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Fall In 08 Round Three


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Fall In 08 Round Three

  1. 1. Fall-In ‘08 15mm Field of Glory Tournament Round Three Teutonic Knights vs. Early Successors
  2. 2. Hill Javelin Light Horse Elephants Javelin Light Horse Average Pike Light Foot Bowmen Light Foot Bowmen Medium Foot Spear Lancer Cavalry Lancer Cavalry Fortified Camp Elephants Crossbow Cavalry Superior Knights Camp Javelin Light Horse Javelin Light Horse Superior Knights Heavy Foot D. Spear Average Knight Superior Pike Skirmish/Elephant hunt The plan: skirmish against the pike and turn the flank. Medium Foot XB Field Field Skirmish
  3. 3. The enemy pike wall. There’s no way I’m charging my knights into this! There are elephants to the left of the pikes. Lancer cavalry to the right.
  4. 4. Nyah, nyah, you can’t catch us! I hope! My three units of light horse are unopposed on my right. They drive off the enemy light foot and then go after the elephants.
  5. 5. I put my mounted crossbow in a single line to skirmish against the pike wall. The pike will be frustrated by them most of the battle.
  6. 6. Enemy lancer cavalry have come out to drive off my mounted crossbow. Unfortunately my superior knights are ready for the intercept. Mercenary knights cut across the open field to join the mayhem. No fair! We’re the best mounted troops in the ancient world! Dude! It’s 1440 AD. Get with the times!
  7. 7. It’s going to take a long time, but my light horse and light foot will eventually take down one unit of elephants.
  8. 8. Medium foot offensive spear have pushed my mounted crossbow and light horse to a hill near my baseline. I’ll lose both units when the light horse refuse to stand and fight. Stand and fight by our sides, noble turcopoles! Sorry, things to do, places to go!
  9. 9. HOLY MOLY! Not again! The flight of the cavalry and light horse leaves my camp to be sacked for the third time in three games.
  10. 10. The silver shields have become isolated from the rest of the army. They are charged frontally by brother knights and in the flank by crossbowmen. I sure hope they call time soon!
  11. 11. After Action Report <ul><li>A 14-6 victory for my Teutonic Knights. Time ran out before I could break the Successor army. Avoiding a zillion pointy sticks takes time. </li></ul><ul><li>Jeff was seriously hampered by his army design. He had 36 stands of pike, but only one light cavalry unit. With a huge skirmish advantage I was able to control the pace of battle and turn the flank. </li></ul><ul><li>The successor lancer cavalry were helpless against the heavily armored knights of the Teutonic Order. </li></ul>Ok, son, you went 1 and 3 for the tournament. Could have been worse…barely. First order of business, I’m relieving you of command of the Teutonic Army. Steel cans just aren’t your thing. Go find yourself an army with some quality light horse. You like to run and gun. Now, get out of my sight, and go hit those army lists!