Herb Chambers eCRM Dealer Of The Year 2010


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Herb Chambers eCRM Dealer Of The Year 2010

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Herb Chambers eCRM Dealer Of The Year 2010

  1. 1. Check out the AutoSuccess Best of the Best Companies for NADA 2008 Volume 6 • Issue 7 HerbChambers.com Tasca.com FrankKent.com Sheehy.com ModernAutomotive.com DickHannah.com MossBrosAutoGroup.com DaveSmith.com ParagonCars.com Walser.com
  2. 2. Herb Chambers Companies No. 1 Dealer Uses Internet to Sell over 1,100 Online Vehicles! What drives Herb Chambers’ suc- cess? The truth is that the name Herb Chambers is synonymous with success. When it comes to running his business, Herb Cham- bers strongly believes that a service-oriented culture is the key to success, from his employees, right down to the customer. The In- ternet has played a vital role in “With our fully measurable and automated system, we are continually service of customers as the Chambers leg- improving and fine-tuning our processes to improve our results and acy continues to expand to, at last count, increase ROI.” - Herb Chambers 42 dealerships across New England—from Jeep Wrangler to Rolls Royce—generating the implementation of centralized processes Customer satisfaction is what it’s all about. over $1.8 billion dollars in sales last year. for the growing number of rooftops in the Another concept that is key to the success Chambers enterprise. The highly trained of the Group is the Herb Chambers’ “I don’t want my sales people to sell cars; BDC specialists are generating exceptional philosophy that “happy employees create I want them to help people buy cars,” results through quick responses to customer happy customers.” The leading automotive explains Chambers. With that philosophy inquiries and fine-tuned processes for group has one of the lowest turnovers in in mind, and the right technology partner, handling incoming leads. “Our E-Commerce the nation, and is well-known for providing Herb Chambers leverages the cutting-edge team holds regular meetings to review excellent training, employee benefits, technology of an innovative high-impact benchmarks and evaluate progress in order incentive bonuses, and first-name-basis Web site and media-enriched communication to find ways to fine-tune our processes. relationships with the living legacy himself, into all his dealerships to make good on Our customized reports detail everything Herb Chambers. As a result, the family at his commitment of providing the highest- including the leads by source, response The Herb Chambers Companies continues quality service to their customers. times, appointment percentages, show rates, to outsell the competition and build an closing ratios and cost per sale,” said Herb, ever-expanding base of loyal and satisfied One of the greatest assets at Herb Chambers whose constant support contributes to the customers. is the Business Development Center and ongoing success of the BDC. THE BOTTOM LINE • Herb Chambers is the No. 1 Dealer in New England. • HerbChambers.com generates 1,100 online units per month. • HerbChambers.com is a nationally acclaimed Award-Winning site. • eDealer & eCRM Dealer of the Year for five consecutive years. • The Herb Chambers Group has successfully implemented Herb Chambers centralized processes in all their dealerships. 9