8 Common Boiler Problems - by Red Van Plumbers


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Heppelthwaite Red Van Plumbers look at some of the most common problems associated with boilers in the home and in the workplace. Water heating and radiator systems are prone to issues, so find out what could be affecting yours in this presentation: 8 Common Boiler Problems.

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8 Common Boiler Problems - by Red Van Plumbers

  1. 1. By Heppelthwaite Red Van Plumbers 8 COMMON BOILER PROBLEMS
  2. 2. Leaks can cause a loss of boiler pressure. So too can problems with the pressure relief valve or the expansion vessel. 1. PRESSURE LOSS
  3. 3. Kettling is caused by limescale being present on the heat exchange. In areas with hard water, rumbling noises and bubbles of heat will signify kettling. 2. KETTLING PROBLEMS
  4. 4. Strange sounds usually signify some kind of problem within the system. Kettling can create these noises, but air present in the system can also make this happen. 3. WEIRD SOUNDS!
  5. 5. We can all identify with the cold radiator problem! This could be due to blocked pipework or a defective pump. Your system might also need “bleeding”. 4. COLD RADIATORS
  6. 6. There is a number of reasons why your boiler might be leaking, including the wearing and corrosion of pipes. If your system is leaking, contact Heppelthwaite. 5. LEAKS
  7. 7. Electrical equipment can develop faults over time, and a boiler’s thermostat is no different. If it is reading the wrong temperatures, your system won’t be working efficiently. 6. FAULTY THERMOSTAT
  8. 8. Many of the issues in this list contribute to a non-functioning system, and therefore no not water or heating. Other potential reasons for lack of heat are air locks, blockages, and valve problems. 7. LACK OF HOT WATER & HEATING
  9. 9. With the UK winters becoming more harsh, the condensation pipes on boilers are more susceptible to snow and ice. 8. FROZEN PIPES
  10. 10. CALL THE PROFESSIONALS! If you need help with your plumbing or your boiler, get in touch with Heppelthwaite Red Van Plumbers today. www.RedVanPlumbers.co.uk 0845 872 4182