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Dui defense strategies report


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This report is a "Must Read" for anyone with a DUI or Drunk Related Offense.

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Dui defense strategies report

  1. 1. DUI Strategies Has Been Called “An Absolute ‘Must Read’ For Anyone With A DUI or Drunk Driving Related Offense.” “WARNING: A DUI Will Ruin Your Life UNLESS You Protect Your Rights!” But, You Don’t Have To Be ‘Marked’ For 10 Years Or More… You Can Significantly Minimize The Damage Done To Your Personal Life If You Take The Time To Learn What Your Rights Are! Inside This Report You’ll Learn: 1. What To Do If You’ve Just Recently Been Pulled Over. 2. How To Beat This Even If You Already Have A DUI Conviction Record! 3. What To Do About Your Record, And How To Do It… No Matter What State You Live In! 4. How Some Police Officer’s Actually ‘Skew’ Reports Against You! 5. How Almost Anyone Can Find Your DUI Record In Seconds… Unless You Protect Yourself. 6. DUI Defense Strategies From The Most Respected DUI Attorneys’ In Practice Today. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. YOU SHOULD CONSULT A QUALIFIED, LICENSED ATTORNEY BEFORE MAKING ANY LEGAL DECISIONS ABOUT YOUR FUTURE. THE INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS MERELY INFORMATION ON THE GENERAL DUI PROCESS. By: The Information Association, LLC Tuesday, 8:17 PM Dear Friend, Unfortunately if you’re reading this you probably have either a DUI (drunk driving) related record or you’ve just recently been pulled over. Either way you’re frustrated, scared, and a little angry at the whole situation. I know exactly how you’re feeling because I was there too, and I’m going to share some things with you that helped me out big time. Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  2. 2. Just realize that the emotions you’re feeling are completely normal, in fact it’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel. It’s a part of the “DUI Experience” and you’ll feel this way for a long time (in most state’s it’s on your record for 10 years) unless you do something about it to help yourself… Which Is What You’ve Already Begun To Do By Simply Reading Through This Report And Taking Action To Help Yourself. So Read Very Carefully… *Learn As Much As You Can From The Information Here AND From The Resources That We’ll Direct You To.* What To Expect: The way the current laws are written it’s so easy for the average person to find themselves facing a DUI charge, and presently society makes no distinction between major and minor offenses. Everyone is viewed in the same manner which creates some major difficulties in life even for the people with low blood alcohol concentrations (BAC’s) where it was questionable whether or not they really should have been considered DUI. Everyone is treated like a hard-core, menace to society alcoholic and your record is made to reflect that. You see, the current trend is for law enforcement and the courts to ‘get tough’ on offenders but at the same time they’re making it much easier to end up with a DUI conviction by forcing state’s to lower their allowable BAC levels while encouraging (to put it nicely) police officers to cite more people for DUI. Consequently more and more everyday ‘normal people’ are getting caught up in the dui process and are now faced with the obstacle of minimizing the effects it has on your personal life. There are plenty of organizations out there that have found some undeniable proof that the statistics and numbers are purposely inflated to make the problem of drunk driving seem worse than it really is in an effort to justify lower BAC’s, harsher laws and heftier fines which of course ‘create more revenue.’ Go to Google and search for information and you’ll soon find out the real story. Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  3. 3. At this point, in order to help yourself it’s important to understand exactly how the system operates but not dwell on it. That’s important because you want to learn everything you can and help yourself, it won’t do you much good to sit around and feel sorry for yourself. Just focus on ways that you can improve your situation. Let Me Say That Again… ‘Don’t Dwell’ On Your Situation! **Focus On Ways To Help Yourself.** That’s the quickest way to put this behind you. Whether you’ve just been arrested for DUI or you have an older DUI conviction record and you’re looking for help, the best thing to do is to research your options and take action to help yourself. It is what it is, and you’re reading this report to hopefully figure out how you can better your current situation, so that’s EXACTLY what we’re going to focus on, okay? I’m going to cover some very effective strategies that many have used to consistently beat their dui charges and/or clear their conviction records. There are ways of legally getting your drivers license back, saving money on your high risk auto insurance (SR-22 policy), and ensuring that background checks don’t turn up your previous DUI history. There is literally tons of information you need to know on the topic to really be informed about what your rights are and how to protect yourself, but there is no way for me to lay everything out for you here. So what I’m going to do in this free report is to outline some of the things that are really important to you if you’ve just recently been pulled over OR if you already have a DUI conviction record. These are some of the things that you *absolutely 100% must know* in regards to DUI conviction records so that you can minimize the damage done to your personal life. In addition we’ll cover some of the ways to beat the DUI charge if you’ve just been pulled over. ***Legal Disclaimer: Please take special notice that this is in no way to be substituted as legal advice. Nothing in this free report or on our website, or any other distributed content (e- books, articles, etc…) is to be considered legal advice and there is Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  4. 4. absolutely no establishment of an attorney client relationship at all. This is merely information on the DUI Process and only you are responsible for your own welfare. The information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. The entire risk as to the results and the performance of the information is assumed entirely by the user. You should consult a qualified attorney before taking any action on your own behalf. If you do not agree with these terms and legal disclaimers please discontinue reading and/or using this information immediately.*** DUI Defense Strategies NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN CONVICTED YOU CAN SKIP DOWN PAST THIS SECTION TO THE PORTION THAT COVERS DUI CONVICTION RECORDS. Some of the following ideas are current techniques that some of the premier high dollar DUI attorney’s use as defense strategies. Read through them and see if they could apply to you and your specific situation; Rising BAC Theory The rising BAC theory (also known as the subtractive retrograde theory) is a very effective defense strategy in some states and less effective in others. It depends on the judge and whether or not the court recognizes the theory but scientific evidence proves that it is completely accurate beyond a shadow of a doubt. Some Courts Won’t Recognize It Because There Is ‘No Possible Way To Convict’ Anyone Who Uses This Technique Effectively! The idea behind it is due to the passage of time between alcohol consumption (when you last drank) and when it actually shows up in your blood stream. Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  5. 5. You see, it is only a crime to drive with a BAC of 0.08 or over, not to consume enough alcohol to have a BAC of 0.08 or greater. So if a person consumes enough of an alcoholic beverage to put them over the legal limit immediately before driving, then they get into a car and drive 10 minutes down the road to their home and go to bed… the alcohol never had time to enter their blood stream to raise their BAC over the legal limit while they were driving. So even though they consumed excessive amounts of alcohol, they did not drive with a BAC of over 0.08 (which is the legal limit). They were home before the alcohol had a chance to ‘seep’ into their blood. In essence, no crime was ever committed because the way the law reads, YOU MUST ACTUALLY BE DRIVING with a BAC over the legal limit (.08). Not Just Have The Alcohol In Your Body… But Have It In Your Blood! And it takes time for that to happen… like a couple of hours. So… The problem comes in with the police officer who pulls you over for suspicion of drunk driving. He keeps you at the scene for an hour or more, and then brings you down to the station to blow into the Intoxilyzer 5000 breath machine. But Now It’s Been About 2 hours Since You Were Actually Driving! If you had consumed alcohol immediately before driving, the alcohol WAS NOT in your blood stream when you were actually driving, but by the time you ended up blowing into the Intoxilyzer machine (2 hours after you were driving) at the police station, the alcohol has now been fully absorbed into your blood (due to the passage of time) and will register on the test. But you weren’t driving with that amount of alcohol in your blood, you were at the police station with that amount of alcohol in your blood. So technically the crime you committed was blowing into an Intoxilyzer 5000 with a BAC of 0.08 or greater, NOT DRIVING WITH A BAC of 0.08 or greater. And it’s certainly not a crime to blow into a machine over the legal limit. It’s a crime to drive an automobile over the legal limit. Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  6. 6. Do You See The Rationale Behind This Theory? It is Very Valid And Extremely Effective! If you’ve just recently been pulled over you’ll want to carefully recall what happened to you and see if you can’t use this type of defense. Let’s review a few more that you’ll want to consider… No Reasonable Suspicion To Stop One of the most successful and widely used defense strategies to beat DUI charges and clear some from being convicted is an examination of the actual stop. A police officer must have a valid reason to pull you over in order for the rest of the evidence collected to even be considered valid and permissible to be used against you in court. If you can prove that the arresting officer had no reason to pull you over in the first place then it doesn’t matter if you were driving a vehicle over the legal limit or not… The Case Will Be Dismissed Because Your Rights Were Violated. They must have a valid reason to stop you and they must be able to prove that they had a reason to believe criminal activity was occurring. This strategy greatly depends on your specific situation but if there is any doubt to whether or not the stop should have occurred in the first place it’s definitely worth looking into… Some things to consider are what was actually recorded on the police report as to why the stop was made and what the officer told you the reason was. Are they different? Just analyze your situation and explore why the officer stopped you and decide whether or not there was really a probable cause for him/her to believe that criminal activity was occurring. This Could Save You From Getting Marked With a DUI Record AND Having To Go Through The Steps To Clear It Later On. (We’ll talk about those steps later in this report) Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  7. 