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A Guide To Boilers & Heating Systems


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At Heppelthwaite, we understand that heating systems can be a complex thing

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A Guide To Boilers & Heating Systems

  1. 1. A GUIDE TO BOILERS The Basics of Household Boilers & Heating Systems
  2. 2. Conventional Boiler The conventional – or “traditional” boiler – is the standard heating appliance in many older homes. If you're using a traditional boiler, hot water will not be provided on demand. Instead, it must be stored in a large cylinder. The lack of electronics means that this is a simple and reliable option, but it is not the most energy-efficient boiler.
  3. 3. Combination Boiler Combination boilers provide your household taps with instantly hot water. This is because that water for the taps is source directly from the mains connection. With a combi boiler, there is no necessity for a storage tank, which saves significant space. Combi boilers provide the one source for hot water and heating, meaning that if they have trouble, the household can be left without both of these essentials.
  4. 4. Condensing Boilers This is a supremely efficient option for any home. Flue gases are reused to heat the cool water returning from the radiator system, which is then pumped back through. With a huge drive for green technology and fuel efficiency, condensing boilers are becoming more and more popular.
  5. 5. System Boilers System boilers are extremely convenient. Major system components are all included built-in to the main boiler. The pump, expansion vessel, air vent, and safety valve are all included, meaning that system boilers are an efficient use of space. It is easy to install, and easy to maintain.
  6. 6. Combi Storage Boilers Many would argue that this is the best option! Combination Storage boilers run by adding a tank to a standard combi boiler. This means that you can forget worries about the hot water running out. You can rely on a decent flow rate, with the ability to use different taps at the same time.
  7. 7. Call us! If you need to know any more about boilers and how we can help you with your plumbing and heating needs, give us a call on 01628 533 550. Visit our website at: