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Let’s Get Digital                                                                 Summer | 2012 +                         ...
321    Let’s get Digital…                                                                                     Summer | 201...
21    Let’s get Digital…                                                                            Summer | 2012         ...
3    Let’s get Digital…                                                                      Summer | 2012                ...
Let’s Get Digital                                                                                       Summer | 2012Here ...
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Digital Media Guide (PDF) - Where to get Started


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The fine folks at Giddyup Enterprises put together a quick 5 page PDF guide to give you glimpse of some of the things your organization should be looking at when it comes to the world of Digital Media.

It's a quick read and will give you the insight needed to start your Digital Journey. If you would like more information, please just click through any of the links to the full presentations or visit for more information. And of course, if you need a hand with your Digital Strategy, we’ll be happy to assist you…

Cheers, Henry III


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Digital Media Guide (PDF) - Where to get Started

  1. 1. Let’s Get Digital Summer | 2012 + A quick rundown: Web: Do you have your Where to start with own website / domain which is the your Digital Media center of your digital strategy? Presence… Social: Are you utilizing the various social networks to build your online presence? Blog: WordPress – A great way to build a website and create a blog at the same time!! Presence Are you utilizing : the local & national directories already out there on the Internet? Extra: A collection of some of the tools I find useful to make some sense of the digital world… + Let’s dive into the Digital World… Digital Marking. Web Strategy. Content. Social Media. Analytics. Are you ready? Search Engine Optimization. Mobile Websites. User Engagement. Apps. Web Presence…. There has been a fundamental change in marketing from “outbound” “And no, we don’t to “inbound” where you now need to position your organization to be know where it will found in places where people are already looking for information. It’s lead. We just know becoming more and more of a challenge to just broadcast your there’s something message and hope that someone hears it and acts accordingly. much bigger than any of us here…” Because of this you need a Digital Presence. You need to understand the channels through which you can reach an audience of potential customers; how to listen to what they are saying; how to engage - Steve Jobs through social and high impact channels; to utilize “real” web and mobile web, powered by the tide of social networking, to be the expert in your
  2. 2. 321 Let’s get Digital… Summer | 2012 Does your organization have a website that is the backbone of your Digital presence? Your Website – It’s easier then you think to build and maintain your own domain ( It’s hard to find a business that look online, as they are to ask a has shifted from a nice-to-have, to a doesn’t prize word-of-mouth. friend about it. Before hiring just crucial task; to the fundamental way However, many organizations don’t about anyone, a potential customer businesses of all size interact with fully realize the extent to which will research them by perusing their customers and potential customers. word-of-mouth is now on the web. As website, blogs and any other To get started, review our “Setting up customers prowl store aisles, they information they can uncover via the a Website” presentation which will use their smart phones to check your net. This initial guide focuses on the help you set up a web hosting products and prices against foundation of your digital presence, account, secure a domain and build a competitors. When someone needs a an effective website. In rapid website utilizing WordPress. Click product, they are just as likely to go succession, creating a web presence here to access… HostGator and WordPress – A match made in heaven… With a bit of playing around and the willingness to learn, you’ll be able to get your own website & blog up in no time and we’ve provided the guide to get you started…. 2
  3. 3. 21 Let’s get Digital… Summer | 2012 Social Media Click here to access the Social Media Presentation, which will give you the “low down” on the major social media sites and why you should be utilizing them… + • • LinkedIn FaceBook Social Media Twitter • • YouTube Start building your Community Social media offers relationship-building opportunities that are virtually limitless • Pinterest and, for the most part, they’re free. Through the use of social media, your retail establishment, consulting firm, or service company has access to information, prospects and alliances worldwide. Your advertising opportunities can grow exponentially through the utilization of social media. 3
  4. 4. 3 Let’s get Digital… Summer | 2012 A few key points about Blogs – WordPress blogs… Style… • Foundation for all of your Digital Media So, you need a website that Activities and is an easy looks good, has up to date and quick way to set up relevant information and is a website using a service like WordPress!! easy to use…Then a • Builds you as an expert WordPress blog is just what If you want to get found on the • Builds Trust you need!!! Internet you’re going to need • Exercise your Creativity relevant and up to date content • Growing stream of for Google and other search Organic Search Engine engines to find you and a blog Traffic provides this!! And of course, a blog offers To get started, review our “Blogs” presentation which will your existing and future help you get a better idea of how to set up and navigate customers important information your WordPress website & Blog. Click here to access… about your organization!! - sodales. How do you get your site to appear on the top of Google searches? There are a lot of different variables and one of them is making sure your website is listed on the following services which will give Web you maximum exposure!! Look through the list and see what services will be a good fit for your organization and then go Presence through the simple (and most of the time free) steps to promote your business or organization! • LinkedIn • Yellow Pages Local • Facebook • Bing Places • Twitter • City Search • YouTube • Yahoo Local • Google+ • Merchant • Google Circle Places • Thumbtack • Pinterest • Patch • Gentlemint • InsiderPages • Instagram • Service Magic • Yelp • Judysbook 4
  5. 5. Let’s Get Digital Summer | 2012Here are a few extra tools in our Digitaltool belt… A few extra tools toEveryday we our learning about new software and improve your Digitalprograms that continue to improve on our Digital Exposure Media exposure…and we have described and included some of the tools thateveryone should have in their Digital Tool Belt and you canaccess them byclicking here…As we continuegrow and learnmore, we will keepyou updated to helpyou stay ahead ofthe curve!+If you have any questions or would like some more information on anything that we have discussed in this packet or in any of our presentations, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And of course, if you need a hand with your Digital Strategy, we’ll be happy to assist you… Cheers, Giddyup Enterprises Henry Hansch III “Creating ideas together, One Smile at a time!” Whippany NJ, 07981 M: 973.428.1010 Scan QR E: Code for all of the W: Overview Overview Overview Overview Overview Overview Digital Strategy Webpage Setup Blogs - WordPress Web Presence Social Media Digital Tool Belt Download Download Download Download Download Download Subscribe to H3’s blog to learn more daily – Click here…