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Business modeling for social impact_the inkubator


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Business modeling for social impact_the inkubator

  1. 1. Busines model intro Business modeling for social impact ventures Powered by:
  2. 2. Agenda 17:00 WARMING UP Real life examples Review homework Pitching time 17:45 BUSINESS MODELING SESSION Cow exercise Business modeling for Social Impact Examples draft your own business model 18:30 BREAK 18:40 VALUE PROPOSITION CANVAS Review and build your own Get out of the building (Lean Monitor intro)
  3. 3. Real life examples Business model Toolkit WD
  4. 4. Encourages the employment of the disabled and other socially excluded persons through the production and selling of quality and innovative textile products made from ecological and recycled fabrics for the needs of the domestic and the foreign markets.
  5. 5. Servus is an electronic system which enables users to control their home through voice commands. Help people that cannot use their hands to regain their independence. With Servus even a severely disabled bedridden person can work from home and earn a living.
  6. 6. Cloth diapers for babies, which are washable & ecologic. Disposable diapers are the one of the most common items on landfills, second only to plastic bags and bottles. One baby contributes 5.000 diapers which is nearly 1.000 kg of waste that takes 100 to 500 years to decay. With cloth diapers you need 20 diapers for the same period.
  7. 7. Discovering Prague through the eyes of the homeless. Pragulic is a social enterprise that allows the interested members of the public to know and experience the world of the homeless, and to alter stereotypes regarding homelessness.
  8. 8. Idea review Business model Toolkit FC What are the problems?
  9. 9. Your idea should fit the following criteria: // Entrepreneurial “new venture” (could be for-profit, non- profit, hybrid) to tackle a significant social problem in your area (simple test for determining whether your idea is significant, ask yourself, ‘If it were successful, would it make a difference?’) // Ability to find and contact prospective customers, partners, and competitors around you to discuss your product/service and business concept // Driven by Passion. Are you passionate about this idea/ project/issue that you are willing to pursue it if you would have the means to do it
  10. 10. Business model Toolkit I am __________ from __________ . We do __________ for __________ in order to __________ . The way we make money is __________ . revenue model impact beneficiary / customersolution venturename Pitch structure FC by
  11. 11. Business modeling session Business model Toolkit
  12. 12. sketch out 3 biz models in which I the cow, play the main act!
  13. 13. From coffee drinking place to... Cafe U Dvoristu
  14. 14. ... drinking experience space Cafe U Dvoristu
  15. 15. write down your definition of business model Business model Toolkit
  16. 16. Def_Business Model A business model describes the rationale of how and organization creates, delivers, and captures value Business model Toolkit by
  17. 17. Value proposition Business Model is: Sustainable profit model Processes Resources + + + Business model Toolkit
  18. 18. Business Model canvas! (platno poslovnog modela) A toolkit for understanding, analyze and create business models Business model Toolkit by
  19. 19. User segment/Segmenti kupaca Business model Toolkit
  20. 20. Value Proposition/Ponuda vrijednosti Business model Toolkit
  21. 21. Channels/Kanali distribucije Business model Toolkit
  22. 22. User relationships/Odnosi s kupcima Business model Toolkit
  23. 23. Value streams-returns/Izvori prihoda Business model Toolkit
  24. 24. Key resources/ključna imovina Business model Toolkit
  25. 25. Key activities/ključne aktivnosti (procesi) Business model Toolkit
  26. 26. Key partners/Ključni partneri Business model Toolkit
  27. 27. Value streams-outlay and costs/ Struktura troškova Business model Toolkit
  28. 28. Ponuda vrijednosti Kanali distribucije Segmenti kupaca Odnosi s kupcima Struktura troškova Izvori prihoda ključne aktivnosti (procesi) Ključni partneri ključna imovina Platno poslovnog modela building blocks building blocks building blocks Business model Toolkit
  29. 29. Examples Business model Toolkit
  30. 30. Business model Toolkit
  31. 31. Business model Toolkit
  32. 32. Business model Toolkit
  33. 33. Ponuda vrijednosti Kanali distribucije Segmenti kupaca Odnosi s kupcima Struktura troškova Izvori prihoda ključne aktivnosti (procesi) Ključni partneri ključna imovina Platno poslovnog modela taxi telefon Vozilo taxi stajalište Stanovništvo Naknada cijena po km Automobil Benzina Plaća Automobil Vozač Servis Održavanje Vožnja čekanje Business model Toolkit
  34. 34. Business model Toolkit
  35. 35. Business model Toolkit
  36. 36. Business model Toolkit
  37. 37. Business model Toolkit
  38. 38. Business model Toolkit
  39. 39. Business model Toolkit
  40. 40. Build your own BMC! Business model Toolkit
  41. 41. Value Proposition Canvas Business model Toolkit
  42. 42. Value proposition Value Proposition canvas Costumer segment Let’s design great value propositions that match costumer’s needs and jobs-to-be-done and helps them solve their problems Business model Toolkit by
  43. 43. Value Proposition canvas the Why?the What?
  44. 44. Value Proposition canvas Describe the JOBS your customer is trying to get done and outline their PAINS and GAINS. List the PRODUCTS and SERVICES you intend to offer and describe how you believe they will ALLEVIATE your customer’s PAINS and CREATE GAINS Business model Toolkit
  45. 45. Value Proposition canvas costumer assumptions Value prop assumptions Business model Toolkit
  46. 46. Value Proposition canvas Business model Toolkit