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Heriberto sedeno has been a student of bachillerato


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Heriberto Sedeno attended elementary school at Escuela Primaria del Centro de Dependientes del Comercio de La Habana

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Heriberto sedeno has been a student of bachillerato

  1. 1. Heriberto Sedeno Has Been A Student Of Bachillerato
  2. 2. At the age of 5, Heriberto Sedeno attended elementary school atEscuela Primaria del Centro de Dependientes del Comercio de LaHabana. After passing 5th grade, he took an early entrance examto be admitted to an academic center to pursue a “bachillerato”degree which is comparable to a preparatory and first yearundergraduate school.
  3. 3. Heriberto Sedeno Attended Havana Business Academy From 1957 to 1958, Heriberto Sedeno attended Havana BusinessAcademy to prepare for the entrance exam to “bachilllerato” studies.After clearing this competitive exam lasting three days, his parentsenrolled him at a private school, Colegio Academia Pitmanaccredited by the Cuban Department ofEducation through one of their agencies, the Instituto Superior deSegunda Ensenanza de La Vibora, Havana, Cuba.
  4. 4. Heriberto Sedeno Attended Academia Pitman The Cuban revolution and the access to power by Fidel Castroin January 1st of 1959, was coincidental with his first year of"bachillerato" at Colegio Academia Pitman. Heriberto Sedenocontinued halfway into his third year of bachillerato. Bachilleratoeducation consisted of a five-year program to earn this degree.The last year of Bachillerato curriculum was chosen by thestudent to major in Liberal Arts or Sciences depending on theprofessional path he would follow.
  5. 5. Heriberto Sedeno Studied At The Alliance FrancaiseWhile waiting for his exit permit from the Cuban government toimmigrate to the USA, Dr. Sedeno from 1961 to 1962 attendedthe Alliance Francaise de La Habana, where he becameconversant in French. Prior to this, at the Havana BusinessAcademy, Heriberto Sedeno became proficient in English.
  6. 6. Heriberto Sedeno Emigrated To USA In 1961, the Castro communist regime began to apply drasticmeasures like the abolition of private education. Academia PitmanCastro’s regime took away Academia Pitman from its rightfulowners. This school and other private schools were taken over bythe regime to impart its communist ideology to the Cuban youth.Due to the disillusionment with the changes occurring in Cuba,Heriberto Sedeno chose to leave his country and immigrate toUSA in order to continue his studies unimpaired by communistpropaganda. He left Cuba on October 2, 1962 looking for freedomand begin a new life in USA.