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M+LEARNING : #EXCEL #TOSA International


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M+LEARNING Class in Microsoft Excel with INSEEC Business school students in Paris. (MSc, MBA) by Hermann Djoumessi.
Mobile Learning via Facebook Group API.
#Intelligent Blogging #Facebook Group API #Facebook #Social Media Revolution #CM

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M+LEARNING : #EXCEL #TOSA International

  1. 1.       [TOP  TIPS  SOCIAL  MEDIA  Community  Management2016]   [Digital  Inception  III.  by  Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA]   -­‐  EXCEL  #2016  TOSA  INTERNATIONAL  TRAINING  -­‐   ONLINE  TRAINING  VIA  FACEBOOK  GROUPS  API    -­‐  M+  LEARNING  –  (Mobile  learning)   INSEEC  BUSINESS  SCHOOL  –  (Paris)  2016   MSc  –  MBA  –  Luxury   GUIDELINES  –  SOCIAL  MEDIA  RULEBOOK  –  GUIDELINES  –  SOCIAL  MEDIA  RULEBOOK  –        
  2. 2.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   2       CONTENT* Introduction ………………………………………. 3 I. M+LEARNING …………………………..6 II. GUIDELINES ………………….. 10 III. GRAPHICS ……………………….. ……13 IV. PHOTO …………………………………. 15 V. RESOURCES ………………………… ..17                      
  3. 3.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   3       Introduction Published on July 2011, by the Harvard Business Review the post was asking the simple question: “What’s your social media strategy?’ The piece carries on, offering 4 fundamentals Social Media Strategy for a brand: 1: The “predictive practitioner.” > This approach confines usage to a specific area, such as customer service. It works well for businesses seeking to avoid uncertainty and to deliver results that can be measured with established tools. > To increase Clorox’s virtual R&D capabilities, the social media team created Clorox Connects—a website that enables brainstorming with customers and suppliers. A typical query posted there: “We’re working on X product idea. What features would you like to see included?” To encourage participation, Clorox uses incentives borrowed from gaming. For example, people who post answers or add rating comments are awarded points.
  4. 4.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   4       2: The “creative experimenter.” Companies taking this approach embrace uncertainty, using small-scale tests to find ways to improve discrete functions and practices. They aim to learn by listening to customers and employees on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes they use proprietary technologies to conduct internal tests. 3: The “social media champion.” > This involves large initiatives designed for predictable results. It may depend on close collaboration across multiple functions and levels and include external parties. > Consider Ford’s 2009 Fiesta Movement campaign, used to prepare for the car’s reintroduction in the U.S. It required joint efforts among marketing, communications, and the C-suite. Ford decided to lend 100 Fiestas for six months to recipients who would use social media to discuss their experiences with the cars in an authentic, direct way.
  5. 5.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   5       It held an online contest to select candidates, carefully choosing drivers with large social media followings. 4: The “social media transformer.” > This approach enables large-scale interactions that extend to external stakeholders, allowing companies to use the unexpected to improve the way they do business. > In 2010, Cisco launched Integrated Workforce Experience (IWE), a social business platform designed to facilitate internal and external collaboration and decentralize decision-making. It functions much like a Facebook “wall”: A real-time news feed provides updates on employees’ status and activities as well as information about relevant communities, business projects, and customer and partner interactions. > One manager likens it to Amazon. “It makes recommendations based on what you are doing, the role you are in, and the choices of other people like you.
  6. 6.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   6       We are taking that to the enterprise level and basically allowing appropriate information to find you,” he says. The Social Media room at BORDERLINE CREATIVES manages data’s from more than 10 groups dedicated to Social Media. It is the largest experiment of its kind. Groups are made of 200 to 300 Social Media and Excel professionals ranging from LinkedIn Addicts, to Twitter Addicts, to E+Reputation Addicts, to Facebook Mention Addicts, and of course, here the #Excel / Dataviz Addicts group, you can find here: The sole @Borderlinetv, Twitter profile has more than 14 000 profiles, all involved in the Social Media & #Excel landscape from all over the Globe! Literally! From the group we have compiled this document as a USER GUIDE for all #Excel Addicts. Hermann Djoumessi, MA. Social Media Consultant – Hootsuite Certified.  
  7. 7.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   7       EXCEL DATAVIZ ADDICTS GROUP > #HASHTAG SEARCH GUIDELINES: > Use the following #Hashtags inside the Facebook group search window; “Excel Dataviz Addicts”: + “#EXCEL #TOSA” > Students find the content linked directly to the Excel Tosa online tutorials on #YouTube, or PDF Files; All tutorials are numbered, sorted and classified in Seasons & Episodes. + “#TIPS “ “#Tricks” or “#ASTUCES” > Students learn Excel shortcuts via bite sized ‘on-the-fly’ nuggets of information, in the shape of videos, short text, infographics, etc... + “#EXERCISE” > Exercises on PDF Files, from Harvard University, Duke Business school (USA), PURDUE University, etc… + “#VIDEOS” > Give you access to all the VIDEOS files, including those shot with the students. +”#STAGES” “#INTERNSHIP” > Gives access to the numerous ‘stage’ and ‘internship’ on offer in and around Paris, London, etc.. #Innovative Business #Start-Ups  
  8. 8.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   8                                      
