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AgeWage Investor Deck

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  1. 1. Investment Pack 2019 Helping consumers make sense of their pension AgeWage H iP eter,w e h ave located you r p en sion review £39,540 V alue £ 19,280 AgeW age Score Ta k e th e to u r Add your other pensions 21:0 0
  2. 2. AgeWage wants to maximise the amount of money people receive f rom their pensions. To do this people require a personalised assessment on their pension so (with guidance) they can make informed decisions. Over the next 5 years we plan to analyse millions of pension policies and assist in transferring over 100,000 pension policies per year. “AgeWage provides vital tools and intelligence to help customers ensure that they get the best value from their pension savings now and in the future.” Phil Loney, CEO of Royal London AgeWage Introduction
  3. 3. Pensions are complex Personalised advice is expensive People have multiple pensions The individual is now responsible for retirement income No simple way to compare pensions “I confess to not being able to make the remotest sense of pensions” Andy Haldane (Bank of England Chief Economist) AgeWage Problem
  4. 4. in Workplace pensions and growing lost pension pots by 2050 of people won’t pay for advice £800bn 50m 96% pensions on average per person 6 AgeWage MarketOpportunity
  5. 5. H iP e te r,w e h a ve lo ca te d yo u r p e n sio n re vie w £ 39,540 V a lue £ 19 ,28 0 A g eW a g e S co re Ta k e t h e t o u r A d d yo ur o ther p en sio n s 21:0 0 arrow_forward t :H o w it c o m p a r e s 1 o f 5 19 9 5 F irst co n trib u tio n 20 0 5 Last co n trib u tio n 8 years U n tilyo u r p e n sio n fre e d o m s start. £ 39,540.90 To ta lva lue o f yo ur p en sio n £ 19 ,28 0 m o re th an yo u p u t in Yo ur tim elin e 19 9 5 F irst co n trib u tio n 20 0 5 Last co n trib u tio n 8 years U n tilyo u r p e n sio n fre e d o m s start. arrow_forward t :H o w it c o m p a r e s See a detailed list arrow_forward +9.5% A vera g e a n n ua lreturn Yo u are p ayin g an an n u alfe e o f 0 .50 % o f yo u r to talp e n sio n p o t to yo u r p ro vid e r.Th at’s ro u g h ly £ 197.70 p /a. £ 22,540 Yo ur co n tributio n s See what it is m ade up of +11.8% 2 .3% m o re th an yo u r p e n sio n W ha t o ur ben chm a rk return ed Eve ryo n e p u ts m o n ey in th e ir p e n sio n at d iffe re n t tim e s m akin g it d iffi cu lt to co m p are h o w yo u p e rfo rm e d re lative to o th e rs.Th at’s w h y w e create d th is h yp o th e ticalp o rtfo lio . Th is is a h yp o th e tica lp o rtfo lio Yo ur A g eW a g e sco re89O u t o f10 0 Learn m ore W e an alyse th e am o u n t o f m o n ey yo u r p e n sio n s h ad m ad e yo u re lative to th e am o u n t yo u co n trib u te d ,w e th e n co m p are it to a b e n ch m ark to p ro d u ce a realtive ratin g fo r it. The AgeWage solution tells people: The value of their pension How it compares to a benchmark An overall AgeWage score that puts it all in context This guidance empowers consumers to have the confidence to transfer/consolidate to another pension scheme if necessary AgeWage Product
  6. 6. The Independent Governance Committees (IGC) and Trustees of pension schemes represents a cost effective way to reach consumers. AgeWage analyses client base for f ree Delivers AgeWage score to consumers (typically 100,000+) IGC’s and Trustees represent over Convert to AgeWage customers 40m pension policies AgeWage Route To Market 1. 2. 3.
  7. 7. 2019 Year Transfers Revenue Our B2B consultancy work will supplement our income in the earlier years. We believe initially this will raise about £150,000 per year growing up to £400,000 by 2023 750 10,000 45,000 50,000 100,000 £75,000 £1,000,000 £4,500,000 £5,000,000 £10,000,000 2020 2021 2022 2023 Our primary revenue will be the fee paid for transfers we facilitate. This will average £100 and be paid by the pension provider the consumer transfers funds to. AgeWage Revenue
  8. 8. Dr.ChrisSier ExecutiveChairman HenryTapper CEO RiteshSinghania COO AndrewWalker CMO AdvisoryBoard Dr.ConKeating,JohnMather,PeterTompkins,Sandy Trust,MaragaretdeValois,JohnQuinlivan Technologyteam Inplacefullstackdeveloper,back-enddeveloper, front-enddeveloper,UI/UXanddevops ProfessoratNewcastle University.ChairoftheFCA’s IDWC.HeistheUK Government’sFintechEnvoy. Consumerchampionanda strongtrackrecordof providingonlineguidance. Henry’sbloghasover 40,000regularreaders. Serialentrepreneur. GraduateofOxfordand previouslyworkedat Accenture. PreviouslyCMOatPension PlayPenandhasover12 yearsexperienceindigital marketing.Graduateof UCL. AgeWage TeamAgeWage
  9. 9. To Consumers (and IFA’s in general) Internal Resource To IGC and TrusteesFor data Why pay a third party to provide and independent service? Charging to do a similar job AgeWage will do for free Consultants AgeWage Competition
  10. 10. £250,000 to fund the business through 2019 Build out the product Enter the FCA sandbox Analyse 500,000+ pensions This will enable us over the next 12 months to... AgeWage Investment
  11. 11. Stage 1 (Q1 2019) Stage 2 (Q2 2019) Stage 3 (Q3 2019) Completion of algorithm and coding Memoranda of understanding Royal London Launch of Member App and delivery of first scores in beta to first customers AgeWage enters the FCA Sandbox Delivery of bulk data to first B2B customers, delivery of AgeWage scores to retail customers of Pension Bee Conversion of B2B contacts to users commences Launch of AgeWage support Stage 4 (Q1 2020) Once proof of concept is achieved, will move to market to consumers through comparison sites and to small employers through payroll software Stage 5 (Q1 2020) Link to pension finder service, Integration with Government (SFGB) dashboard Stage 6 (2021) Development of data management services to supply metrics to industry and Government Stage 7 (2021) Potentially become a pension dashboard AgeWage Timeline