Case Study: Social Business and consumerization in Banking


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How to improve cross-selling through social collaboration and features we only know from the consumer web.

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Case Study: Social Business and consumerization in Banking

  1. 1. Case StudyIBM Software BankingSPARDA International GmbH is a financial services provider for retailcustomers in Germany and Austria. Located in Munich, SPARDA is a jointventure of Sparda Bank Munich in Germany and Sparda Bank Villach/Innsbruck in Austria. SPARDA’s business is based on providing financialservices through bank branches, mobile sales and alternative channels.Lack of collaboration limits efficiency andcross-sellingTools for collaboration are especially important for geographically separatedfirms such as SPARDA, a joint venture of two banks in two countries.Because the main tool for collaboration was email it was difficult for staff toshare sales processes, product knowledge and customer information. Manycustomers were one-product buyers, which could change if SPARDA couldidentify unmet customer needs and close opportunities for up-selling andcross-selling.A CRM solution to improve collaborationThis led SPARDA to seek a CRM solution to transform its marketing andsales processes while adding collaboration and social capabilities. SPARDAsought help from IBM Business Partner INTRANET Software &Consulting GmbH, which implemented its Safebook software to improvecustomer relationship management and online and mobile collaboration.Safebook was developed using IBM Lotus Domino®Designer 8.5 softwarewith its XPages Web development framework, a tool for rapid developmentand deployment of collaboration and workflow-driven business applicationsthat delivers Web 2.0 experiences. For security’s sake, SPARDA deployedSafebook in a private cloud configuration implemented with IBM X WorkServer software, an application server that also uses XPages technology.Safebook’s aim is to optimize SPARDA’s communications and workflowprocesses in marketing, sales and service. Drawing from nine databasesat SPARDA, the software promotes information sharing and collaborationamong the employees, customers and partners and can be used to managecustomers, sales accounts and product lines.SPARDA Internationalimproves cross-sellingthrough social collaborationOverviewLimited cross-sellingSPARDA struggled to share processesand knowledge among staff and neededto understand customers better to improvecross-selling.CRM with social capabilitiesSafebook software from an IBM BusinessPartnerandIBMLotussoftwarewithXPagesimproved processes and collaboration onboth Web and mobile platforms.Higher efficiency, more cross-salesSocial networking and Web 2.0 capabilitiesimproved staff collaboration while morecustomer knowledge increased revenuefromcross-sales.Solution ComponentsSoftware• IBM®Lotus®Domino®Designer 8.5• IBM XWork Server• Safebook from INTRANET Software& Consulting GmbHBusiness Partner• INTRANET Software & Consulting GmbHHigh resolution logo here
  2. 2. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2013IBM CorporationSoftware GroupRoute 100Somers, NY 10589Produced in the United States of AmericaMarch 2013IBM, the IBM logo,, Lotus and Domino are trademarksof International Business Machines Corp., registered in manyjurisdictions worldwide. Other product and service names mightbe trademarks of IBM or other companies. A current list of IBMtrademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademarkinformation” at document is current as of the initial date of publicationand may be changed by IBM at any time. Not all offerings areavailable in every country in which IBM operates.THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT ISPROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY,EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT ANYWARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESSFOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ANY WARRANTYOR CONDITION OF NON-INFRINGEMENT. IBMproducts are warranted according to the terms and conditionsof the agreements under which they are provided. Safebook isnot an IBM product or offering. Safebook is sold or licensed,as the case may be, to users under INTRANET Software andConsulting GmbH’s terms and conditions, which are providedwith the product or offering. Availability, and any and allwarranties, services and support for Safebook is the directresponsibility of, and is provided directly to users by,INTRANET Software & Consulting GmbH.LOC14342-USEN-00Social networking features of Safebook used at SPARDA include:• iTweet, a Twitter-like feed for sharing information about customers,products and business processes• Produpedia, an internal sales wiki for sharing best practices andknowledge among SPARDA’s sales team• Customer View, which displays customer personality profiles, thatprovide insights to help sales staff and service representatives bemore effectiveAdditionally, a recommender engine for cross-selling shows SPARDA’scustomers what others have bought that might interest them.In the future, SPARDA could enhance the social capabilities by integratingSafebook with IBM Connections social software, a simple task thanks tocapabilities provided by Lotus Domino Designer with XPages technology.Improved customer knowledge drivescross-sales growthSafebook helped SPARDA achieve the following business benefits:• Improved communication that helped staff better understand oneanother, their mutual customers and the products• Enhanced customer service through greater knowledge of eachcustomer’s products, needs and service histories• Increased revenue because deeper knowledge led to more efficientcross-selling and up-sellingFor more informationTo learn more about IBM Lotus Domino Designer and IBM XWorkServer software, please contact your IBM marketing representative orIBM Business Partner, or visit these Recycle“Our suite of social CRM tools improved internalcreativity, efficiency, information sharing andcollaboration. In addition to helping with productmanagement and sales and marketing, socialsoftware improved customer service.”— Marcus Eurskens, managing director, SPARDA International GmbH