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How to send files on skype


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How to send files on skype

  1. 1. How to send files on SkypeAs well as just talking to a friend orfamily on Skype across the otherside of the world, it also allows youto send files over a conversationsuch as a document, music orphotos.This is useful if you want to sendyour friend a picture or a colleague a document during aconference call.It is simple to do so here is how to send a file during an onlineinstant message conversation: Click the Share button in the top right of the screen and select Send Files. The icon is a plus symbol above the conversation. A Send File window will then appear. Browse through your documents to find the file you would like to share in your conversation. Click the file you’d like to share and then click Send. The chosen file will then appear in the conversation saying “Sending file to [name of recipient]” with the status “Waiting”. Once your recipient has accepted the file a timestamp will appear next to the shared file or the status will be “Rejected” if the recipient doesn’t want to download the file you are sending. What will you send?