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Paladin - Family Advocacy for Alzheimer's Disease


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What I can't do, WE CAN DO!

How can I care for my loved one? What resources are available? How can I find what I need to help me care for my loved one? What next?

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Paladin - Family Advocacy for Alzheimer's Disease

  1. 1. browse learn create Sign Up search by title Log In Paladin - Family Advocacy for Alzheimer's Disease As a group of authors we have created & will provide a memory advocacy resource package for family members of all ages coping with Alzheimer's Disease. Health – Browervile, Minnesota, United States Campaign Home Updates / 0 Comments / 3 Funders / 4 Gallery / 4 $165 USD Raised of $29,000 Goal 40 days left CONTRIBUTE NOW ▶ Flexible Funding This campaign w ill receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. Funding duration: November 11, 2013 - December 31, 2013 (11:59pm PT). Share This Campaign: Like 63 Tw eet 1 Follow EMBED EMAIL Select a Perk for your contribution $1 USD It's not about the PERK "Paladin" - Family Advocacy for Alzheimer's Disease What I can't do, WE CAN DO! How can I care for my loved one? What resources are available? How can I find what I need to help me care for my loved one? What next? When individuals are faced with the diagnosis that a family member has any form of dementia they are overwhelmed with questions. With Alzheimer's disease cases mushrooming in numbers, we felt an advocacy packet to distribute upon diagnosis is long overdue. Resources are available, however, not always readily accessible. Our goal is to help make resources more readily accessible to family members of all ages. Our objective is to provide an information packet to help families cope with the challenges of Alzheimer's Disease and to help the diagnosed individual. This packet does both, helps the families and their loved one; the family members will get much needed support which will help them become better care-givers. The knowledge and insight shared in this packet helps by providing more skills to deal with the problems that arise and more understanding of how this illness impacts their loved one. These skills and understanding will go a long way toward easing the devastation of the journey for everyone involved. As a group of authors we have each been impacted by the devastation of Alzheimer's Disease. We have come together with our respective books and unique experiences to offer support and resources that we could not find when we first started on our respective journeys. Our own experience has been there is a gap between books that are too clinical and sometimes depressing or written for medical professionals compared to hands-on, experiential, positive books that can connect lay people with professionals. It is our mission to fill that gap. Our heartfelt appreciation and the wonderful feeling you get knowing you are helping families in their time of need! THANK YOU! 0 out of 10000 claimed $5 USD Every donation helps Our heartfelt appreciation and the wonderful feeling you get knowing you are helping families in their time of need! THANK YOU! 0 out of 5000 claimed $20 USD Christmas Twice A Year Poem by Alexandra Faer Bryan and our heartfelt appreciation. THANK YOU! 1 out of 200 claimed $25 USD
  2. 2. Dad's Eagle Tree We are working together to provide information about organizations and resources to families coping with the challenges of a loved one's Alzheimer's Disease. One of our goals is to make this package available nationwide. Our "Paladin" packet will include our respective books, a list of resources in our booklet, " Dementia Resource List for Paladin - A Family Advocacy Packet" including information to access state specific Living Wills and or Advance Directive information to aid people when they are initially overwhelmed with this devastating diagnosis as well as support them on their journey through this disease. We will create a website which will be linked to our websites making available an electronic version of "Paladin" and links to other books and websites we believe are excellent resources. We will also have contact information available to get hard copy packages available for those who do not use the internet. People suffering from Alzheimer's Disease are often helped by focusing on a comfortable life experience such as coloring, painting, creating, singing, and listening to music.Our packet will include an activity type book, such as a coloring book for people of all ages, as we have found pleasant distractions are necessary for family members of all ages. It’s been our experience there are not enough resources for children over the age of 6 or for adult family members and caregivers. Our mission is to fill this gap as a package resource for families as well as a resource for memory care advocates to provide interactive tools for their clients and patient families. Our "tag line" is a quote from a disabled Veteran who through the support of other Veterans learned, "What I can't do, WE can do"! Budget: $29,000.00 Goal includes expenses as approximated. Non-profit status will be applied for upon successful fundraising campaign. Approximate Expenses: Initial packet materials for number of packets (purchased from respective authors and participants at wholesale rates) to be determined by funds raised @ $50.00 per packet with the initial goal of 200 packets = $10,000.00; Design website: $5,000.00; Web Maintenance 2 Years - $4,000.00; Outreach/Marketing: Approximately 80 hours at $150.00 = $5,000.00; Miscellaneous Expenses, mailing materials, stationary supplies, communications, mileage, etc. - $5,000.00 Immediate/Short Term Goals: We hope to create as many packets as possible and get them in the hands of the families dealing with Alzheimer's Disease as soon as possible. Long Range Goals: We have several long range goals including, but not limited to, continued fundraising which will allow us to provide our packet to families and individuals/caregivers at little or no expense long term. We will strive to continually update the packet as new research is done and new resources become available. And it is our intent to continue this project until a cure for Alzheimer's Disease is found. Inspiration Our collective inspiration has been how Alzheimer's disease and dementia has engulfed our lives and the lives of our extended families. Each of our experiences were unique but the one thing we all had in common was seeing a need to help all families be better informed, prepared and enlightened when this affliction enters the door. Alexandra's mom's entire family; siblings and father, were/are impacted by dementia so this is an issue that hits right in her home. But the inspiration to write her book, "Green Kitty" came one day when she was working in assisted living. There was this wonderful feisty little lady who loved to tell about the time that she kissed Elvis Presley. She always ended the story by saying that he would still be alive if he had married her! But one day her 10 year old