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YOU ARE INVI                            ITED TO A SPECIAL MOVIE S                                            L       SCREE...
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Fond du Lac screening Information


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Fond du Lac screening Information

  1. 1. YOU ARE INVI ITED TO A SPECIAL MOVIE S L SCREENIN NG HER ROES BEHIND TH BADGE HE When: Thursday, October 11, 2012 : O Doors open at 6:15 5pm program begins at 7pm m 7 Where Fond du Lac High Sch e: L hool Perform ming Arts Ce enter 801 Ca ampus Drive Fond du Lac, WI e, Tickets: Tickets ar available for purchase at: the Fond du re e d Lac Po olice Departmment, Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac, b u Holida Automotiv Festival Foods in Fon du Lac, O ay ve, F nd Open Road Harley David H dson, and Na ational Exchhange Bank. Movie: Heroes Beh hind the Bad to be rel dge, leased in the fall of 2012 is a docum e 2, mentary filmm featurin some of the brave me and wome of law en ng t en en nforcement w put their lives on the who r e line and survived, and those wh made the ultimate sac a ho crifice. This national doccumentary feature our very own Fond du Lac Police Department , the tragic s es u story of the e events that took Officer Craig Birkholzs life and the in nspiration of Officer Ry Williams and K-9 f yan s Officer Grendels tr r riumphant re ecoveries. To view the movie trailer or learn more visit: www. w e l .heroesbehin ndthebadge To ord the movie DVD/Blu der u-ray visit: www.nleom w rs/heroes-be ehind-the- badge/ / *Proceeeds from tic sales wil be donated to the Boy & Girls Cl of Fond du Lac cket ll d ys lub *50% of net movie profits will be donated to National Law Enforc o e l cement Offic Memori cers ial Fund Sponsoored by: For mo informat ore tion about th special movie screen he m ning contact Boys & Girls Club at t: (920) 924-0530 or the Fond du Lac Police Departmen at (920) 32 9 r u e nt 22-3700 or e-mail rscheel@kidscl o