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Top 10 SEO Mistakes to Advoid in Social Media


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SEO or search engine optimization has emerged as more of an art and needs to be nurtured to obtain the maximum benefits. A small error can lead to catastrophic situations where you could instantly lose the ranking that you worked so hard to achieve.

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Top 10 SEO Mistakes to Advoid in Social Media

  1. Read more www.SeoCustomer.comSelecting random links is an absolute waste oftime and works in an adverse manner… rather than enhancing your sitecapabilities.Links that do not bear much or anyrelevance to your site can cause moreharm than good and will certainly hinderthe site from becoming popular.The links that you choose should alwayslead to sites that have a record ofaccomplishment and be reputable.Questionable sites often lead to spam orscam which you can do without.
  2. Read more www.SeoCustomer.comSecondly, the most important thing you need toavoid is to do with keywords.Keywords are certainly part of successfulSEO, however you need to avoid usingkeywords that do not bear any relevanceto the content and your site.At the same time, if you fail to use anykeyword at all, that should turn out to bea major blunder on your part.Again, using too many keywords, defeatsthe very purpose for which keywordsexist.Ensure that the density of the keywordsused remains within a 4 to 5% range.It is important to avoid using keywordsthat do not relate to the targeted market.
  3. Read more www.SeoCustomer.comThe third important mistake that needs to beavoided is regarding the title tag.Either by oversight or by sheernegligence you could commit the majormistake of leaving the title tag blank.Title tags are the very essence of thewebpage as they consist of the relevantphrases and keywords.In the absence of title tags, very fewpeople with bother to give your site asecond look.
  4. Read more www.SeoCustomer.comThe fourth point to be remembered as far asSEO mistakes are concerned is to do with non-usage of text related content.Search engines are known for the spidersthat crawl the web and zero in on text.Hence, a site that lacks content will beuseless.It is not enough to have a fantasticdesign with plenty of images and visuals,including animation, with no text.
  5. Read more www.SeoCustomer.comSimilarly, the next mistake you need to avoid isto do with spider blots, which are incapable ofrecognizing either graphics or Flash.Creating a Flash only website is a majormistake that should be avoided.However, in case you need to use Flash,ensure that it has a HTML version.
  6. Read more www.SeoCustomer.comThe sixth mistake that is commonly committedis the usage of techniques that are frownedupon by the SEO community in general.One common mistake most sites commitis the indiscriminate use of keywords,which hinders rather than enhancingyour sites progress.This mistake could well brand your site asspam.
  7. Read more www.SeoCustomer.comRemember not to fall for clever copy thatpromises impossible things through SEOconsultancy services.Several such companies advertise onlineabout the services they offer foroptimizing your site.Keep away from such scammers andfocus on genuine professional companiesthat have a record of accomplishment.
  8. Read more www.SeoCustomer.comThe eighth on the list is the common mistakemost site owners commit of expectinginstant results.SEO is a gradual process that needs to bebuilt up slowly and steadily.There are no short cuts and there is noway for any site to become a successovernight.Once you start looking for short cuts, youwill automatically resort to unethicalpractices, which you can do without.
  9. Read more www.SeoCustomer.comRemembe that SEO is not touch and go,conversely, it is a continuous process that keepsgetting modified and improved as it evolves.New techniques that emerge areconstantly added; hence one should notforget to maintain the website to currentstandards.Constant attention is what keeps SEOgoing strong.
  10. Read more www.SeoCustomer.comThe last point to keep in mind is to do with themuch talked about unethical practice that iscalled Black Hat SEORanking of your site is certainlyimportant as that is what can make orbreak the future of a website, howeverresorting to unethical practices to gainranking can lead to permanent damagethat could lead you to Google Sandbox,hence avoid this at all costs.