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eBuddy MediaKit Q4

  1. 1. ebuddy.com Mediakit Q4 2009 One of the largest youth websites in the world www.ebuddy.com
  2. 2. ebuddy.com Mediakit Q4 2009 Welcome to the eBuddy Q4 2009 Media Kit! Every month www.ebuddy.com reaches over 22 Million unique visitors, 70% of whom are 13 - 24 years old. This makes eBuddy one of the largest and fastest growing youth websites in the world. eBuddy created the world’s rst independent, web browser-based IM service in 2003 and extended the service to mobile in June 2007. eBuddy enables users with MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, GTalk, ICQ, MySpace and Facebook accounts to chat free of charge in one interface without having to download or install any application on their computer. eBuddy’s mobile IM solution o ers a downloadable mobile Messenger and a browser- based mobile Messenger. eBuddy enables advertisers to target their key audience on gender and age. eBuddy also enables advertisers to target their key demographic at school, work, home and outdoors where regular messenger services are not available. Including in the following pages you will nd details about the eBuddy audience and our unique advertising possibilities. Kind regards, Rogier van den Heuvel VP Worldwide Sales 1 www.ebuddy.com
  3. 3. Target Audience eBuddy is one of the largest and fastest growing youth websites in the world. The largest group of users are aged between 13 - 24, and are typically students or young professionals. They spend the greater part of their day online and Instant Messaging is one of their key online activities. Research shows young people are primarily interested in music, mobile phones, gadgets, movies & dvds’s, sports, clothing, travel and entertain- ment. 36+ 1 Male 25-35 18-24 Male Female 13-17 Female 0-12 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% www.ebuddy.com 2 4
  4. 4. Female Pro le Male Pro le Name: Eveline Name: Marc Age: 16 years Age: 20 years City: Los Angeles City: London “Whenever I’m at school or have some spare time, you can nd “I tend to speak my friends a lot via instant message. I use eBuddy me behind the computer using eBuddy. I use eBuddy most of when I’m working or using my mobile on my way home. It’s very the time during the day to chat with my friends about going convenient to login with several accounts and have all my friends out, shopping and cool things I nd on the Internet.” together in one screen.” Eveline represents girls in the 13-24 age bracket. She lives with Marc represents guys in the 13-24 age bracket. He lives on his own, her parents and uses eBuddy at school and at home to stay in and uses eBuddy most of the time at work or on his mobile. He likes touch with friends. She likes to go out, hangout with friends, to listen to music, go out with friends, talk on his mobile, play shop and go to the cinema. games and sports. 3 www.ebuddy.com 4
  5. 5. User Targeting “Reach your ideal audience with eBuddy” With eBuddy you can reach your ideal target audience. By targeting on di erent criteria, the advertiser can reach the perfect audience for their product. eBuddy o ers di erent possibilities for targeting on web and mobile. Targeting on the Web Targeting on Mobile • Age • Time • Gender • Region • Time • Handset • Region • Behavioral targeting 3 For more information about the targeting possibilities and a proposition that ts your wishes, please contact our sales department. www.ebuddy.com 4 5
  6. 6. ebuddy.com Mediakit Q4 2009 eBuddy Mobile Worldwide Reach eBuddy Mobile is being used by over 8.000.000 unique users worldwide every Region Unique Reach Impressions month and keeps users connected with their friends everywhere at any time. eBuddy Mobile can be divided into 3 different groups: Europe 1.433.000 193.000.000 North America 1.136.000 126.000.000 • Lite Messenger (browser based version, available on every mobile device, Latin America 321.000 45.000.000 Sony PSP, iPhone and iPod Touch) Asia 4.656.000 849.000.000 • Mobile Messenger (downloadable application, available for any mobile phone) Middle East 514.000 83.000.000 • Applications for iPhone, iPod Touch & Android available in app stores Total 8.060.000 Key Facts • For any mobile device with a browser • Clean & simple user interface • Low data usage & fast response • Available in app store for iPhone, iPod Touch & Android 5 www.ebuddy.com
