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Emergency dentist clinic


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Emergency Dental Treatment by Healthy Smiles to Relieve you from Uncomfortable Dental Pain. Call us on 03 9877 2035 to Book Your Appointment Right Now.

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Emergency dentist clinic

  1. 1. Emergency Dentist Clinic - Healthysmiles Emergency Dental ClinicIt is always a good idea to have the contact numbers of an emergency dentist clinic on yourspeed dial for obvious reasons. For one thing, dental emergencies can happen anytime,anywhere even when you have relatively healthy teeth, gums and mouth such as in the caseof injuries brought by accidents. For another thing, dental emergencies must be givenimmediate and appropriate attention because of the high risks of complications like bacterialinfections.Get the contact numbers of the Healthysmiles emergency dental clinic on your speed dial andbe assured that you will always have competent dentists to attend to your dental emergencies.Types of Dental EmergenciesWhat kinds of services do an emergency dentist clinic like Healthysmiles offer its clients?• Restorative fillingsCavities in teeth can cause painful symptoms especially when these are exposed to hot andcold temperatures as well as food lodged inside. Your dentist can perform an emergencyrestorative filling procedure wherein the cavities are filled with materials like resinionomers, ceramics and composites, among others.• Root canal treatmentsTrauma, infections and permanent damage to the teeth also require a visit to theHealthysmiles emergency dental clinic; non-treatment will result in serious complicationsthat will require intensive treatment, even surgery. Root canal treatment becomes necessary.• Wisdom teeth issuesThe appearance of wisdom teeth can lead to several health issues like pain, infection, andsore jaws. Removal of wisdom teeth should then be performed in an emergency dentistclinic like Healthysmiles.• Special issues among children and senior citizens
  2. 2. Children and elderly patients require special dental care for obvious reasons. Both groupshave special issues like fragile baby teeth, periodontal diseases, and tooth sensitivity, toname a few, which dentists are well aware of.Keep in mind, nonetheless, that you should never wait for any of these dental emergencies tohappen before visiting the dentist’s clinic. Regular dental visits along with healthy dailydental habits will lessen the risks for dental emergencies.Things to Do During Dental EmergenciesLet’s assume that you have a dental emergency on your hands, which can involve you or yourfamily members. While in route to the emergency dentist clinic, you can take the followingmeasures to lessen the symptoms and/or save the tooth from permanent damage:• ToothachesUse dental floss in removing lodged food. Rinse the mouth with warm water. Apply a coldcompress to the jaw or cheek in case of swelling in the mouth.• Chipped or broken teethSave any salvageable pieces and rinse with warm water. Rinse the mouth with warm water,too. Apply cold compress to the area affected.• Knocked-out tooth:Hold the tooth by the crown and rinse with warm water. Place it either in the socket, ifpossible, or in a small container of milk; substitute with one cup of water with a pinch of salt,if milk is unavailable. See your dentist immediately as knocked-out tooth should be returnedto its socket within an hour for full restoration.Again, do not do anything drastic while on the way to the emergency dentist clinic becauseyou do not have the appropriate knowledge, skills and tools to deal with the emergency.For more visit: