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Brochure banano juiceagent


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banano cavendish premium Ecuador export

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Brochure banano juiceagent

  1. 1. www.juiceagent.comCanada: joe.clavelle@juiceagent.comChile: german.abella@juiceagent.comColombia:
  2. 2. Ecuador is the largest exporter of bananas in the world and its presence in world trade is increasing. We are part of this growth.We are a manufacturer and exporter of fresh Cavendish bananas, we have clients worldwide,we provide quality and compliance
  3. 3. Canada: joe.clavelle@juiceagent.comChile: german.abella@juiceagent.comColombia:
  4. 4. Commercial presentationSpecifications Box 13,5 kgs Specifications: 19.2 kgsVariety: Cavendish bananas Variety: Cavendish bananasClass: Premium Class: PremiumBrand: Alisa Brand: AlisaCase Style: 208 Case Style: 22XUType of packing: Vacuum Type of packing: VacuumGrade: 39 - 46 Grade: 39 - 46Net weight: 13.5 kgs. Net weight: 19.2 kgs.Gross Weight: 15 kgs +/- Gross Weight: 22 kgs +/-Hands: 4H, 5H, 6H Cluster per box: 16Finger size: 20 cm min Finger size: 20 cm minNumber of fingers per hand: Number of fingers per hand:min12 max 24-26 min5 max 12Number of boxes: Number of boxes:1400 with pallets, 1080 with pallets and1540 average without pallets 1200 average without pallets
  5. 5. Dear Customers,We are Alisa Sunrise exporters and producers of premium bananas, we offer to our customers the bestquality from Ecuador also we can provided the pineapples exportation service if you want, if you havesome inquiries about bananas or pineapples please do not hesitate to inform us.we offer Ecuadorian bananas, and delicious Costa Rican pineapples Canada: Chile: Colombia:
  6. 6. www.juiceagent.comCanada: joe.clavelle@juiceagent.comChile: german.abella@juiceagent.comColombia:
  7. 7. Canada: joe.clavelle@juiceagent.comChile: german.abella@juiceagent.comColombia:
  8. 8. Canada: joe.clavelle@juiceagent.comChile: german.abella@juiceagent.comColombia: