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What Is Air soft?


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What Is Air soft?

  1. 1. H o A i m e r s o f A I t G r e n a d e C o n d o r t a c t i c a R S A Oi F r S n i s T o p e fA t r T A h a W C S t s o f t ? I s l What Is Air soft? PHYLLIS HOLLAND Every little boy’s first toy is a gun. No matter what country he may have grown up in and no matter which town. Every boy has a gun as his first ‘real’ toy and loves it to bits. What is Airsoft? Airsoft is an organized game in which a bunch of people just get together; use their mean machines to have some fun. It can be used for day events like a day out with school buddies or an evening stress buster event with colleagues. It involves great participation, loads of action and fun all packed in together for a whirlwind of a time. The best part of Air soft is that it’s not only a boy’s game but can have a healthy contribution by girls as well. There are no well defined rules as to how one has to play, it’s his game and he does what he wants to do. How To Have Maximum Fun? Wondering what is Airsoft, how is it played? Air soft can either be played individually or as a part of some team. One needs to eliminate other people of a team while trying hard to stay in the game as long as possible. The best way to enjoy this activity is to allow maximum participation from people so as to enhance the fun factor. It’s best to have people of different builds and innate strength to make this activity exciting. All adrenaline junkies will undoubtedly love this adventure as this will give them the opportunity to experience a hair raising, fast paced and action packed event all in a pan of couple of hours without investing in a lot of money and effort. Why one just can’t miss Air soft? So anyone who has had a hard day at work, or may be a hands on mommy who is tired of household chores all need some time off from the mundane rigmaroles of their everyday life. Anyone looking for some simulated battle like environment where he/she can just vent out all the emotions; be it good, bad or ugly Air soft is the right kind of adventure for them. The best part is that one doesn’t need any formal training or any sort of prior knowledge of this enjoy a good game. All one needs is some zest and zeal to over ride one’s opponents which will in turn give a sense of achievement. This is one place where no one is judged, where no one is expected to conform to a certain set of rules. This is one event that just lets one be a true sport and helps one unleash the hidden aggression. So all those who need some rush or may be just a awesome time with friends have to just hop, skip and run to the nearest place offering a game of Air soft. So finally we all get to know what is Airsoft . It’s all that one has seen in the movies and read in the comic books. The time has come to actually live it in the best possible way with some help from experts. So none should wait at home and be couch potatoes. It’s time for some real fun. Here are the findings!!! A i
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