7. Here’s more sneaky defense strategies… Interested Officer Throughout the course of the roadside investigation, the officer is supposed to make unbiased notes on the behavior of the accused. Before trial you will have access to these notes in a package that is referred to as the ‘discovery.’ In the discovery you can see exactly what the officer noted about your behavior and actions. It is very unlikely that you did not do at least something throughout the course of the roadside investigation to give the appearance that you WERE NOT intoxicated. Let me say that again in simpler language… Even during police stops where the driver was without a doubt ‘wasted’, there are moments where the driver ‘seems sober’ by his or her actions. Even intoxicated persons exhibit some behavior that would be considered normal, or un- intoxicated (it happens mostly by rote memory) and the officer should record this behavior along with the behavior that exhibits intoxication. If the officer did not note anything in your favor AT ALL, then it could be said that he was interested in the outcome of the case and therefore biased. If he’s considered biased then he was interested in the outcome of the case, or he was interested in proving you guilty (he’s supposed to act as an impartial evidence collector). For example, he notes that you fumbled while walking or that you slurred your speech indicating to him that you were intoxicated BUT HE MADE NO MENTION of the fact that you were able to carry on an intelligent normal conversation while explaining your situation to him. He didn’t record the fact that you stepped out of your car smoothly and stood up straight, he only noted signs of intoxication and nothing else. In other words, He Was Trying To ‘Skew’ The Police Report Against You. Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  8. 8. Those are just some of the DUI strategies that are used every single day to clear people from being convicted of a DUI charge. A good DUI lawyer will attempt every single one of these strategies to get your case dropped or dismissed. So if you’ve just been pulled over these are things to consider. You should begin to see that it is possible to beat a DUI charge and you can get through it without all the hassle if you learn the proper information needed to do it. DUI Conviction Records After you go to court and are formally convicted a record is created indicating the specifics of your criminal offense. (Yes, drunk driving offenses are criminal offenses in almost every state. Some wet reckless offenses are also considered criminal offenses as well.) It details the crime you committed, the degree in which you committed it (blood alcohol, felony, misdemeanor, etc…), the date and location of the offense, and several other items of description. Your Personal Information Is Used To Identify You… And Kept On File Forever! The records are created locally and can be shared with any agency or department that has a valid reason to receive them or if you grant someone permission to view them. (Normally when you apply for a job you grant them permission to check your criminal record history) The information age and computers are making it so easy to get a hold of these records which makes it much more damaging to your personal life because now anyone who wants to ‘research you’ can easily pull your records from almost anywhere in the world. It’s terrible. A whole new industry has been created where large companies in essence purchase copies of these records from courthouses across the nation and then sell access to them to almost anyone. Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  9. 9. See for yourself You can get ANY information you want about anyone by typing their name into the search boxes and pressing the “SEARCH” button. About the only good thing out of all of this is that you can check out your own criminal record now… and learn exactly what’s on there FAST ! It’s important that you know exactly what they recorded to your files. They are making a lot of money by selling access to our dirty laundry. And as the internet and computer technology matures it will only get easier and easier for them to damage you. What they do, is scan your records into a large electronic database for fast efficient searching. So when someone requests your record, either over the internet or by telephone… It Literally Takes Them Seconds To Produce It! Since 9/11 background checks have become standard procedure. Millions of records are searched every day, and it’s almost impossible to seek any type of employment today without having to pass through one and ‘face the music’ about your DUI or drunk driving incident. Again, remember When You Fill Out A Job Application You Are Giving Them Permission To Search Your Background. Here’s a few other things that you must keep in mind about these DUI records: • They Are Public Record, Which Means That Anyone Can Look At Them! • They Will Be Used To ‘Enhance’ Your Sentence Should You EVER Get In Trouble Again. • Some State’s Will Keep Them On File For 10 Years! Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  10. 10. So What Should I Do About My DUI Record, And How Do I Do It? If you have the misfortune of gettingstuck with a DUI record it is in your best interest to go about removing the record or do as much ‘minimizing’ as humanly possible. Minimizing means lessening the effect that the record has on your personal life, by damaging you on record checks, driver license implications, auto insurance, etc… Basically doing everything you can to lessen the burden that the DUI record does to you if you are not eligible to formally remove the record. Anyone can minimize the effects of their DUI records by doing a little bit of research and taking some simple steps to improve their situation. Removing your DUI record is a matter of clearing it from your criminal record utilizing expungement procedures as well as invoking several other little-known laws that you are entitled to. There Are Several Ways In Which To Do This, And The Procedures Do Vary… *But, It Can Be Accomplished From Any State.* Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  11. 11. Each state has different laws regarding drunk driving, DUI or DWI offenses and how they handle them, BUT the way in which records are treated is similar nationwide. Not everyone is eligible for expungement but there are ways to ‘seal’ the record no matter what state you reside in. The DUI Process Manual explains exactly how to do that, plus much more including how to save a significant amount of money on your auto insurance now that you’re most likely considered high risk (SR-22). It’s, A Way To Relieve The Stress, Strain And Damage That A DUI Record Inflicts On Your Personal Life. It was written by a collaboration of people, all with different areas of professional expertise. Then edited and organized by people who have each been in your exact same shoes so that only the important pieces of information would be included. That’s important, because we didn’t want to fill it up with a bunch of legal information that wouldn’t help. We wanted to make sure that this manual would be very effective and very valuable for people with DUI records. What we did was to take just the little known laws, procedures, tips, tricks and over all guidance that someone facing DUI charges or who currently has a DUI conviction record would absolutely love to get their hands on and provide a step-by-step ‘how to’ guide for them to clear or minimize their records. “It’s Something That No One With A DUI Should Be Without!” So, if you’re interested in getting this done please visit our website to read the testimonials from some of the people that have had a chance to read the DUI Process Manual and see what they had to say about it… Visit the website here: How Can I Get My Drivers License Back? That is a very common question after a DUI offense and sometimes it can be very tricky figuring out all the options available to you to get legally re-licensed. Sometimes you’ll only get a restricted license and other times you’ll have to have a breath device installed Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  12. 12. in your car before they’ll re-issue your license, and other times the DMV will flat out refuse to give you back your drivers license depending on your specific situation. And I strongly urge you to pull a copy of your own driving record and taking a look at what the DMV has actually recorded on your driving history. You might be surprised at what’s on there. It’s very important that you ensure no mistakes are made because a lot of times ‘extra’ infractions, etc… accidentally get recorded and you can easily clear them up but you have to see what’s on there first. You Can Get a Copy of Your Driving Record Very Quickly Here: Just click the button that says, “Order a Copy of Your DMV Driving Record Here” and fill out the form and it will be sent to you within 2-3 business days and you won’t have to even step foot inside of the DMV office. In our guide entitled the DMV Flow of Information Guide we share with you the various state compacts and drivers license agreements between the states. It reveals how the DMV keeps track of your driving record and exactly what information is shared across the network. It’s been very helpful to a lot of our previous customers and you can grab a copy if interested on our homepage at: Overall, whether you go on to read the DUI Process Manual and other associated publications or not, we strongly encourage you to continue to seek information about your record or your upcoming charges because in the long run it’s definitely worth it. There are things you can do that will ease the burden of a DUI arrest or conviction. If you spend some time researching and learning what you can do to help yourself you’ll save a lot of headache, frustration and overall anxiety about all of this. Click Here To Read More About Clearing Your DUI Record Click Here to get DUI Process Manual
  13. 13. P.S. We wish you the very best in getting through this, and please feel free to ask us any questions about our information or let us know if we can help in any way. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. YOU SHOULD CONSULT A QUALIFIED, LICENSED ATTORNEY BEFORE MAKING ANY LEGAL DECISIONS ABOUT YOUR FUTURE. THE INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS MERELY INFORMATION ON THE GENERAL DUI PROCESS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You have three ordering options here to choose from, each of different prices. Here's what you'll get if you order at the $97 purchase price: PACKAGE #1: The DUI Process Manual ($38.95 value) The DMV Flow of Information Guide ($19.95 value) Field Sobriety Test Secrets ($27 value) DUI Defense Strategies ($27 Value) How To Choose The Right Lawyer ($19.95 Value) Personal Email Support To Help You With Any Specific Questions ($197+ value) Click Here To Purchase Package (#1) For $97 Here's what you'll get if you order at the $49.95 purchase price: PACKAGE #2: The DUI Process Manual ($38.95) The DMV Flow of Information Guide ($19.95 value) Click Here To Purchase Package (#2) For $49.95 Here's what you'll get if you order at the $38.95 purchase price: PACKAGE #3: The DUI Process Manual ($38.95) Click Here To Purchase Package (#3) For $38.95 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click Here to read DUI Process Manual Review Click Here to get DUI Process Manual