Real estate crowdfunding in mexico (english)


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Real Estate Crowdfunding in Mexico and Latin America a new real estate investment and purchasing concept.

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Real estate crowdfunding in mexico (english)

  1. 1. REAL ESTATE CROWDFUNDING IN MEXICO, BRAZIL AND LATIN AMERICA The new trend and more secure form or Real Estate Investment in Mexico and Latin America now available to You. Real Estate Crowdfunding: The power of accessing private funding.
  2. 2. ¿What is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding – is the participation by an invidicual, or a group of individuals, that through an internet platform, present a project and request funds for the achivement of the project. Or, the pooling together of funds by a crowd of investors, through an internet platform, for the successful achievement and realization of said project.
  3. 3. Crowdfunding may be utilized for various purposes; from the request by a film making individual looking for funding for his/her project, real estate developments, norprofit and philantrophic projects, or the funding of business start up companies. Our projects are geared towards real estate investment and business start ups and development.
  4. 4. Through a Crowdfunding platform, a private investor, or crowd of investors, may invest on a real estate project and obtain a return on the investment.
  5. 5. By the same token an entrepreneur benefits by being able to access financing that otherwise would not be available to them through traditional and/or intitutional financing (bank financing) by being able to access private funds from the crowd (private investment).
  6. 6. Crowdfunding Creates Opportunities - The opportunity to grow, for new businesses and companies that otherwise would not be able to grow for lack of funding, is high. - The effect, impact and growth of these companies affect, in a positive way, the economies of our communities, and consequently the economies of our Latin American countries. - Investors may invest in their own communities and keep the local economy in continuous growth.
  7. 7. Opportunities…(cont.) - The opportunity for small investors to invest in bigger and more profitable projects, that would otherwise they would not be able to access, or invest in. - The opportunity for small companies to access global investors with better interest rates, funding terms and conditions. - The opportunity of portafolio diversification and the ability to incorporate into the global economy for both investors and entrepreneurs alike.
  8. 8. Three (3) Models of Investment - Capital Crowdsourcing-Crowdfunding: A new form of project outsourcing and funding for entrepreneurs, business start ups, business development, and philantrophic and nonprofit organizations. - Shared Equity Mortgage: Financing for real estate projects in México, Brasil y Latino América, thru a new mortgage funding concept whereby the investor acts as the lending bank and obtains a return on his investment. The ROI (Return On the Investment) will be determined by the investor. - Real Estate Crowdfunding: Financing of real estate projects, developments, and real estate commercial properties and the like.
  9. 9. Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment Model The real estate crowdfunding consists of (4) participants: 1. A Developer – the project developer or concept owner. 2. A Crowd – A group of investors or invididual participants that wish to participate in the investment. 3. A Trustee – An Escrow Company and/or Trust Bank responsible for the administration of the investment by the Crowd. 4. Latam CrowdNet (LATAM Crowdfunding Network) – A real estate crowdfunding platform that works with both the Developer and the Crowd in putting together the project and supervises the sucessful outcome of the same.
  10. 10. How to Participate in Real Estate Crowdfunding The participation of an investor in a real estate crowdfunding project is through a REP (Real Estate Participation). The investor’s REP is guaranteed by an Investment Fund created through a Trust Bank. This is a similar process utilized by banks for foreign purchasers in Mexico, except that this Trust may entail a mortgage and/or investment guarantee. The Trust Bank administers the Investment Fund and is in charge of the ROI distribution produced by the Investment fund to the REP holders. REPs may sell or traspass their REP shares just the same way as that of traspassing a mortgage loan. This would be similar to a loan assumption, or selling of stock, in the USA.
  11. 11. Benefits of Real Estate Crowdfunding By investing in a REP (Real Estate Participation ) you obtain: - A secure legal structure for your investment. A Tax Shelter An easy real estate investment acquisition process. Freedom from property administration hassles. A high ROI (Return On Invetment). The security of working through a Trust Bank and/or Escrow Company in the USA. - Transparency. - Portafolio investment diversification.
  12. 12. How to Acquire a Real Estate Crowdfunding REP The process of participation in a real estate crowdfunding project is thru the acquisition of REPs. - You pick a project from our real estate crowdfunding project’s platform. - You contact us. - You will receive information on the project. - Upon the review of the project, you will be contacted by the Trust Bank and/or Escrow company. - Once the documents are approved, you will transfer your funds to an escrow account to be held in escrow by a USA approved Escrow Agent. The funds are held in escrow until the required/requested funds by the project are in place. - Upon reaching the required funds, the Escrow Company will transfer the funds to the project administrator. And, voilà, You are the owner of a REP and/or REPs or a real estate secured investment with high ROI (Retun On Investment), rentability.
  13. 13. Project Investor(s) Banco /Title Co. Crowdfunding Platform Trust Bank Investment Fund Project 1 Project 3 Proyecto 3 Project 2 Project 4 Project 5
  14. 14. LATAM Crowdfunding Network Facebook: