monitor’s Topology View gives you the ability to: – Map and view monitored components graphically – Organize or change the representation in a way that is t ti i th t i useful to you – Use your own images or Longitude s Longitude’s images Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  17. 17. Longitude Topology View- World Map Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  18. 18. Longitude Topology View- Data Center Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  19. 19. Longitude Topology View- Office Park Copyright ©2009 Heroix
  20. 20. Next Steps Tour - View full Product Flash Tour Trial - Download a Free Trial Pricing - See Pricing Information Contact Heroix N C t tH i Now 1 800 229 6500 1-800-229-6500 1-781-848-1701 Copyright ©2009 Heroix