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Making Intranets smart - How AI and Bots allowed us to create a smart assistant for the Digital Workplace


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Henry Amm from adenin is presenting at the Gilbane conference 2016 in Boston and talks about how the company created Now Assistant using AI and Bots to make existing Intranets and their data smarter.

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Making Intranets smart - How AI and Bots allowed us to create a smart assistant for the Digital Workplace

  1. 1. Making Intranets smart How AI and Bots allowed us to create a smart assistant for the Digital Workplace Copyright © 2016 adenin® TECHNOLOGIES Inc.
  2. 2. We live in the Digital Workplace age
  3. 3. Entering a new era PC revolution 1990s Web / eCommerce 2000s Smartphones 2010s Digital Workplace Today
  4. 4. Digital Workplace • new, more effective ways of working • exploits consumer- oriented styles and technologies • raises employee engagement Source: Gartner
  5. 5. Digital Transformation Sources: Gartner, McKinsey, MIT Sloan Management, Santoko Partners 25% Completion Companies has a policy for digital transformation1 in 3 77% Missing skills
  6. 6. Digital Transformation Source: Forrester 62% Require help to access data 75% Struggling to log into multiple apps 38% Unable to access data and apps in and outside the office
  7. 7. Digital Transformation Sources: IDC 61% 4 or more systems 13% 11 or more systems 36% of time spent looking for & consolidating info $50M/year Company with 70,000 users
  8. 8. 15years Average life expectancy 2015 75years Average life expectancy 1975 There will be winners and losers In the last 15years 52%of Fortune 500 companies disappeared.
  9. 9. IBM and Cisco partner to bring Watson to the workplace Box Partners with Google to Expand Digital Workplace Reach American Airlines Pilots Lose 40lb With Apple iPad Electronic Flight Bag
  10. 10. What are the common threads?
  11. 11. Employees now expect a digital-driven working experience Mobile-first Personal Consumerized Real-time Collaborative
  12. 12. The struggle is real Sources: Altimeter Group, Boston Technology, Santoko Partners Rarely use their enterprise mobile apps for poor experience 2 in 3 Large enterprises no plan to develop their own apps 2 in 3 Companies don’t have a “clear” understanding of digital touch points 75% Executives think the organization needs to pick up the pace 63%
  13. 13. Intranets “…probably sucks…” “…companies haven’t upgraded their intranet platform in the past five years” SharePoint 2010
  14. 14. Intranets • Experience on mobile • “Silo” for company content • Little Digital Workplace mantra “Most intranets were built before mobile devices … making it difficult to provide secure access to employees…”
  15. 15. Solution
  16. 16. Bots3 How to make Intranets smart Card based UIs2New ways to search1
  17. 17. 1 New ways to Search
  18. 18. Not so smart? “How many days of annual leave do I have left?”
  19. 19. Search • Intranets overdue an update • New ways to understand users AI: “…seldom executed well and is regarded as expensive and complex”“…12 different systems to get accurate and up-to-date information…” NLP
  20. 20. 2 Card-based UIs
  21. 21. Cards “How many days of annual leave do I have left?” Meaningful actions Instant, definitive answerRich media, visualization Related information
  22. 22. Multiple sources in one Card
  23. 23. Multiple actions Proactive Reactive
  24. 24. 3 Bots
  25. 25. What are they? • New UI: Message • Can read and write messages just like a human would • Different kinds • But all integrated into messaging apps
  26. 26. “Bots will replace apps… and the bot store is the new app store.” “most exciting thing in tech since the iPhone”
  27. 27. Here to stay “Bot Framework for developers to build their own bots” “You never have to call 1-800- FLOWERS again”
  28. 28. Bots Request LeaveOrder pizza Schedule meeting Remaining LeaveDuration Reason Payroll
  29. 29. The world’s first AI Assistant for the workplace • Notifies you proactively about updates • Now Cards to show key information • Personal, always up to date
  30. 30. Now Assistant AI Bots
  31. 31. Intent Recognition AI Voice Recognition
  32. 32. AI Voice Intent Learning AI Fulfilment Search Workflow Answer
  33. 33. Bots
  34. 34. Existing Intranets Chrome
  35. 35. Conclusions • Aim to surface relevant data from across multiple sources • Make better use of existing data • Smart assistants are a fast and better way to cut through the noise • Not much disruption: Supplements and not replaces existing software
  36. 36. The world’s first AI Assistant for the workplace.Any Q’s? @HenryAmm