Social CRM 2012 Frankfurt - SPARDA International


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Case Study: How Social Apps innovate CRM in Banking and Financial Services

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Social CRM 2012 Frankfurt - SPARDA International

  1. 1. How Social Apps innovate CRMin Banking and Financial ServicesSocial CRM 2012 ConferenceFrankfurt, 11.6.2012Speakers:Click to add textMarcus EurskensManaging Director | SPARDA International MünchenHerbert WaggerManaging Director | INTRANET Software & Consulting GmbH© 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  2. 2. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarAgenda■ Introduction■ Project „safebook / i-Bank“ at SPARDA International Munich■ Concept of Social Apps For Enterprises (safebook)■ Live-Demo■ Q&A | © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  3. 3. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook Calendar SPARDA International Profil Auswahl aus unserem Anlageuniversum Bahnhofplatz Nymphenburger Str. 77 A-9500 Villach D-80636 München Gemeinschaftsunternehmen der Sparda-Banken München eG & Villach/Innsbruck reg. Gen.m.b.H.Auswahl unserer Kooperationspartner Unternehmensprofil • Gründung 1999 • Vermittlung von Versicherungs- und Vorsorgelösungen, Kapitalanlagen, untern. Beteiligungen und alternativer Investments • angestellte Mitarbeiter, keine selbständigen Handelsvertreter • Geschäftsgebiet Oberbayern und Österreich • ca. 29.000 Kundenverbindungen | © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  4. 4. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook Calendar INTRANET Software & Consulting GmbH LAKESIDE B01, A-9020 Klagenfurt Tel. +43(0) 4229 3900 Firmenprofil • Founded 1997 • Independent Software Vendor • Markets: Banks, Insurance, SMB • 35 Installations, > 10.000 user • Business partner in Germany (hedersoft) | © 2012 INTRANET GmbHXpages Social Enabler, Bamberg, 9.11.2011
  5. 5. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarINTRANET over the last years New Technology 2000 2004 2008 2009 2011 2013Integrated Frontend for Banking, Insurance, Web 2.0 Web 3.0 SMB 5| © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  6. 6. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook Calendar ZieleProject „safebook/i-Bank“ at SPARDA International■ Reduzierung des Verwaltungsaufwands. ( Personalaufwand)■ Potentialerkennung ( Ertragssteigerung gesamt und pro Kunde)■ Reduzierung der „ 1 Produkt-Kunden“. ( erhöhte Kundenbindung zum Unternehmen)■ „Know your customer“ Prinzip ( Anti-Attrition, erhöhte Kundenbindung, Umsatzsteigerung) | © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  7. 7. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook Calendar NutzenProject „safebook/i-Bank“ at SPARDA International■ Empfehlungskunden durch Verbesserung der Bestandskundenbetreuung■ Umsatzsteigerung durch zufriedene Kunden■ Effektivere Bearbeitung von Reklamationen (geringere Risiken)■ Verbesserte Produktauswahl und Produktfocussierung möglich■ Verbesserte Kunden- und Beraterzuordnung■ Weniger Papier / Druck■ Bessere interne und externe Kommunikation möglich■ Effektivere Kundenselektion | © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  8. 8. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook Calendar VorteileProject „safebook/i-Bank“ at SPARDA International■ Übersichtlichkeit, Effektivität, Unkompliziert,■ Mitarbeiter kennen Social Media, dadurch keine Berührungsängste – ganz im Gegenteil■ Social Media ist die Zukunft. Kein uns bekanntes Programm baut so intensiv darauf auf.■ ausbaufähig | © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  9. 9. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarConcept of Social Apps For Enterprises (safebook) Watch out this Prezi 9| © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  10. 10. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook Calendar“Safebook” brings the Best of the Consumer Web toBanking Business Selling experience Analytics Recommender Engine Social Networking Genius Tagging, Rating, Real Time conversation, Subscription micro blogging Everyone can contribute User Experience with his knowledge „sexy UI“ | © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  11. 11. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarThe Benefits of a Social Intranet Source: | © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  12. 12. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarLive-Demo Social CRM 360ƒ CRM- and social view > Produpedia SalesWiki, Rating, Tagging, … > i-Tweet Micro Blogging & Activity Stream > Social Enabler, XNames Lotus Connections, Dropbox, Facebook > Social Analytics Email, Calendar, i -Tweets > 12| © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  13. 13. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarResources and Links■ Case Study: How Social Apps Innovate CRM in Banking and Financial Services■ Adding social and mobile access capabilities to CRM increases productivity of sales people by 26.4 percent■ Social Apps For Enterprises: „Safe, Social, Sexy“■ Herbert Wagger‘s Blog | © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  14. 14. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarQ&A Marcus Eurskens Herbert Wagger @HerbertWagger 14| © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  15. 15. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook Calendar Backup Slides | © 2012 INTRANET
  16. 16. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarThe World has changed 2000 2012 Desktop Smartphone/Tablet Pull Push Click Touch i-Bank® Tabs Feeds i-Bank® 2.0 Location unknown „location aware“ eBusiness Cloud „online gehen“ „always connected“ Programm-CD Apps | © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  17. 17. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarSocial CRM (1)■ Purchase Probability (Amazon)■ 360 degree customer view, profiling, segmentation, products, financial status, ...■ Social Client acquisition (Campaigns, Opportunity Management, Contact Management)■ “Follow” a Customer and get posted via Activity Stream■ Advisory functions, Financial Planning (As-is analysis, szenarios, calculations, tools)■ Sales planning/monitoring and controlling 17| © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  18. 18. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarSocial CRM - 360° view on customer incl. social view■ i-Tweets from inside the organisation■ Social Profiles & Conversations (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, ...)■ Cross selling potential■ Opportunity Management■ Activity Management■ Appointments, ToDo‘s, e-mail 18| © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  19. 19. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarProdupedia – the SalesWiki■ Wikipedia concept, everyone can contribute with his knowledge■ Product Knowledge Base, Terms & Conditions, Highlights, add-on Products, ...■ Best Practice in sales, tactics, sales arguments■ Cloud Tags, Product Finder■ Comments, Ratings, Tagging■ Top Charts, Whats New, Popular, ...■ Blogs■ Microblogging, publish feeds into i-Tweet 19| © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  20. 20. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook Calendar“i-Tweet”, internal wall, micro blogging, info-push■ Integrate People, Content and Applications■ Follow colleagues or experts across the organisation■ Follow campaigns, loan applications, hot customer cases etc.■ Social Product Livecycle, involve Product Managers, Marketing, Sales, Legal, Sales Rep. in a feedback-loop.■ i-Bank or external systems start talking to you via the live-feed and status updates.■ Comments, Like, Share, Tagging 20| © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  21. 21. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook Calendar“XNames”, Social Address Book, Communities, ...■ Connect with and „follow“ colleagues, groups and specialists inside the Intranet and share information, ideas and knowledge■ Existing groups from the Domino Directory can be used for posting information (similar to Google+ circles)■ ad-hoc groups can be build and joined to work on certain business cases inside i-Bank■ XNames is used inside safebook/i-Bank. Profiles from Lotus Connections can interface. 21| © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  22. 22. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarEnterprise AppStore■ Engage the user community, rather than merely listing applications.■ Embrace agile methods to regularly deploy new functionality.■ Apply application intelligence, combined with DevOps disciplines, to improve the apps over time.■ Mesure developer success through consumption and application intelligence feedback, rather than mere productivity or project completion. 22| © 2012 INTRANET GmbH
  23. 23. Safebook. i-Bank Safebook CalendarSocial Analytics (mail, calendar, i-Tweets)■ Email Ranking to find the top contacts internally and externally as well as e-mails from customers.■ Tag Searching to analyse popular subjects or terms, presented in a tag cloud.■ Mail statistics: mails send/received, did people respond to you, did you answer e-mails, busiest day in the week, etc.■ Analytics on calendar: number of meetings, how much time spent, Participants ranking, where, main subjects, ... 23| © 2012 INTRANET GmbH