  7. 7. Mobile Advertising Lite Messenger (browser) Lite Messenger (browser) Lite Messenger (browser) Splash screen Buddylist Log Out screen Your ad will be visible in the center Your ad will be visible at the top of Your ad will be visible in the middle of the splash screen - the loading the buddylist. All the contacts will be of the log out screen. The ad remains page which leads to the buddylist. visible below the banner. here whilst the person logs out of Your ad will be visible whilst the the messenger. buddylist is loading. www.ebuddy.com 6
  8. 8. ebuddy.com “Reach over 8 million unique Mediakit Q4 2009 users every month!” Mobile Advertising Mobile Messenger (application) Mobile Messenger (applicatie) Buddylist Log out page Your ad will be shown in the When the user logs out of the buddylist of the user, at the bottom application, a pop-up will appear. of the page. You can also use this Your ad will be shown beneath the space for a text link instead of a text in this box. You can also use this banner. spcae for a text link instead of a banner. 7 www.ebuddy.com
  9. 9. Mobile Ad Speci cations Ad Size Technical Speci cations Ad Size Technical Speci cations X-Large • 300 x 50pix Medium • 168 x 28pix Image Banner • .gif, .png, .jpg for still image Image Banner • .gif, .png, .jpg for still image • Animated gif for animation * • Animated gif for animation * • Basic: <5kB file size • Basic: <2kB file size • Enhanced: <7.5kB file size • Enhanced: <3kB file size Large • 216 x 36pix Small • 120 x 20pix Image Banner • .gif, .png, .jpg for still image Image Banner • .gif, .png, .jpg for still image • Animated gif for animation * • Animated gif for animation * • Basic: <3kB file size • Basic: <1kB file size • Enhanced: <4.5kB file size • Enhanced: <2kB file size * For Lite Messenger only www.ebuddy.com 8
  10. 10. ebuddy.com Mediakit Q4 2009 PSP Advertising eBuddy has over 376.000 unique users per month on the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable), who log in an average of 13 times a month. This makes advertising on the Sony PSP a great way to present your message to this hard-to-reach gaming audience. Users use eBuddy for Sony PSP to chat with their friends and co-players in between games. Advertising on this exclusive channel ensures a high level of attention from this engaged audience and enables advertisers to signi cantly boost the awareness of their brands. Ad formats for the PSP: • PSP ad (480x270 pixels) • Landing page, mobile web page suitable for PSP screen (480x270 pixels) 9 www.ebuddy.com 10 6
  11. 11. eBuddy Web Top 10 Countries Countries Unique Reach Impressions 1. Brazil 2.745.000 383.000.000 2. Mexico 1.640.000 169.000.000 3. United Kingdom 1.332.000 240.000.000 4. Netherlands 1.328.000 250.000.000 5. Canada 1.154.000 242.000.000 6. Spain 1.135.000 145.000.000 7. Turkey 1.125.000 94.000.000 8. Thailand 853.000 112.000.000 9. France 805.000 144.000.000 10. United States 731.000 185.000.000 Key Facts “eBuddy reaches over 24 Million • eBuddy reaches over 24 Million unique visitors worldwide unique visitors on the web around • Average of 57 minutes per chat session • Multi Network: 7 IM accounts in 1 interface the world” • 70% of eBuddy users are aged between 13-24 years • User average of 192 buddies www.ebuddy.com 10
  12. 12. ebuddy.com Mediakit Q4 2009 Homepage Advertising Advertising on the eBuddy website is an e ective way to reach users and drive tra c to your website since every user lands on the eBuddy homepage before6 logging in to their account. The banner placements on the homepage are highly visible and are especially suitable for branding campaigns. Available ad formats on the homepage: • Leaderboard (728x90 pixels) • Rectangle (300x250 pixels) • Button (120x90 pixels) • Text link • Roadblock (Leaderboard + Rectangle) 11 www.ebuddy.com 5
