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New Zealand Men's Health Magazine (spec)


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A spec look at the possible New Zealand version of Men's Health. Features an edited article that I originally wrote as an essay regarding the changes and fracturing of masculinity in modern society.

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New Zealand Men's Health Magazine (spec)

  1. 1. GRILL THE PERFECT STEAK - We show you how!Men’s Health NEW ZEALAND MARCH 2013 NZ $9.90 INC GSTSPECIAL REPORT Get MoreARE WE CHANGING Hours InTHE WAY MEN ARE? The Day! Little time saversp4 that add up, p58GETTHISBODY!YOUR 10 WEEK PLANFOR ABS OF STEEL, p67NEVER VISIT YOUR PRINT POST APPROVED PP241613/00132DOCTOR AGAIN!10 Super health foods! p50 SEDUCE THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS! 50 ways to make her yours
  3. 3. march 2013 CONTENTS VOL. 1 NO. 03COVER STORIES & FEATURES6LOOK YOUR BEST 58 BEYOND 24/7Make a lasting first impression when you look through the door in Get more of your day withthese threads. these little time saving tips.24MONEY SAVER BY JAMES McCORMACKDiscover numerous tips on how to save for that holiday tripoverseas faster.50 SEDUCE THAT BEAUTY 36SUPER FOODSDisover the ultimate foods that will make you feel and look Get tips on how get thathealthier than ever. beautiful girl of your dreams. BY MARK SIMPSON67A MAN OF STEELBuild the ultimate body just in time for summer!4THE NEW MENChanging views on men andmasculinityAre men’s lifestyle magazinesresponsible for social changes andbehaviours of men and masculinity? MEN’S HEALTH MARCH 2013 3
  4. 4. THE NEW MEN Are men’s lifestyle magazines like Men’s Health assisting social and cultural changes in what it means to be a man and masculine in a post-modern society?BY HENRY JIANPHOTOGRAPHY BY CHRISTOPHER GRIFFITHT he media is a powerful tool that has the limitless power industries dreamed about the creation of a magazine which to shape how a person perceives the world. Its influence could be aimed at affluent men. If successfully established, a cannot be underestimated as it has the potential to men’s lifestyle magazine could provide a centre for a range ofimpact on sociological issues such as gender, particularly goods and services aimed at men. This dream of creating suchmale masculinity. Images of gender in the media become a magazine seemed impossible for the various industries.texts on normative behaviour. Our ideas of what is masculineand what is feminine are greatly shaped by the media. The Men lacked self-consciousness about their sex and the ideamedia has fragmented what it means to be ‘masculine’ for that they had a gender. While men purchased magazines formen. Masculinities are not fixed. Changes in the definition a hobby, car magazines for instance, there was scepticismof masculinity are evident in the pages of men’s lifestyle whether men would buy a magazine centred on being a man.magazines. I believe that men’s lifestyle magazines are an A second problem concerned what tone such a magazineimportant site for looking at masculinities that is should adopt. Women’s magazines treated their female readerschanging in definition and behaviour, along like friends with an intimate tone. Adopting this tone waswith being reflective of the current zeitgeists. seen as threatening to heterosexual men because of its implication of implied homosexuality that heterosexualMagazine content and images of the ideal men did not want to associate with. Sociologist Susanman can send conscious and subconscious Bordo states that “the man who cares about his looks thesuggestions on how to be masculine. Visual way a woman does, ready to be shattered at the slightestrepresentations serve as agents of masculine insult or weight gain, is unmanly, sexually suspect.”gender socialisation. A new kind of man hasemerged where consumption of fashion Things started to slowly change when The Face,and grooming have become a style magazine, was launched in 1982. Itnormalised. One must ask was not a men’s magazine although thewhat kind of masculinity are majority of its readers were men. It was athese magazines portraying? magazine that revolved around fashion,What are the consequences music, and chic social’s lifestyle magazines The style magazine opened up spacehave on men defining their for fashion and lifestyle magazinesmasculinity? for men, pioneering radically new ways of presenting male bodies. AA site of production of new ‘laddish’ tone and an emphasis onman imagery came from attractive women’s bodies appealedthe rise of the lifestyle and asserted a heterosexual malemagazines in the 1980s. readership. The Face was aLifestyle began to imply success. Mort cites it as a manualmore vocally of issues of taste which laid down theof aesthetics and image ceremonial of contemporaryor style in terms of metropolitan life.visual culture whichwas simultaneously The 1980s represented anbecoming era where the ‘new man’ wasincreasingly the new target for fashioncommodified and grooming companies.and based around Men’s lifestyle magazines wereproducts such as cars, viewed as a perfect mediuminterior furnishings, and to which they could advertisefashion. People working their clothes towards men. Men’sin the fashion, magazine, magazines have encouraged men to openadvertising, and retailing previously repressed aspects of their4 YAHOO7.CO.NZ/MENSHEALTH
