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pulps of fruit concentrate, forzen of soursop, passion fruit, mango, blackberry, gooseberry, papaya, pineapple, lulo, strawberry, guava for food industry and supermarkets

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Brochure juiceagent en

  1. 1. Juice Agent Exotic fruit from Colombia Presentation: 400 grm, 1 Kilogram Industrial: 5, 10 kg and 55 gallon drum (200 - 250 kg). Juice Agent Bogotá - Colombia Address: Cl 127 B No. 46 - 86 Tel: +57 311 854 3692 Cel: +57 313 400 2084 e-mail: Passion fruit Passion fruit juice is a good source of vitamin Saskatchewan - Canadá C or ascorbic acid and carotenoids as vitamin Tel: +1 306 321 4854 A, plus minerals like potassium, phosphorus e-mail: and magnesium. Valparaíso - ChileUSES: Juices, cocktails, jams and desserts. Food industry reinforces Cel: +56 9795 68 170the juices. e-mail: Mango Soursop Contains vitamins A and C. Help clean the It contains plenty of potassium and blood of toxins, fights the cold and diseases sodium, plus vitamin C, fiber, of the bronchi to Like strep throat, hoarseness starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron, fever and bronchitis. protein and essential amino acids.USES: Juices and preparation of desserts, as well as also in savory Its important fiber gives laxativedishes, sauces, accompaniments, etc. properties. It is also a excellentIs very popular in Asian cooking. diuretic.Also useful in gum disease, scurvy, sore molars and teeth. Is known as USES: Juices, cocktails, jams andan aphrodisiac fruit and is ideal as daily dietary supplement due to its desserts. Regulates stress and greatly reduce uric acid.high fiber content offering laxative and diuretic. By its calcium content, delays aging of the bones. It also has properties antioxidants and fight free radicals.
  2. 2. Juice Agent is dedicated to the production, marketing and export We have business partners in Canada, Chile. The quality control conforms to international standards, starting by the igorous selection of fruit, accepting standards HACCP production. 1. Enumeration Hazard Analysis 2. Identification 7. Documentation of PCC 6. Verification HACCP 3. Establish critical limits 5.Corrective 4. Development Actions of monitoring procedures We serve food industry Pulp (juice) Concentrated fruit: Mango 15° y 28° BRIX Guava 8° BRIX Frozen Passion fruit 15° y 50° BRIX dwells in syrup 14° BRIX Cape Gooseberry in syrup 15° BRIX Papaya puree 8° BRIX Introduction: Aseptic PackagingFruit pulp: CustomersPassion Fruit SuperstoresSoursopMango SupermarketsLulo (naranjilla) ShopsBlackberry HotelsPassion fruit RestaurantsPineappleStrawberry BarsPapayaTomatilloGuava Our location: Bogotá D.C.- Colombia
  3. 3. Lulo (naranjilla) Its high iron content gives diuretic and tonic for the body so it works with the proper functioning of the kidneys. USES: Prepare juices, concentrates, ice cream, marmalades, preserves, sauces, desserts and pastries.Guava: whole fruit, fresh and clean sound of the species PsidiumGuajava, free smells, tastes, trace metals, vegetables or leftoverpesticides or insects and larvae.USES: For making pulps, preserves, jams.BlackberryIt is a source of minerals and vitamins,was an important contribution nutritioncould be included in any diet.USES: Prepare juices, concentrates,ice cream, marmalades, preserves,desserts and pastries.Pineapple100% natural, pasty, undiluted, notfermented, obtained by the disintegration andsieving the foodstuff portion of fruitnatural pineapple fresh, healthy, mature and clean.Homogenized, deaerated concentratedultrapasteurized, packaged and stored.USES: This product mainly used in food industryand for direct consumption in the preparation of soft drinks, nectarspulp and sugarCurúba (Banana Passion fruit)moist, slightly acidic fruit and ripeness issimilar to banana in appearance as in theEnglish language has been called Our support for quality control in"banana passionfruit." all processes and customer service. Juice AgentUSES: It is consumed in juices, sweets,jams, jellies and jams.
  4. 4. Frozen Pulp SupermarketsPresentation box of 4.8 Kg12 bags of 400 gm each Concentrated process pasteurization and aseptic Juice Agent Bogotá - Colombia Broker