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Research template week 1 v2


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Research template week 1 v2

  1. 1. Social Action and Community Media Existing Product Research
  2. 2. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: To raise awareness about the tigers coats being illegally taken from the animal. This poster is also campaigning against the illegal sales of fur and the inhumane principles that surrounds. Its also there to change attitudes and to make people more attuned to tigers so they care more for the animal instead of just pushing the thought to one side. Its also there to provide information to inform people less educated on the matter. Aims: The overall aim of this poster is to prevent tigers from becoming extinct. Another aim would be to help prevent and stop tigers being hunted for their fur. 2Creative Media Production 2012
  3. 3. Techniques: There are a variety of techniques used in the poster. One thing they have done is put a cute picture of a tiger cub next to a slightly dark bit of text. This is so that you can see the animal directly and then compare that image with the text on the poster. It makes you feel sorry for the innocent tiger cub that's mother is getting shot for medicine or fur. If the bit of text was on its own it wouldn't really make that much sense, and the average person would probably see it as referring to a coat that is worn by someone and nothing to do with an animal. With the image and text both together it makes you think more about the type of person it would take to do such a thing (skin an animal). You then start to familiarise with the tiger and then drift away from the people who could potentially do this. You then have no sympathy for someone is capable of being part of the fur trade. It has large bold text to grab your attention alongside the image which you will see at first glance. It then has a little bit of information under the bold writing that you will read on a closer glance. 3 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  4. 4. Impact: Evidence of any change being brought about through projects using words and or graphics. 4Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) rs/tiger_population/ This poster may not have directly impacted anything. Its effect can’t really be seen so clearly. Tigers have been campaigned about for years and whilst campaigns have been going on the numbers have still been dropping. Its not until recent years that the collection of campaigning and conservation has made a difference. Its taken years of breaking down boundaries such as the Chinese medicine industry. This poster may have only spread awareness about an already well known topic. It will have had a small effect on the subject as its such a big problem that is already known about.
  5. 5. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: To campaign against smoking and make people think about what message this poster is trying to send. It is also raising awareness that smokers can die younger. It is also there to try and change attitudes and to make younger people take smoking as seriously as it really is. Aims: To prevent as many people as possible from smoking. To eventually discontinue or completely stop the sale of cigarettes. 5Creative Media Production 2012
  6. 6. Techniques: There are a few techniques that this poster uses to its advantage. Everybody wants to stay looking younger as they get older and this poster is a play on that. If this poster was taken literally it could have a very different and negative effect. What it is trying to say is that smoking causes you to die younger preserving whatever age you were at that time. It is slightly morbid but at the same time does send across a thought provoking message. It makes you think about whether or not you would be happy dyeing at a young age because of smoking. Obviously you wouldn’t be happy with that at all and in fact you wouldn’t know but the poster does what it was designed to do and that was to make you think about smoking and the effects it has whether you smoke or not. Its to keep the non smokers not smoking and to try and persuade others of a healthy and less poisoning lifestyle choice. 6Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  7. 7. Impact: Evidence of any change being brought about through projects using words and or graphics. 7Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) The poster itself wont have that much of an effect because it is just one poster that is part of a long ongoing problem. It will have impacted individuals who see the poster and then relate it to themselves. They will react to it better if they are young at the time because it will be more hard hitting. If your old and you smoke you may look at that poster and think about how lucky you are that you are still alive. This poster is made to impact on individuals as appose to the whole smoking movement. Many people still smoke each year and many people still take it up each year. The number has drastically reduced as advertising for cigarettes becomes more prohibited. Another reason smoking has dropped is because of the education that people now get on the harms of smoking.
  8. 8. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: One purpose that this poster shows clearly is to change attitudes. Some people see drugs as something casual and might not fully realise the bad circumstances that you can come into from dealing or taking drugs. This poster is also to raise awareness and to remind people breaking the law that there are police out there looking for them. There wouldn’t be a direct effect from the poster but it would defiantly be thought provoking if you walked past it every day. It could also be there to help strengthen the community ties because this reminds the general citizen that the police are out there as we speak stopping criminals. It is also campaigning against the illegal sales of drugs. Aims: The aim of this poster is to prevent people from dealing and taking drugs. Its basically saying that if you are dealing drugs the police have a free pass to smash down your door. It could subliminally effect people and prevent them from turning to drugs as a source of income if times are hard. 8Creative Media Production 2012
  9. 9. Techniques: They have used a play on words as the main choice for text in this poster. For people who don’t sell or use drugs this poster may seem amusing because of that play on words. Its almost an indirect threat to drug dealers saying that they will be found and they cant do it as casually as they want. I think this poster was made to try and increase the paranoia around drug dealing to then prevent people from doing it. Its not at all a sure fire way to stop drug dealing but this kind of media can be an important cog in a much bigger machine. Its used different clashing colours so that text stands out where it needs to. The left hand side of the photo matches up with the right this gives it a sort of fear effect. Anyone who looks at that poster that isn’t a drug dealer will hopefully not feel that side of the poster as it is also there to inform you that the police are actually making use of their time. They want the police to look scary to potential drug dealers. 9Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  10. 10. Impact: Evidence of any change being brought about through projects using words and or graphics. 10Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) This poster has had a noticeable impact because it was designed specifically for one purpose and that was to help prevent the drug circulation in the local area of Craigavon. It was designed to raise awareness in the community so that people would come foreword and inform the police about drug related happenings. Although crime in many different areas dropped around Craigavon they said they wanted to charge more people for supplying or being reported of supplying drugs. In 2010 they charged 2 people and in 2011 they charged nobody. The poster may not have been effective because they already caught the suppliers or it may have just been an unfortunate coincidence. I think the poster will have helped raise awareness but may have not done much in terms of making people come forward and handing in drug dealers. This is probably because most people don’t really go out of their way to give someone else a bad day especially when it doesn’t effect them.
  11. 11. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: The poster was deigned to raise awareness around meth. Meth is a terrible drug and is taking many places by storm. Its stating that you will act out of character if you have had meth. Its also to change attitudes. Generally people know to stay well away from meth but there are small places where its acceptable and its all about changing these peoples attitudes. Its there to provide information. It tells the people who already know its bad to stay away. It tells the people who abuse it what the true circumstances of their habit. Its campaigning against meth in all its forms. Aims: To stop people from taking meth is the initial aim. In the long run I think their goal would be to completely eradicate the sale and distribution of meth. This poster alone wouldn’t be a very effective tool but alongside the police and the education available it can be a very useful way of informing and preventing. 11Creative Media Production 2012
  12. 12. Techniques: They use a shock technique in this poster that can be very helpful for getting the harsh truths across. People know that if you take meth you wont have full control of your body and actions, this poster says that in a much more blunt way. They have used quite a normal scene in the background so that people can relate to it more. If they had chosen a homeless old man to use in an image the average person may just look at it as his life's circumstances. They used a homely looking man so that you think of the elderly people in your social circle. Also although the people in the poster are looking a bit dark as they are portrayed as taking the drug they too look relatively normal. The writing is in bold white which separates it from the dark background and making it easier to read. The overall image would catch your eye from a distance and as you get closer you would realise what its showing. 12Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  13. 13. Impact: Evidence of any change being brought about through projects using words and or graphics. 13Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) This poster will not have any direct impact to the large epidemic of meth but its just to raise awareness. There is no real way of calculating the amount of people who use meth this is because it’s run by underground drug dealers. It’s a lucrative market that spans from the rich to the poor. It’s a highly addictive drug and there are hundreds of thousands of new users each year. With the rising population of modern life its something that’s not going to change without more campaigning or without money. Meth is a growing problem and wont be sorted until it’s a top priority for police and the government. This poster may have some slight effect in actually preventing people from taking meth but it will be immeasurable. Its mainly just to prevent people from trying it in the first place. If you are educated on the drug you will know how bad it is then in turn you wont try it. Its only with material like this that people can become educated.
  14. 14. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: One purpose of this photo is to change peoples attitudes. Some people may be very happy with their wages and may not even think about helping the people at the bottom. This is a good way of reminding people which areas of the country need support. Its also to make people aware that a bad minimum wage can effect so many people if its not deciphered with care. This poster is campaigning for the living wage and to make it fair and beneficial for everyone. Its providing important information by informing people of political going on. It was also made to change voting behaviour by getting people to vote for the living wage. Aims: The overall simple aim is to get people to vote for the good of the living wage. Its also there to give you a bit of persuasive information. 14Creative Media Production 2012
  15. 15. Techniques: They use a visual higher achy so that certain bits of text stand out more than one another. In this poster the word live is in large green letters. This is probably what would grab your attention from a distance for two reasons, one being the bold text another being the choice of the word live. People are eager for things to enhance or improve their quality of life so I think it was a good choice. Its saying “we want to live with dignity” almost saying that if you don’t agree with what the poster is saying you don’t want to live with dignity. It has quotes that seem to have a noble origin for example “I have signed the living wage pledge”. Quotes like that raise questions in your own head like when am I going to sign the agreement? Or am I going to sign the agreement? It uses complimenting colours to keep it professional looking yet still eye catching. Its aimed towards an older voting range you can see this because of the colour scheme chosen. 15Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  16. 16. Impact: Evidence of any change being brought about through projects using words and or graphics. 16Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) The impact of this poster could be quite great. Its telling people to sign the living wage pledge. Its something that is yet to be decided that could increase minimum wage. The more people who see the poster the more that are likely to sign the pledge so in that sense the poster is predicted to have a good impact. You will only be able to tell whether it has had enough impact by waiting to see if the pledge is passed and minimum wage is increased.