Digital Marketing Tools For Your Business


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A selection of tools to help you with your digital marketing strategy

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Digital Marketing Tools For Your Business

  1. 1. Most small business struggle to have a consistent digital marketingstrategy. Designing a strategic online marketing plan is key todeveloping new business relationships and retaining current clients.Digital marketing can help small businesses compete with samesize companies and even bigger businesses. But digital marketing isnot only about having a great website full of interestinginformation, there is much more that needs to be done in order tokick off your business strategy and start obtaining results.We have compiled a list of basic digital marketing tools you shouldbe using in your online strategy. From social media to emailnewsletters and affiliate marketing, learn how to make the mostout of your online presence. Image credit: TheTaxHaven
  2. 2. Social media should be one of the key parts of your digitalmarketing strategy. This alternative is very cheap compared toother online marketing tools.You should consider the most popular websites – Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn – to be part of your strategy, but you should also have alook at other platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr. Depending onyour vertical, you will see that some channels are better for thetype of consumers you want to target.Once you have decided the platforms you want to use for yourbusiness, build strong profiles by updating them on a regular basisand keeping an interaction with your followers.Use these platforms to show your followers more about yourbusiness and the services you offer.Image credit: Goiaba
  3. 3. By sending regular email newsletters to your customers, you cankeep them informed of any new products or services you areoffering. Email marketing also plays an essential role in a well-planned digital marketing strategy and can be a key factor inincreasing conversions and sales.Email marketing companies like Emailvision offer tools based onintegrated marketing that combine customer intelligence withcampaign management for email, mobile and social marketing.These type of tools can help you analyse your customers’behaviour (including purchase behaviour and responsiveness topast campaigns), providing feedback to improve your newslettersand obtain better results. Image credit: Ian Lamont
  4. 4. Affiliate marketing is simply getting other businesses or people topromote your services or products and rewarding them for eachreferral or sale.Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to marketyour business, especially for small businesses. Have a look at thedifferent affiliate programmes available online and find the onethat better suits your needs.This type of marketing is much less expensive than advertising, asyou only pay an agreed commission for it.Image credit: Ed Yourdon
  5. 5. For small businesses, ranking high on search engines results is veryimportant. Your potential customers are always looking for theservices and products you are offering using different searchengines.Being on the first pages of those results is essential. There are twomain marketing techniques you can use in order to achieve this:Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC).From a SEO perspective and as a small business owner, you needto make sure that your website pages are easy to read by searchengines and you also need to figure out the best strategy usingkeywords and link building to improve your results.Alternatively, you can run PPC campaigns like Google Adwords tobid on keywords relevant to your business so that your website isdisplayed on the paid results of a search engine results page. Image credit: Robert Scoble