  13. 13. Homepage Takeover The eBuddy homepage takeover provides advertisers with a powerful means of creating high visibility for brands and promotions. The advertising message for all ad placements on the homepage is displayed for 24 hours. This ensures that the promotion will reach the largest number of 7 eBuddy users within a short period of time. The homepage takeover includes: • Clickable background (1268x995 pixels) • Text links • Rectangle (300x250 pixels) • Button (120x90 pixels) • Leaderboard (728x90 pixels) www.ebuddy.com 12 6
  14. 14. ebuddy.com Mediakit Q4 2009 Messenger Advertising Advertising in the chat screen means getting the message across to an engaged audience. During the conversations, eBuddy users are highly focused on the content on the screen. Ad placements in this area receive a high level of attention and are e ective for promotional campaigns. Available ad formats in the messenger: • Skyscraper (120x600 pixels) • Wide Skyscraper (160x600 pixels) • Text link Available ad formats in the log in and log out screen: • Rectangle (300x250 pixels) 13 www.ebuddy.com 6 7
  15. 15. Branded Tabs The eBuddy branded tab o ers excellent opportunities for integrating brands into the eBuddy chat experience. The branded tabs are perceived as value-added extensions to the eBuddy service and enable advertisers to reach their target audience in a non-intrusive manner. The tabs are an integral part of the main contact screen. A content page will appear in the same screen after a tab is clicked. The content is completely determined by the advertiser and allows for new and creative ways to connect with the eBuddy audience. Ad formats for the branded tabs: • Tab (26x26 pixels) • Content page (450x390 pixels) www.ebuddy.com 14 6 8
  16. 16. ebuddy.com Mediakit Q4 2009 Rich Media eBuddy o ers Rich Media ad formats that enable advertisers and brands to add impact to their advertising messages and make optimal use of the creative space. Rich Media ad formats combine animation, video and sound with interactive features to create a vibrant brand experience. Rich Media ad formats include: • Expandable (Video) banners • Layers • Floorads • Audio / Video banners • Homepage Takeover XL 15 www.ebuddy.com 6 9
  17. 17. Prestitial Every user who logs in to eBuddy will see the prestitial; the loading screen to the buddylist. The big advantage of this prestitial is that the ad size is larger than a normal rectangle and will create a lot of awareness. The prestitial is the perfect advertisement for branding campaigns. The width is adjustable. Ad formats for the prestitial: • Prestitial (720x600 pixels) www.ebuddy.com 16 6 8
  18. 18. ebuddy.com Mediakit Q4 2009 Banner-in-Chat This banner is placed in the chatscreen of the messenger. The banner will be shown at the top of the chat screen and is fully clickable. It is also possible to place a textlink instead of a banner in this area. Ad format for the Banner-in-Chat: • Banner-in-Chat (350x28 pixels) 17 www.ebuddy.com 6 9
  19. 19. eBuddy Contacts EBUDDY B.V. (HQ) Keizersgracht 585 1017 DR Amsterdam ROGIER VAN DEN HEUVEL The Netherlands VP Worldwide Sales sales@ebuddy.com rvandenheuvel@ebuddy.com +31 (0)20 514 1420 +31 (0)65 136 8013 +31 (0)20 514 1420 (ext. 25) MARTA BULGAJEWSKA HENRIK VAN DEN WORM International Account Manager International Account Manager mbulgajewska@ebuddy.com hvandenworm@ebuddy.com +31 (0)65 249 8303 +31 (0)64 613 9905 +31 (0)20 514 1420 +31 (0)20 514 1420 (ext. 30) TOM KLAASSEN DAVID MARET Account Manager Mobile International Account Manager tklaassen@ebuddy.com dmaret@ebuddy.com +31 (0)61 131 5114 +31 (0)65 249 8303 +31 (0)20 514 1420 (ext. 91) +31 (0)20 514 1420 (ext. 30) KEES SADEQ NIELS BERKHOUT Ad Operations Manager Ad Operations Manager tra c@ebuddy.com tra c@ebuddy.com +31 (0)61 968 4142 +31 (0)62 122 3114 +31 (0)20 514 1420 (ext.83) +31 (0)20 514 1420 www.ebuddy.com 18 12 6
  20. 20. ebuddy.com Mediakit Q4 2009 One of the largest youth websites in the world www.ebuddy.com