  5. 5. masculinity. Within ten years, the men’s magazines marketbecame the fastest growing of all consumer magazines. Oneof these magazines is yours truly, Men’s Health. Launched in1987, Men’s Health is targeted at men aged between 25 and 45years old and is the United States’ leading magazine for men.It had 250,000 subscribers by 1990 and by 2000, that numberincreased to 1.6 million. In 2001, the magazine grossed $115million in the United States, making 67th on the list of thetop-selling magazines. Men’s Health boasts 22 editions in 30countries.From the images in Men’s Health, the magazine is presentingwhat can be seen as the most desirable and hegemonicmasculine ideal - a thin, healthy, and physically strong maledisplaying an Olympian physique to which all men shouldaspire to achieve. Strong male bodies have traditionallyserved as metaphors for sexual potency, power, productivity, beautiful bodies associated pleasure, success, happiness.dominance, independence, and control. The magazine Advertisements are not selling commodities. They are sellingimplies that in order to complement this masculine physique, ideologies. Men’s lifestyle magazine’s goal are explicitly toa heterosexual man should fashion and groom himself shape the reader’s view of masculinity to transform modernhandsomely, have expensive and luxurious consumer products men into postmodern consumers. Advertisers and marketerssuch as a prestigious car, and have a beautiful girlfriend as have made deep male fears of inadequacies, along with desires, to the surface and have been reaping the benefits financially. It is evident masculinity presented in Men’s Health has been Advertisements are not defined by a behaviour of consumption that is based on selling commodities. They producing physical attributes of success such as a fit physique body that is well groomed and fashioned, complemented are selling ideologies. with products of statue such as a luxurious car. In creating a consumer culture extended to men, advertisers and marketersmarkers of masculine success.The true Men’s Health man Advertisers and marketersgets better jobs, higher pay, have made deep male fearsand hotter girlfriends becausehe is attentive to his image – his of inadequacies, alongclothes, his smell, his smile.Such a hegemonic male model with desires, to the surfaceof masculinity sets the idealimage or standard of the male and have been reaping theagainst which all men are judged,tested, and qualified. benefits financially.Men’s Health have inadvertently changed the way men view themselves infeatures the eyes of society. Is this consumer masculinity a good thing?articlesthat relate While men’s lifestyle magazines such as Men’s Health have anto muscle- underlying consumer and capitalist function, they have alsobuilding, given important advice and information about the changinghealthy eating, keeping healthy, informing readers of new world men live in. Knowledge is power and what better waytechnological gadgets, interesting travel holidays, how to to present it in a magazine that is written by men for men toseduce or keep that beautiful girlfriend or wife happy, how benefit men. Men’s lifestyle magazines are not the determiningto properly dress and groom, how to behave in a particular factor in defining masculinity nor will it solely be. There areway in a specific context, fatherhood advice, and other tips other sites of significance where young boys can learn to beon living their consumer masculine lifestyle. Cover stories masculine, be it from their father and families, schools, sports,and features function to not only inform but also offer advice workplace, peers, and of course, women.on what to consume to help men live a particular way thatis stylish and desirable. Such articles function as covert Masculinities will change and evolve during the lives of men.advertising. They are promotions disguised as editorial Where will this evolution take men? Only time and societymaterial or hidden in some other form so that they appear will tell. And you’ll be sure that Men’s Health will be there toto be non-advertising. Advertisers put a huge amount of assist.time and money into figuring out how to create images of MEN’S HEALTH MARCH 2013 5
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