granddaughter came to visit and she was having a bad memory day. The poor old woman repeated herself several times and asked the same question more than once to her granddaughter. The young girl then rudely and loudly said "Grandma- you've already said that three times." The sweet grandmother's face just fell. Alexandra could see from across the room the woman's feelings had been hurt and remembers thinking to herself, "Someone ought to have told that young girl what was going on with her grandmother, what to expect and how to react to it." Signed Copy of the original photograph of "Dad's Eagle Tree" and our heartfelt appreciation. THANK YOU! 2 out of 25 claimed $50 USD Donor's Choice Autographed copy. Your Choice of one of our books: Staying Afloat of a Sea of Forgetfulness; His Name Was Merle - Our Journey Through Alzheimer's Disease; Green Kitty and our heartfelt appreciation. THANK YOU! 0 out of 25 claimed $500 USD Dinner or Skype Option 1: Dinner for two with one of the project creators within a 50 mile radius of our home (or travel at your own expense) and our heartfelt appreciation for your support. Option 2: A "Skype" Conversation with a founding team member and our heartfelt appreciation. THANK YOU! 0 out of 25 claimed $1,000 USD Dedicated Giver Contributors of $1,000.00 will, with your permission, be included and remembered on the dedication page of our Resource booklet with great appreciation. If you prefer not to be recognized in print, a SKYPE conversation with one of the project creators is an alternate option. THANK YOU! 0 out of 25 claimed $10,000 USD Complete Packet In addition to being recognized on our Dedication Page of the resource booklet, we will provide you a complete Advocacy Packet to distribute in your area including our resource list, and heartfelt appreciation for providing help to many. THANK YOU! 0 out of 3 claimed That’s what made her decide to use her collection of amusing animal stories to write a book that would help children ages 8-12 have a better understanding of dementia. Do you think this c ampaign c ontains prohibited c ontent?
  3. 3. Let us know. His Name Was Merle - Our Journey Through Alzheimer's Disease "His Name Was Merle-" Our Journey through Alzheimer's Disease" by Lynda Jane Olander Converse. While everyone's journey is unique, there are common threads we experience and as we share our experiences and solutions we will be helpful to one another until there is a cure for this dread disease. This book is a loving tribute to our family and especially, my dad. It is also a resource as I hope you gain from our experiences and find the hope, courage and comfort in these pages to help you in some small way as you travel this path minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. How does it help people live well: Alzheimer’s disease hits many families, leaving them clinging to memories and unsure of the future. "In His Name Was Merle - Our Journey through Alzheimer’s disease", I present, through our story, information you may be wondering about or have not considered. This includes: • Care questions you will face early on: Can your loved one be cared for at home? How do you know when it is time to consider moving your loved one to a specialized facility? • Issues faced by the primary caregiver. • Emotional needs of the primary caregiver: What should your family consider when deciding on the best care options for your loved one? • Emotions, including guilt or anxiety, over decisions related to the care and treatment of your loved one. • Questions to consider when faced with tough end-of-life discussions. • Coping methods and ideas. Staying Alive In A Sea of Forgetfulness "Staying Alive in a Sea of Forgetfulness"- An especially important part of this advocacy project is to connect family members and caregivers in a way that makes a better life for the person with dementia. Gary Joseph LeBlanc's book, "Staying Afloat in a Sea of Forgetfulness" is an especially valuable resource on this subject and is also included in this package. Gary Joseph LeBlanc , is the author of “Staying Afloat in a Sea of Forgetfulness,” and co- author of “While I Still Can.” He is also, a weekly columnist of “Common Sense Care-giving” published in the Tampa Tribune and Hernando Today and many other health publications. His writings and speaking events utilize his 3,000 plus days and nights of personal care-giving experience while taking care of his father to help other Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers cope with the everyday challenges and emotional struggles of caring for the memory-impaired. LeBlanc is founder of the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Hospital Wristband Project, currently being piloted at Brooksville Regional Hospital in Hernando County, Florida. The goal is to have a special wristband placed on patients with dementia and symbol placed on the doorway when a hospital admission is required so that all healthcare providers are aware of the unique needs of these individuals.
  4. 4. Green Kitty "Green Kitty" is going to be included in this advocacy packet in addition to "His Name Was Merle" and "Staying Afloat In A Sea of Forgetfulness" and other resources for people whose families who have been impacted by Alzheimer's disease. "Green Kitty" teaches compassion and inter-generational togetherness. It was written by Alexandra Faer Bryan, R.N., to help reduce the stress associated with this devastating illness and to show that people with this diagnosis still have value to their families. People in nursing homes and assisted living are often lonely and are not visited enough. "Green Kitty" encourages more visits between families. The work prepares children for the changes that will occur in their grandparents or loved ones who have this diagnosis. It also promotes the need for charity and community service.The book is about a grandmother being visited by her grandchild and revolves around entertaining stories as told by the grandmother. Helpful information and suggestions about dementia and Alzheimer's disease were woven into the story line in such a way as to not be overwhelming. "Dementia Resource List for Paladin - A Memory Advocacy Packet for Families": This resource list was created through research by all the "Paladin" project participants and developed by Alexandra Faer Bryan to be included in the packet. It provides book lists, links to other helpful websites and blogs and a brief overview of many concerns and potential complications that families might incur. Dad's Eagle Tree Original Photograph by LJC Merle's Family Dad's Eagle Tree - Original Oil Painting by LJC Also Find This Campaign On: Facebook Twitter Website Caregivin... Green Kit... Team on This Campaign: Lynda Converse Judy Hanson Producer/Organizer editor/co-organizer Help make it happen for the team! Contribute to Paladin - Family Advocacy for Alzheimer's Disease. Learn More about Indiegogo About Us Why Indiegogo? Features Pricing FAQ Get Help Press Careers CONTRIBUTE NOW ▶ Sign Up for Indiegogo News enter email Select Your Language English
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