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Keeping your business afloat


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Advice on keeping your business afloat such as getting invoice discounting advice, reviewing your spending and asking your customers opinions.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Keeping your business afloat

  1. 1. Advice on keepingyour business afloat
  2. 2. Finance optionsO Think you can only get funding when you are starting out? Wrong! There are a number of options available to you.O Go to your bank and get some invoice discounting advice as this service can be a big support to your businessO Re-evaluate your spending- could you save some money and improve your cash flow?
  3. 3. InnovateO Cloud Computing- Can your employees work from home via an online network? It would save you money on an office and it’s costs.O Flexible Hours- Can you change the hours your employees work to save money on travel tickets?O Ask your employees if there is a better way they could work? Ultimately they will know how to work more effectively.
  4. 4. Be socialO Social Networks are free to run and only cost you the time to keep them maintained but they can be a great way to encourage loyal customers as well as attracting new customers.O Ensure you are on a few different sites so you attract a wide range of customers:
  5. 5. Constant ReviewingO It is important to constantly review your business so you know how you are performingO What do your customers think?O What about your employees?O How are you spending your money?O Do you need to sell all you are? If there is not a demand for it, lose it.
  6. 6. Additional SourcesO If you need to know how to get your business started, check out our collageO BT Business InsightO Government Support and AdviceO Invoice Discounting AdviceO UK Government adviceO HMRC