  9. 9.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   9         > Masters MSc, MBA @ INSEEC Business School (Paris) > VI. M+LEARNING: “EXCEL/DATAVIZ ADDICTS” GROUP on FACEBOOK -- THE TOSA CERTIFICATION EXAM VALIDATES MICROSOFT OFFICE SKILLS > The leading certification exam on desktop applications relying on an innovative technology > There are certification exams on each of the following software applications: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. > The certification exam delivers a score on a 1 to 1000 scale.    
  10. 10.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   10       +> On April 20th, 2015, the French National Committee on Professional Certification (CNCP) has officially registered the TOSA® certification in the National Registry of Professional Certifications (RNCP). This recognition enables that TOSA training is now eligible for public funds. Individuals who want to improve their CV. > Companies wishing to train their staff and value their skills. > Professional training center who want to optimize their training. > Schools and universities to develop employability of their students. ++ EXAM DETAILS. * 35 questions. * Maximum duration: 60 minutes. * Taken on line through our remote proctoring solution (coming soon) • Diploma sent within 5 business days ++ ADAPTIVE TESTING • An adaptive algorithm selects questions difficulty according to candidate answers • MCQs focused on useful functionalities  
  11. 11.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   11       • Exercises involving in application testing Operational Between 550 and 725 points The candidate can perform advanced tasks with this application, but a more in-depth knowledge of it would improve his productivity. Advanced Between 725 and 875 points The candidate possesses thorough knowledge of this application and uses it very productively. + GENERAL OBJECTIVES: Deliver the Excel TOSA Certification to MSc, MBA students from the INSEEC Business School in Paris, via the Facebook Group API. + LEARNING OBJECTIVES: At the end of the program, the student has mastered Microsoft Excel fundamentals via the Facebook group API. As seen earlier, we aim for ‘Operational’ or ‘Advanced level’. + OPERATIONAL OBJECTIVES: - Creating & animating the ‘Excel Dataviz Addicts’ group on #Facebook with 200 members – 58% students – 42% Excel professionals from all over the globe.
  12. 12.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   12       - Our search have displayed 40 000 profiles with #Excel as an interest on Facebook. Half of them were in India & the US ! - Creating with the students, audiovisual material to facilitate the course understanding. - The trainer implements learning objectives via the student’s smartphones. LANGUAGES: English. #M+Learning > Provided by the ‘’ website. The student can assess his level and train online for the #TOSA Exam.
  13. 13.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   13       - Serious Game / Business Games > Search documents, files, videos, using dedicated #Hashtag.  
  14. 14.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   14                       +  Closed  /  Open  groups     +  Courses     +  Projects     +  Ideas  swapping   +  Alumni  s       +  Open  communities         +  Promotion  &  Branding     +  OFFICE  Products       +  Self-­‐promotion     +  Influencers         The differences between a Facebook page & a Facebook Group.
  15. 15.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   15                                             > USE THE FACEBOOK GROUP TO COMMUNICATE: #PRE-COURSE: - Assess numbers of student attending the course: ‘Bums on seats’ + Introduce the course (Via various Documents, ..) - Students gets to ask questions… #LIVE-COURSE: + Post & comments on the group’s wall - Ideas & files are being shared throughout the course #BETWEEN COURSES: + Post reflections, documents, videos - Facilitate debates, discussions, Business games, Quizz, etc.. + Messages, Homework, Job listing      
  16. 16.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   16                 Enter “#Excel #TOSA into the search window and study the numbered files. & tutorials., organised In “Episodes” and “Seasons”  .       “#VIDEOS”: < For the VIDEOS and tutorials. > “#TIPS”: < #Excel Shortcuts >
  17. 17.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   17                                                
  18. 18.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   18       > FIND ADDITIONAL RESOURCES BY CLICKING ON THE LINKS BELOW: > Additional resources: Writing & Intelligent Blogging (Social Media) by Hermann Djoumessi; HD > Hermann Djoumessi, MA - Social Media Consultant certified Hootsuite - CNIL - Twitter: @Borderlinetv Profile LinkedIn > Slideshare > ++ More references from professional Groups created & managed by H. Djoumessi > • E+Reputation Addicts > • Twitter Addicts > • LinkedIn Addicts > • E+Commerce (#Fr.) > FACEBOOK MENTIONS ADDICTS >    
  19. 19.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   19                                          
  20. 20.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   20                                       Hermann Djoumessi, MA – Social Media Consultant Hootsuite Certified – Correspondant #CNIL + Master2 Audiovisual Production, London Metropolitan University. (London. UK) + Master1 IHECS (Applied Communication) – Brussels (Belgium) Excel coach & lecturer @ INSEEC Business School MSc & MBA (Paris) #EXCEL  TOSA  International  Certificate.     T:  +33  075  88  293  44    -­‐     éligible  au  CPF:   l'Inventaire  de  la  CNCP:  
  21. 21.   #M+LEARNING  –  Excel  #TOSA       White  Paper.#2016   [Hermann  Djoumessi,  MA  –   Hootsuite  certified  consultant  ]   21         Borderline Creatives > Borderline Creatives Bureau is a unique Social Media platform, covering #Facebook, Facebook Ads, #LinkedIn, LinkedIn Ads, #Twitter & Twitter Ads. > Allow our Bilingual team to take control over your Social Media Strategy. > Let us handle your #EXCEL TOSA certification program!! CONTACT US! >