Watter®: safe, sustainable disinfection for the hatchery sector


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Patented Nontox Electrical Chemical
Activation (ECA) combines salt and
electricity with water, to produce a
powerful, highly sustainable and non-toxic disinfectant that neutralises bacteria, fungi and viruses in accordance with key EN standards for disinfection.

Nontox is available exclusively from
Pas Reform in the hatchery sector.

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Watter®: safe, sustainable disinfection for the hatchery sector

  1. 1. Watter®Hatchery disinfection systemPatented Nontox Electrical Chemical Nontox is available exclusively fromActivation (ECA) combines salt and Pas Reform in the hatchery sector.electricity with water, to produce apowerful, highly sustainable and non-toxicdisinfectant that neutralises bacteria,fungi and viruses in accordance with keyEN standards for disinfection. Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies
  2. 2. Hatchery disinfection systemWatter®’s Nontox Electrical Chemical Activation same convincing results with MRSA and(ECA) disinfection technology uses water, salt Salmonella Typhimurium target bacteria.and electricity, to produce a safe and highly The fungicidal effect of Nontox, including thesustainable non-toxic disinfectant. inactivation of Aspergillus niger, was also effective to >4 log reduction, to meet ENNontox is proven to neutralise bacteria, fungi standard 1650.and viruses with powerful efficacy, whilepresenting no risk either to human health, or to Simple, safe and sustainablethe welfare of day old chicks. Watter®’s patented Nontox unit produces up toThe disinfecting action is the effect of 80 liters of safe, powerful disinfecting solution Microbiological contact platescombining free radicals with active chlorine per hour. With a Nontox unit installed, the before treatment with Nontox andcompounds, such as HClO and ClO, which are hatchery becomes self-sufficient in producing 22 hours after treatmentproduced when electricity is passed through as much of this solution as it needs, for thebrine, created by adding salt tablets to the routine disinfection of facilities and equipmentwater. - and for fogging to sanitise hatching eggs prior to setting. The disinfectant leaves no residuesIndependent tests carried out by Dutch on surfaces, and no build-up of resistance hasOrganisation for Applied Scientific Research been encountered in bacteria.(TNO) and the Dutch National Institute forPublic Health and the Environment (RIVM), have The Watter® system delivers convincing returns,found Watter®’s ECA system to be effective in reducing costs by eliminating repeat orders forsix key EN standards for the disinfection of chemicals and disinfectant over time and inFood, Hands, Medical Instruments, Rooms, benefits to the health of hatchery personnel -Surfaces and Water Sources. and the welfare and performance of the chicks.TNO laboratory studies showed that Nontox Technical specificationsdelivered at least the required 5 log reductionof various bacteria, including E.coli, Electrical require­ ents m 100-240 VAC, 50-60HzStaphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae and Power consumption 1400WPseudomonas aeruginosa, in accordance with Dimensions (lxwxh) 700x600x1300 mmEuropean standard EN 1276. A screening test Weight Nett 80kgbased on EN1276 test principles showed the Production capacity Maximum 80 liters per hour Salt consumption grams per liter (NaCl in 5 accordance EN973A) Fumigation set Special low volume misting fumigation set delivers 5-10 Micron droplets, for the effective fumigation of Nontox is easily, reliably and hatching eggs. sustainably produced on demand, 12o Turkey eggs on sitePas Reform Pas Reform Phone +31 314 659 111Hatchery Technologies P.O. Box 2 7038 ZG Zeddam Fax +31 314 652 575 E-mail info@pasreform.com The Netherlands Internet www.pasreform.com