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Weight Loss Management Juice


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Weight Loss Management Juice

  2. 2. Product Description Herbal Hills Trimohills Juice Ingredient : Orange peel extract, Vrikshamla, Green tea, Triphala, Aloevera Aloevera is considered to be a natural storehouse. It acts as a immune booster, anti oxidant, it stimulates the metabolic rate. Triphala helps to detoxify and cleanse the body. It helps regulate digestion and maetabolic function. Garcinia cambogia acts as a natural appetite suppressor and aid weight loss. Orange peel extract helps improve the body metabolism. Green tea acts as an anti-oxidant and helps to speed up metabolism. Directions: Take 30 ml Juice mixed with 100 ml water or fruit juice or have it plain Caution : Pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume herbal products under the advice of the Physician. Presentation 500 ml Juice, available in Pet bottle 2
  3. 3.  What is Herbal Hills Trimohills Juice ? It is a quality product containing the following S.N Botanical Name 1. Citrus retuculata Orange Peel Extract Fruits 2 Garcinia indica Vrikshamla Fruits 3 Carmellia sinensis Green Tea Leaves 4 Terminalia belerica Termminalia chebula Emblica -officinalis Triphala Churna (Equal parts of Baheda, Harde & Amla) Fruits Aloe vera Whole leaves Orange Peel Extract Fruits 5 Aloe indica 6 Citrus retuculata  Garcinia Cambogia Vitamin C Tannins Aloins Vernacular name Part Used Flavonoids Polyphenols Calcium 3
  4. 4.  Why Trimohills Juice? Trimohills Juice contains the following herbs which aids in weight loss  Orange Peel offers many benefits, particularly for weight loss. It has been shown to suppress appetite and increase metabolism, without the dangerous side effects of ephedrine. It also provides an energy boost. .  Vrikshamla (Garcinia Combogia): Due to its specific properties it reduces conversion and accumulation of fat in the body. It control appetite and helps in effective digestion. Hydroxy Citric Acid present in Garcinia cambogia suppresses the fatty acid synthesis, lypogenesis, food intake and induced weight loss.  Green Tea It accelerates the process of weight loss because it contains an ingredient called polyphenols which effectively dissolves the triglyceride deposits in the body. . Triphala It is highly recommended in obese patients. Due to its properties it is helpful in reducing the fat amount in the body. It targets the adipose cells that are responsible for the deposition of fats in the body.  Aloe Vera It stimulates the metabolic rate, due to which more energy is consumed. This helps in stabilizing and reducing the body mass index. The energy which is burned is taken from the fats and carbohydrates stored in the body. It is said that drinking aloe vera juice through the week is equivalent to multiple workouts done through the week.
  5. 5. Technical Explanation of Trimohills Juice with References 10
  6. 6. 1) PHYTOCONSTITUENTS of Orange Peel extract…. • Flavonoids, including limonene, hesperidin, neohesperidin, naringin, and tangaretin 2) PHARMOCOLOGICAL PROPERTIES of Orange Peel extract…. • Orally, bitter orange peel is used as an appetite stimulant and for dyspepsia. Bitter orange fruit and peel are also used orally for weight loss, increasing lean body mass, body building, improving athletic performance, nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). One of the unique features of Bitter Orange Peel extract is the effect is has on your appetite. Containing tyramine and octopamine, studies show that it helps you feel full on fewer calories. 24
  7. 7. 1) PHYTOCONSTITUENTS of Vrikshamla (Garcinia Combogia)…. • • • • • • The chemical constituents present in Garcinia Cambogia/indica (Malabar Tamarind) are: ( - ) Hydroxy citric Acid ( - ) Hydroxy citric acid lactone Garcinol Isogarcinol Cyanidin -3- sambubioside 2) PHARMOCOLOGICAL PROPERTIES of Vrikshamla… • Extensive studies on animals shows that Hydroxy Citric Acid present in Garcinia cambogia/indica suppresses the fatty acid synthesis, lypogenesis, food intake and induced weight loss. Invitro studies revealed inhibitions of fatty acid synthesis and lypogenesis from various precursors. The success of ( - ) hydroxycitric acid in promoting loss of body fat is linked to its relationship with lyase. 24
  8. 8. 1) PHYTOCONSTITUENTS of Green Tea…. • The active constituents in Green Tea are Polyphenols ( Catechins and flavonols). Other constituents are caffeine and essential oil. 2) PHARMOCOLOGICAL PROPERTIES of Green Tea… • The polyphenols in Green Tea are catechins, with multiple linked ring. The dominant & most important catechin in Green Tea is (-) Epigallocatechin gallate ( EGCG) a potent anti-oxidant. Green tea catechins (GTC) can influence sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity and therefore promoting energy expenditure and then consequently triggering the oxidation of body fat. Other mechanisms of action include alterations in satiety, decreased nutrient absorption in the gut, and also activation of enzymes involved in hepatic fat oxidation.4 Some enzymes that were found to be linked on its fat burning properties are catechol-O-methyltransferase, acetyl-CoA carboxylase, and fatty acid synthase.5 Moreover, the SNS participates in the regulation of lipolysis, and the sympathetic innervation of white adipose tissue may take part in an crucial role in the regulation of total body fat, in general.6 To date, this multimodal approach had been a more credible explanation to the fat burning process.5 24
  9. 9. 1) About Triphala • • The combination of three fruits namely ‘Harde (Chebulic myrobalan), ‘Amla' (Indian Gooseberry) and ‘Baheda (Belleric myrobalan) is useful in removing fats from the body. It corrects the liver metabolism in the liver and helps the body in removing fat deposits. Major Phytoconstituents: Vit. C, Gallic acid (Tannins) and Quercetin from E. Officinalis; Chebulagic, Chebulinic acid and Corilagin from T. Chebula and Sitosterol and Bellericanin from T. Belerica. • It gives nutrition to the whole body and eliminates the toxins from within the body. • People suffering from acute obesity are also naturally affected by blocking of the internal organs that help in eliminating food wastes and toxins from the body. In other words, critical portliness also has an effect on vital organs such as the liver as well as functions like bowels. According to the findings of a latest molecular study, triphala has been effectively used in treating obesity traditionally. Meanwhile, scientists at the BRA Centre for Biomedical Research of Delhi University in India have discovered that the dynamic molecules in triphala attach to the cellular receptor fro CCK or cholecystokinin. CCK is basically a satiety (a condition of being satiated) hormone and is released by the body to specify that an individual is full. It expresses the desire to limit further food intake, as after completing a satisfying meal. In addition cholecystokinin is also quick to respond to fat. Maintains healthy cholesterol levels, Supports proper weight management, Maintains healthy digestion and absorption, Removes deep-seated toxins from the tissues. 24 •
  10. 10. 1) PHYTOCONSTITUENTS of Aloe vera…. • Phytoconstituents consist of Aloe-emodin, Aloin, Aloeresins, Chrysophanol, Tannins glucomannan, anthrones, Lectins and bradykinase (A protease inhibitor) 2) PHARMOCOLOGICAL PROPERTIES of Aloe vera… • Immunomodulator, increases motility of intestine, ameliorates SGPT levels in chronic hepatitis & also effective in viral hepatitis. Heals wounds faster. Reduces bleeding during menstruation. Excellent moisturizer in cosmetic products. 24
  11. 11.  Growing condition of herbs at Herbal Hills International Quality standards adhered to give the best quality of Karela & Jamun. Location: In the POLLUTION FREE Sahyadri Mountain range in Lonavala, Maharashtra, India. Water : Filtered water used for cultivation is sourced from Indrayani River. Soil : Fertility of the Soil is maintained though the usage Organic Inputs, Vermicompost, Biofertilisers, produced inhouse Production Ancient knowledge with modern cultivation is practiced in soil conditioning, seed treatment, sowing & harvesting to get best results. Method of growing: Outdoor 11
  12. 12.  Manufacturing Process of Trimohills Juice at Herbal Hills A. Aloe Vera pulp received is sent to the QC for checking. B. After approval from the QC, the pulp is transferred to a jacketed vessel and is continuously stirred. C. Add Garcinia, Orange Peel extract, Green Tea, Triphala and continue stirring. Heat upto 100o for 2 hours. D. Start cooling to 50⁰C. Add preservative. E. Continue cooling to 35⁰. Filter through Filter press. F. Sample is sent to the QC for analysis. G. After approval from the QC dept., the juice is forwarded to the packing dept. for packing in sale pack bottles. 12
  13. 13.  Finished Product Specification of Herbal Hills Trimohills Juice Sr. No. Tests Specification 1. Description Fibrous Brown yellowish liquid 2. pH ( !% Suspension) 3.5 to 4.5 Heavy Metals : 3. Arsenic (As) NMT 10 ppm 4. Lead (Pb) NMT 10 ppm 5. Mercury (Hg) NMT 1 ppm 6. Cadmium (Cd) NMT 0.3 ppm Microbiological Analysis 7. Total Microbial Count: NMT 1000 Cfu / ml 8. Yeast / Mould: NMT 100 Cfu / ml 9. Coliforms Absent 10. Escherichia coli: Absent 11 Salmonella Absent 29
  14. 14. Benefits of Trimohills Juice  Helps improving the body metabolism  Natural appetite suppressor & acts as antioxidant  It stimulates the metabolic rate  Immunity booster  Helps in detoxifying & cleanse body  Helps in weight Management 30