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Different types of gospel music


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Gospel Music Styles

The gospels music is a whole and is composed of many genres. In fact according to the inspiration of the singers, it can vary and this is why we can have among them
 Spirituals
It is a genre of gospel that is sung now by an arranged choral in perfect harmony but in the past it was religious songs of black American slaves. It is in fact a mixture of African musical traditions and Christian themes. They are the result of the contact between both African and European music and religions.
 Traditional gospel
It is sometime called ‘’Black Gospel’’. It is said to be the mother of the major Gospel Music genres because many of it are derivation of it. It has actually jumped and has given birth to many other genres.
 Southern gospel
As the name indicates it, it has originated from south-eastern of the US. It is sometime called ‘’white gospel’’ to differentiate it from the ‘’black gospel’’ because it comes from the southern holiness movement churches, or ‘’quartet’’ because it is usually composed of four men singing together with tight harmonies and a piano.
 Progressive Southern Gospel
Progressive Southern Gospel is a derivation of Southern Gospel. It differs from it in the fact that it is more modern and touches many aspects of the other genres. For instance one can hear a touch of Celtic, Bluegrass, Pop music or even Country.
 Contemporary Gospel
It is a modern or updated form of traditional gospel music. It is geared to younger audience and is usually more commercially oriented and raised on the rhythm of modern music genres like Rnb, pop, rap, soul, rock. Christian rap is a subtype of it.
 Bluegrass gospel
It is a very natural form of Gospel. I mean it is very simple with many acoustic instruments and few electric ones.
 Blues gospel
The blues gospel is as the name indicates it a blues music form of gospel. Actually it is evangelistic lyrics combines or added over blues guitars. It has been founded by Thomas Dorsey who is labelled the ‘’father of Gospel Music’’. It is also a derivation of Traditional Gospel.
 Country Gospel
It is as the name indicates it a mixture of gospel music with country music. In fact it is It originated as a blend of early mountain music, cowboy music, and the music from the plantations of the Deep South.
There are also many other hybrid styles of gospel music which are just a blends of other known music genres and added to Gospel Music genre. For instance we have. Soul gospel, Celtic gospel, Reggae gospel

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Different types of gospel music

  1. 1. Different styles of Gospel Music
  2. 2. Spirituals -Songs of former West African slaves -Evangelistic Themes -Mixture of African and European culture
  3. 3. Traditional gospel - ‘’Black Gospel’’ -A large choir, soloist (s) -The ‘’mother Gospel Style’’ -1930s is the watershed-point with the arrival of Thomas Dorsey
  4. 4. The Southern Gospel -The ‘’White Gospel’’ -Originated from the South - ‘’Quartet’’
  5. 5. Contemporary Gospel -Modern form of Gospel -Youth audience -Modern Music Genres (Rnb, Pop, Rock, Rap..)
  6. 6. HYBRID STYLES Mixture of Gospel Music with other known music genres Bluegrass Music Country Music Blues Music Reggae Music Celtic Music Soul Music
  7. 7. Bluegrass Gospel -Mixture of Gospel and Bluegrass Verrrrrrrrrrrrrry simple -No electric instruments -Only acoustic ones
  8. 8. Blues Gospel -Blues music added to gospel music -Born with the influence of Thomas A. Dorsey
  9. 9. Country Gospel -Country music added to gospel Music -Mountain Music -Cowboy Music -Christian themes
  10. 10. Other ‘’Hybrid Styles’’ Reggae Gospel Celtic Gospel Soul Gospel
  11. 11. ‘’The power of the gospel brings forgiveness, healing grace, and victory in a dark sinful struggle.’’ Brian Croft
  12. 12. Thank you for you attention